How to Draw Krampus

How to Draw Krampus Featured Image

Its never too early to start brushing up on your spooky drawing skills with this cute and easy Krampus cartoon! With roots in pre-Christian Alpine traditions, Krampus is a tall humanoid creature with a long tongue, black or brown fur, and the horns and hooves of a goat... Read more

How to Draw Gandalf

How to Draw Gandalf Featured Image

Gandalf is a wise fictional wizard from The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. He is an adviser to the hobbits, Bilbo and Frodo... Read more

How to Draw Gollum

How to Draw Gollum Featured Image

Gollum is a fictional character from The Lord of the Rings saga by J. R. R. Tolkien. He has been described as "a vaguely reptilian creature who is obsessed with the ring that is the focus of much of the action of the books."... Read more

How to Draw Smaug

How to Draw Smaug Featured Image

Smaug is a fictional dragon. He is a fire drake living in the Third Age of Middle-earth. He was said to be the last "great" dragon of that realm... Read more

How to Draw Aphrodite

How to Draw Aphrodite Featured Image

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty, a fertility goddess. In ancient Rome, she was known as Venus. Her name comes from a word meaning "foam," and she was said to have been born from seafoam produced from its contact with her father, Uranus. Other stories identify her as the daughter of Zeus... Read more

How to Draw Chucky

This tutorial is going to cover how to draw the spooky character Chucky (from the movie Child's Play) in a cartoon style. Chucky has come to be a famous Halloween icon, the killer doll with the scary face and scarier story! But don't worry, drawing him will be less scary than seeing him... Read more

How to Draw a Cartoon Devil

How to Draw a Cartoon Devil Featured Image

For centuries, the devil has been one of the most famous mythological characters. Some people see him as an evil monster, while others portray him as a playful mischief maker. He's been the subject of countless books, movies, songs and TV shows, and is a central figure in major world religions like Christianity... Read more

How to Draw a Mermaid

How to Draw a Mermaid Featured Image

Mermaids are legendary beings with the upper body of a human and the tail of a fish or other sea creature. Males of the species were called mermen. In the earliest myths, merpeople such as Poseidon were sea gods or semi divine beings. European folklore gave mermaids or sirens magical or prophetic abilities... Read more

How to Draw an Anime Elf

How to Draw an Anime Elf Featured Image

An elf is a mythological creature of German folklore. The elves of old generally resemble tiny humans. They were considered mischievous, causing diseases, bad dreams, or stealing children. Some were thought to be benevolent or helpful... Read more

How to Draw Cthulhu

How to Draw Cthulhu Featured Image

Cthulhu is a creation of horror-mystery author H.P. Lovecraft who appears in Lovecraft’s stories from the first half of the twentieth century and in thousands of derivative works including short stories and books, board games, video games, television shows, songs, and a couple of plays... Read more