Free Cool Coloring Pages for Kids – 57 Printable Sheets

Your imagination is a doorway to exciting places, people, and experiences. But where your imagination takes you is up to you. These free cool coloring pages for kids can help.

Where is the coolest place you've ever been? How did you get there? The stars are the limit when you design your own sleek rocket ship. Or you can cruise the streets in a brand-new sports car - its paint job is a color of your choosing.

Who is the coolest person you've ever met? How about a superhero? You can spend time with Spider-Man, Batman, Deadpool, Iron Man, or Sonic the Hedgehog when you color them.

Coloring is the new cool. Check it out and see what you discover.

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive cuphead coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Cool Coloring Pages for Kids

Sonic the Hedgehog Running Coloring Sheet

Sonic is fast, but you don't have to rush while coloring his picture. He has blue fur, white gloves, and red and white running shoes.

Phoenix Coloring Sheet

The phoenix is a mythical bird able to rise from the ashes to live again. Color this bird in fiery shades of red, orange, and yellow.

Chibi Deadpool Coloring Sheet

Deadpool is an antihero, but his chibi version is kind of cute. His suit is red with black markings and white eye spots.

Lamborghini Coloring Sheet

If you could cruise in your very own Lamborghini, what color would it be? You can choose how you want this sportscar to be painted. Why not add some racing stripes?

Roller Coaster Coloring Sheet

Life can feel like a roller coaster ride. Take a break from it when you color this bright coaster and the children who are enjoying it.

Miles Morales Spider-Man Coloring Sheet

Miles took the original Spidey suit to the next level. His disguise is black with a red logo, red markings, and white eye spots.

Smaug Coloring Sheet

Smaug is a bright red dragon belching yellow and orange flames. He sits atop a dragon's hoard of golden coins and treasures.

Iron Man Coloring Sheet

Iron Man's robotic suit is the color of molten metal. It is red and yellow with a few grey metallic elements.

Iron Spider from The Avengers Coloring Sheet

Like the Iron Man suit belonging to the Iron Spider's mechanical inventor, this Spidy suit is red, black, and yellow.

Among Us Pets Coloring Sheet

Nothing is cooler than having your very own pet - especially if they're alien. Adopt a blue one-eyed Doggy, a green Headslug, or a gray Ro-Bot.

Nyan Cat Coloring Sheet

In the time when internet memes were young, the Nyan cat was the coolest new thing. This gray kitty has a body shaped like a pink strawberry Poptart. It leaves a rainbow trail behind it as it sails through the stars.

Rocket Ship Coloring Sheet

Color this sleek silver rocket and give it some brightly colored accents. Where will it take you? Check out the sci-fi landscape below.

Scorpion from Mortal Kombat Coloring Sheet

This classic video game warrior wears a yellow face mask, a black hood, and a tunic in various shades of brown.

Kakashi Hatake from Naruto Coloring Sheet

Kakashi has silver hair and one eye to match - his other eye is a red Sharingan. He wears a black mask over his face and black and olive green garments.

Acoustic Guitar Coloring Sheet

Acoustic guitars are made from wood, so they are often the color of wood - most commonly, a yellowish tan. Of course, even wooden guitars can be painted and bedazzled in any color you'd like.

Among Us Character Coloring Sheet

What is your favorite Among Us character skin? Whether you're a crew member or an imposter, you can strut your stuff if a black, white, yellow, orange, pink, red, blue, green, purple, brown, cyan, lime, maroon, rose, banana, gray, tan, or coral spacesuit.

Sci-Fi Landscape Coloring Sheet

Color the strange stone formations of this planet, the bubbling goo, the massive crystals, and the glowing ringed planet on the horizon.

Llama from Fortnite Coloring Sheet

What in-game goodies will your llama piñata hold? Color yours with purple, light blue, and dark blue stripes, or design your own color scheme for any occasion.

Hawks from My Hero Academia Coloring Sheet

Hawks has red wings and blonde hair. He wears a yellow visor, a black and yellow suit, and a brown jacket with white fur trim.

Lightsaber Coloring Sheet

Most lightsabers have black and silver handles, but a few are golden or even made from wood. The color of the blade is most telling - will yours be a red Sith saber, the blue, green, pink, or purple blade of the Jedi, or even a black dark saber?

Among Us Shark Coloring Sheet

This shark like skin is light blue in color. Its eye is of a slightly darker shade of blue, and its sharp teeth are a gleaming white.

Sports Car Coloring Sheet

Red, yellow, orange, and black are popular colors for sportscars. Black sports cars are sleek, while the brighter colors demand attention. What will your dream car look like?

Tree House Coloring Sheet

Have you ever dreamed of designing your own tree house? Now you can. Your wooden clubhouse can blend in with the brown trunk of the tree, or you can pick your favorite paint color.

Beyblade Coloring Sheet

Let it rip when you design your own Beyblade. You can use bright colors like yellow, red, and blue, or create your own unique pattern.

Super Mario Coloring Sheet

It's a-Mario! this classic character has brown hair, a brown mustache, blue eyes, a red shirt, blue overalls, brown shoes, and a red and white hat.

Astronaut Coloring Sheet

Spacesuits are usually white in color because this helps them reflect heat and radiation, keeping the astronaut safe. Inside the spaceship, their suits are often orange.

Dirt Bike Coloring Sheet

Get ready for the races as you paint your new bike. Express yourself by using your favorite colors. Bright shades will help you stand out!

Impossible Square Coloring Sheet

This shape may be impossible to wrap your mind around, but it is not impossible to color. You can use different colors or shades of the same color to add to its three-dimensional appearance.

Shrek Coloring Sheet

Get down in the swamp with this green ogre. Shrek has brown eyes, a tan shirt, and a brown vest.

Golden Gate Bridge Coloring Sheet

Despite its name, the Golden Gate Bridge is not yellow or gold in color. It is actually painted red!

Flying Dragon Coloring Sheet

When you imagine dragons, what color do you think they are? Green or brown like a lizard? Or brightly tinted like some tropical snakes?

Sailor Moon Coloring Sheet

Sailor Moon Has yellow-blonde hair. Her sailor-style school uniform is white with a blue color and a red bow. She also has blue eyes and red and gold jewelry.

Pirate Hat Coloring Sheet

Color this pirate hat and paste it onto a headband so you can wear it! These captain's hats were often black, with a white skull and crossbones. Don't forget to add bright colors to the parrot's feather.

Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants Coloring Sheet

Patrick is a pink starfish. His wardrobe of choice is a pair of lime green swim trunks with large purple flowers all over them.

Easy Friday Night Funkin' Character Coloring Sheet

It's time to get funky with Boyfriend. He has blue hair and wears a blue and red baseball cap. His pink t-shirt has a red logo, which he pairs with blue jeans and red tennis shoes.

Master Sword and Hylian Shield from The Legend of Zelda Coloring Sheet

This blue shield bears the emblems of a yellow Triforce and a red loftwing. The shield is outlined in silver. The sword has a silver blade and a blue, green, and yellow hilt.

Justice League Logo Coloring Sheet

The Justice League logo is usually metallic - use different shades of gray and silver to give it a three-dimensional appearance. Or, use your favorite superhero's signature colors!

Dragon Wings Coloring Sheet

Where will you fly on dragon wings? Color these wings to match the dragon of your choice - a Pernese gold or a red Uruloki fire-drake, for instance.

Lego Batman Coloring Sheet

Lego Batman only works in black - and sometimes really, really dark gray. His suit is black with a yellow logo and utility belt.

Motorcycle Coloring Sheet

Did you color the dirtbike above? Take your motocross up a notch with this sleek motorcycle. You can color the dirt bike and motorcycle to match, forming your team.

Cuphead Coloring Sheet

Cuphead's namesake head is white with a red nose and a red and white straw. He wears a black shirt, red pants, white gloves, and brown shoes.

Easy Cartoon Space Rocket Coloring Sheet

Reach new heights with this charming rocket ship. Make it metallic or cover it in white tiles like a real space shuttle. Or, use your favorite colors to make a real statement at your next launch!

Lightning McQueen Coloring Sheet

Lightning McQueen is bright red with yellow and orange Rusteze and flame logos. He has dreamed of being repainted with Dinoco blue.

Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story Coloring Sheet

Do you see similarities between Buzz's suit and the astronaut, above? His suit is also white. It has green and purple markings and a variety of colorful blinking lights.

Metal Sonic Coloring Sheet

Where Sonic the Hedgehog has blue fur, Metal Sonic has blue paint. He also has glowing red eyes and yellow markings. His feet are painted to match Sonic's red and white tennis shoes.

Velociraptor Coloring Sheet

Green or green? Or even blue? Lots of scales or colorful feathers? You can design this raptor's appearance and make her a friend or foe.

Wolverine from X-Men Coloring Sheet

Wolverine's suit is yellow with black stripes. He also wears a red belt, blue boots, blue gloves, and a blue mask.

3D Heart Coloring Sheet

Love is multi-dimensional, just like this 3D heart. Use different shades on the sides and front of the shape to create a three-dimensional shadow effect.

Robot Coloring Sheet

Would you like a robot to help you with your homework and chores? Give this one a metallic shine or a coat of paint in whatever color you'd like.

Superman Coloring Sheet

Superman wears a blue suit with a red cape, briefs, and boots. His Superman logo is a red "S" contained in a yellow diamond shape.

Shield Coloring Sheet

Get ready for battle by coloring this shield. You can make it brown and grey to indicate wood and metal or use bright colors like a Viking or a medieval knight.

Superhero Coloring Sheet

Would you like to design your own superhero? This muscular man has a superhero suit, boots, a mask, and a cape. You can draw a logo on his chest and choose his signature colors.

Cartoon Werewolf Coloring Sheet

This fearsome beast can be the villain that your superhero, above, must fight. Will it have grey or black fur? Will it have spots like a domestic dog? The choice is yours.

Unicorn Girl Coloring Sheet

You might be called a unicorn because you are unique, but this girl is literally one! She has a spiral-shaped horn emerging from her hair and a pretty dress to complete her look.

Agent Peely from Fortnite Coloring Sheet

Nothing says "cool" like a spy in a suit. But this one has a funny side, too, like a joke in which someone slips on a banana peel.

Captain America's Shield Coloring Sheet

This shield has a white star in a blue circle. Around it are red and white stripes. Can you recreate the shininess indicated by lighter colors in our example?

Sombrero Coloring Sheet

Have you ever worn a sombrero, perhaps at a restaurant? They come in many bright colors. You can design your own with this coloring page.

Free Cool Coloring Pages for Kids - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Did you know? There are two cool ways to use these coloring sheets. You can print them out and color them by hand using crayons, markers, or colored pencils. You can even bind them together to make one totally cool coloring book.

If you don't have a printer handy, you can enjoy coloring the sheets online. Just another one of the cool uses of modern technology.

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