Princess Zelda Coloring Page

Princess Zelda from The Legend of Zelda Series is a powerful force who conquers evil with strength, courage, wisdom & compassion.

Draw the iconic symbol representing Hyrule on one corner of your page& gracefully color it in green for nature or gold for royalty.

Then bring Princess Zelda to life with creative patterns & colors that express all she stands for- justice!

There are two ways to color this Princess Zelda picture:

  1. 1) You can either print it out or
  2. 2) color it online.

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Download the Princess Zelda Coloring Page

Online Princess Zelda Coloring Page

Choose a color you like and click/tap an area in the picture that you want to color. Repeat. Have fun!

We are still in the process of testing out the online coloring feature, so it may act strangely occasionally.

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