Sitting Cartoon Dog Coloring Page

Bring out the dog's playful personality with creative strokes of color! This pup is ready for fun - just pick out a few sparkly shades for its coat of fur and get creative with patterns on its limbs and spiked tail feathers.

And don't worry about making mistakes - our little friend also loves being two-toned or wearing bright bows around its neck.

There are two ways to color this Sitting Cartoon Dog picture:

  1. 1) You can either print it out or
  2. 2) color it online.

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Download the Sitting Cartoon Dog Coloring Page

Online Sitting Cartoon Dog Coloring Page

Choose a color you like and click/tap an area in the picture that you want to color. Repeat. Have fun!

We are still in the process of testing out the online coloring feature, so it may act strangely occasionally.

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