Free Dog Coloring Pages for Kids - 56 Printable Sheets

People love dogs, and it has been said that dogs are man's best friend. Spend time with your favorite furry friends as you have fun with these free dog coloring pages for kids.

Our printable coloring pages feature dogs of all shapes and sizes. There are big dogs, like German shepherds, huskies, labradors, golden retrievers, and pit bulls. There are small dogs such as chihuahuas, Pomeranians, pugs, and dachshunds.

Some of the dogs in these free printable coloring pages are realistic, while others are characters from your favorite cartoons - Snoopy, Scooby Doo, Courage the cowardly dog, and Chase from Paw Patrol, for example.

Some of our coloring sheets will even let you explore different styles of art, like the chibi anime style.

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Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive dog man coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Printable Dog Coloring Pages

Realistic Dog Coloring Sheet

This realistic dog has all the details you would expect, from shaggy fur to a lolling tongue. Color him to match your favorite Australian shepherd, mutt, or stray.

Chihuahua Coloring Sheet

Chihuahuas are one of the smallest breeds of dogs. They come in several colors and patterns, including, white, black, brown, cream, and spotted.

Cartoon Dog Coloring Sheet

Can you see the lines that indicate the movement of this cartoon dog's wagging tail? He is so happy to see you! Add your favorite colors and patterns to his fur.

Easy Dog Coloring Sheet

This easy dog coloring picture is great for kids and budding artists. Shade within the lines, and don't forget to give his collar a bright color.

Scooby Doo Coloring Sheet

Scooby Dooby Dooby Doo, where are you? Here he is! We found him on this coloring page. Scooby is a brown Great Dane with black spots.

 Pug Face Coloring Sheet

Most pugs have light brown or beige faces with darker brown markings on the ears, muzzle, and around the eyes. Some pugs are solid black.

Boxer Dog Coloring Sheet

Boxers often have brown or reddish-brown bodies with white chests, bellies, and feet, and black markings on the face. Some are white or brindle - a striped pattern of black and red.

Easy Dog Face Coloring Sheet

Dogs with spots over their eyes create a classic picture of childhood pets. Give this puppy a light coat and darker spots and ears.

Labrador Coloring Sheet

Labs are friendly dogs that come in three main colors - black labs, yellow labs, and chocolate labs.

Dog Outline Coloring Sheet

This simple outline resembles a Doberman or German Shepherd. Both types of dogs are typically black in color with brown markings on the face, legs, and tail.

Dog Face Coloring Sheet

Do you think Rottweilers are cute or scary? Take a look at this coloring page to find out. Most Rotties are black with brown muzzles and "eyebrow" spots.

Chibi Wolf Coloring Sheet

Wolves are a type of dog - in fact, our domestic dogs are descended from wolves. Many wolves are grey, but they may also be black, white, or reddish.

Foo Dog Coloring Sheet

A Foo dog is a type of Chinese statue representing a guardian spirit. They are often adorned in gold or painted bright red.

Goofy Coloring Sheet

Did you know that Disney's Goofy is an anthropomorphic dog? He even wears a dog bone-shaped hat! His fur is black with tan markings around his mouth.

Sitting Cartoon Dog Coloring Sheet

You can shade this adorable dog to resemble any dog breed you would like. He is a good boy who understands the "sit" command!

Corgi Coloring Sheet

Most corgis are light brown with white muzzles, chests, bellies, and feet. Some are "merle" (white with black and gray spots) or brindle (striped in brown and black).

Dog Man Coloring Sheet

The comic book character Dog Man has brown fur. He wears a blue police uniform with yellow insignia.

Pitbull Face Coloring Sheet

If a pitty is your ideal dog, you will love this adorable face! Pitbulls come in many colors - black, fawn, blue, grey, tan, white, brown, red, or brindle.

Coyote Coloring Sheet

Like the wolf, the coyote is a type of wild dog. Coyotes are generally brown, grey, or a combination of these colors.

Husky Coloring Sheet

Huskies are known for their blue eyes and grey and white fur. They can also be black, white, black and tan, or even red and white.

Puppy Coloring Sheet

This cute pup is the canine companion you have been dreaming of. Give his white fur brown and black spots.

Shih Tzu Coloring Sheet

Shih Tzu coats can be solid, spotted, or with marked faces. Their colors include combinations of white, cream, black, brown, tan, reddish-brown, and grey.

Dachshund Coloring Sheet

Like the German shepherd and Rottweiler above, the Daschsun is a German dog that usually has black fur with brown markings. They can also be chocolate, tan, red, grey, white, or some combination of colors.

Chase from Paw Patrol Coloring Sheet

Chase is a brown German shepherd with tan markings. He wears a blue police dog uniform with yellow stripes and insignia.

Angry Dog Coloring Sheet

This bulldog is growling and bearing his teeth! Bulldogs are often white, grey, or white with brown spots.

Christmas Snoopy Coloring Sheet

Snoopy is a white beagle with black spots. Don't forget to add bright colors to his hat, scarf, and the gift-wrapped present he is carrying.

Dog Pixel Art Coloring Sheet

Dogs even show up in video games! Mind the square pixels as you shade the two tones of this dog's body and markings.

Labrador Retriever Head and Face Coloring Sheet

Do you love labs? Then you will adore this canine portrait. Black labs have black coats, chocolate labs have brown coats, and yellow labs have blonde or cream-colored fur.

Dog Head Coloring Sheet

If you color this dog to make him blonde, he'll look like a golden retriever; brown, and he could be a chocolate lab. Get creative and make him the dog you would love to own!

Cat and Dog Coloring Sheet

You probably weren't expecting to find a cute kitten among this canine pack, but sometimes dogs and cats are friends.

Courage the Cowardly Dog Coloring Sheet

Courage has pink skin, black spots, and brown ears and nose. His teeth are slightly yellowed.

Shiba Inu Coloring Sheet

Shiba Inus are typically light brown with white muzzles, bellies, and feet. They can also be solid white or black with white markings.

Golden Retriever Face Coloring Sheet

Give this golden retriever a realistic coat by using light tan and cream colors.

Pug Coloring Sheet

Most pugs are light brown with brown or black markings on the face and ears. Some are solid white, solid brown, black and tan, brindle, or "merle," a spotting of black on brown.

Happy Dog Wagging Tail Coloring Sheet

This dog is wagging its tail and ready to play! You can color it to resemble whatever type of dog you are dreaming of.

Poodle Coloring Sheet

Would you like to walk a white and pink poodle down the streets of Paris? When their fur is not dyed pink, poodles are often black, grey, brown, or spotted.

Dog Barking Coloring Sheet

Barking is one of those things that all dogs do. Color this dog to reflect your favorite breed. He could easily be a husky, a German shepherd, or even a wolf!

Golden Retriever Coloring Sheet

Goldens have fur in the color that their name suggests - they are yellowish-blonde, cream, or tan.

Snoopy Coloring Sheet

Snoopy is a white Beagle with black spots, ears, and tail. He wears a red collar as he sits thoughtfully on top of his doghouse.

German Shepherd Dog Coloring Sheet

German shepherds like this one are usually black and tan. "King" shepherds add white markings to the mix. Some German shepherds are solid black or white.

Sad Dog Coloring Sheet

This coloring page is what the term "puppy dog eyes" is all about. Shade this spotted dog.

Dog Drawing for Kids Coloring Sheet

Can you stay within the lines of this cute yet simple dog? Black, white, brown - you can make him any color you want using your crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

Pitbull Coloring Sheet

Pitbull colors sometimes have funny names. "Blue" pits are grey, and "brindle" pits are striped like tigers. What is your favorite color combination?

Praesent sem augue, bibendum nec interdum at, ultrices ut risus. Ut in fringilla enim. Nullam a feugiat nunc.

Bulldog Coloring Sheet

Bulldogs look tough! Many dogs of this breed are solid white, grey, or brown. Some are spotted or have light or dark markings on their bellies, chest, and face.

Cute German Shepherd Dog Coloring Sheet

Of all the German shepherds on this list, this one is by far the cutest! Will you make him a classic black and tan, or will he be a solid color?

Balloon Dog Coloring Sheet

Even if you can't have a real pet where you live, you can always adopt a balloon animal. Shade this one in a bright color.

Husky Face Coloring Sheet

Huskies typically have black, brown, blonde, reddish, or grey fur with white markings on their faces. They are famous for their icy blue eyes.

French Bulldog Coloring Sheet

French bulldogs are often grey, white, tan, brindle (black and brown striped), or fawn (tan with darker markings on the face).

Pomeranian Coloring Sheet

Pomeranians are one of the cutest dogs around. And they come in so many colors! They can be black, white, brown, grey, chocolate, tan, or any combination of these colors.

Cute Dog Coloring Sheet

This cute pup is ready for you to style her fur and take her home to play! She wants to be your forever friend.

Snoopy from Peanuts Dancing Coloring Sheet

Snoopy is a dog who loves to dance. This classic comic strip character has white fur with black spots.

Wolf Coloring Sheet

Did you know that the great-great-grandparents of your family pet were wolves? Color this grey wolf in a characteristic grey, reddish-brown, black, or white.

Fox Coloring Sheet

Foxes may appear catlike, but they are actually small wild dogs. Red foxes are orange with a white tail tip. Gray foxes and silver foxes are gray with red, brown, or black on their backs.

Dog Bone Coloring Sheet

Give a dog a bone! Color this one for any of your canine friends. Dog bones like this one are usually white or cream in color.

Anime Dog Coloring Sheet

Every anime character needs a sidekick - why not a canine one? This dog's fur has jagged tips just like your favorite anime character's hair. Color him solid or give him spots - the choice is yours.

Snarling Wolf Coloring Sheet

Look out for those sharp, white teeth as you color this wild canine! A wolf's fur can be black, reddish-brown, gray, white, or a combination of these colors.

Dog Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of our dog coloring pages for kids was your favorite? Did you download coloring pages and print them out so you can color them by hand? Fasten several easy coloring pages together to make your own coloring book.

Don't forget, you can also decorate these free coloring pages online. Whenever you need coloring pages for kids and adults, we've got plenty of unique and original coloring pictures to keep the creative ideas flowing.

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