Free Food Coloring Pages for Kids - 68 Printable Sheets

Did anyone even tell you not to play with your food? That may be the rule at the dinner table, but you can have fun with these free food coloring pages for kids. At this table, anything goes!

What are your favorite foods? Here, you can have your dessert first when you color ice cream, candy, pie, cake, and other sweet treats.

You can cool off on a hot day with a popsicle, a milkshake, or a tall glass of lemonade.

Want to travel the world? Take a world food tour with Italian spaghetti, Japanese sushi, Mexican favorites, and more.

If you're craving more from your coloring hobby, check out Free Fruit Coloring pages - they're sure to give you plenty of enjoyment!

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Some of these fun foods even have smiling faces! You can color up the ultimate food fight without even making a mess.

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive apple candy coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Printable Food Coloring Pages

Salad Coloring Sheet

Don't forget to eat your vegetables! Shade the green lettuce and cucumbers, red tomatoes, and pink, yellow, or white onions as a healthy reminder.

Donut Coloring Sheet

What is your favorite flavor of donuts? You can give this one brown chocolate icing, white vanilla icing, or pink strawberry icing. Don't forget the sprinkles!

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Coloring Sheet

Mint chocolate chip ice cream is green with brown chocolate chips. But you can color this ice cream cone and its toppings to match your favorite flavor.

Turkey Dinner Coloring Sheet

Shade this steaming turkey so that it is roasted to a delicious golden brown. Don't forget to color the plate and the vegetables garnishing it.

Fried Egg Coloring Sheet

How do you like your eggs? You can color the egg white and the yellow or orange yolk. Egg shells are often white or brown, but they can be pink, green, or speckled.

 Cute Popsicle Coloring Sheet

What is your favorite popsicle flavor? Color this one like an orange creamsicle, a yellow banana pop, red cherry, blue raspberry, or brown chocolate.

Rice and Chopsticks Coloring Sheet

Do you know how to eat with chopsticks? You can practice with your colored pencils as you shade this simple meal.

Spilt Milk Coloring Sheet

Don't cry over spilled milk! Color the cute cow on the carton, and shade the floor or table around the white milk. Or, color it brown to make chocolate milk.

French Fries Coloring Sheet

French fries are yellow in color, fried to a golden brown. Many fast-food restaurants put them in red cardboard containers.

Chocolate Bar Coloring Sheet

What is your favorite type of chocolate bar? Color the chocolate brown, and shade the wrapper in the colors of your favorite brand.

Chocolate Cake Coloring Sheet

Color this chocolate cake brown with a red cherry on top. Or, change the flavor by leaving the cake white or coloring it pink, yellow, or red.

Hot Dog Coloring Sheet

What do you like on your hotdog? Yellow mustard, red ketchup, or green relish? Color this one to match your tastes.

Starbucks Frappuccino Coloring Sheet

What is your favorite flavor of Frappucino? Brown mocha chip, pink strawberry, or green matcha? Customize your own unique blend.

Bacon and Eggs Coloring Sheet

Color these bacon and eggs reddish brown, yellow, and white for a realistic plate, or shade them like Suessical green eggs and ham.

Corn Dog Coloring Sheet

Corn dogs are golden brown breading around a pink hotdog. What sauce would you dip your corndog in? Red ketchup or yellow mustard?

Cartoon Steak Coloring Sheet

Steaks are brown or gray on the outside with a little bit of pink in the middle. Don't forget to color the red tomatoes, green lettuce, and basil garnish.

Chicken Dinner Coloring Sheet

This chicken dinner is baked or fried to a golden brown and served with creamy mashed potatoes and green beans. What is in the bowl behind? Is it brown chocolate pudding or some other delectable dish?

Spoon and Fork Coloring Sheet

Get your grub on with this sparkling fork and spoon. Most silverware, true to its name, is silver or gray in color.

Gingerbread House Coloring Sheet

This gingerbread is baked to a golden brown and then decorated with colorful candies and sweet icing.

Easy Cartoon Cake Coloring Sheet

What would your dream cake look like? Shade this one in all your favorite colors. The layers can match, or they can be unique - the choice is yours!

Milkshake Coloring Sheet

What flavor will you make this cute smiling milkshake? Will it be white like vanilla, brown like chocolate, or pink like strawberry?

Cartoon Ham Coloring Sheet

Color this ham brown on the outside with a pink middle for a classic look, or turn it into the green ham from Dr. Suess!

Pancakes Coloring Sheet

Pancakes are cooked to a golden brown, slathered with yellow butter and brown maple syrup. Or, you could shade blue blueberry syrup or red strawberry syrup.

Milk Carton Coloring Sheet

At school or at home, this smiling carton of milk is happy to see you. Is there white milk, chocolate milk, or strawberry milk inside? You can indicate the flavor by the color of the carton.

Hot Chocolate Coloring Sheet

Warm up with a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Color the drink brown, the marshmallows white, and decorate the mug with your favorite colors.

Spaghetti Coloring Sheet

On top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatball... color the spaghetti yellow, the sauce red, and the meatballs brown for a classic dish.

Cookies Coloring Sheet

What are your favorite kinds of cookies? You can give these brown chocolate chips, purple raisins, red dried cranberries, or white macadamia nuts.

Bread Coloring Sheet

Do you like white bread or brown wheat bread? Will you smear your toast with yellow butter, purple grape jelly, red strawberry jam, or brown peanut butter?

Burrito Coloring Sheet

You can shade the toppings inside this tortilla to match your favorite burrito flavors, such as green lettuce, red tomatoes, brown ground beef, yellow cheese, or white sour cream.

Pie Coloring Sheet

You can color this pie to make it any flavor you would like - brown for chocolate, red for strawberry, white for cheesecake, and so much more.

Barbeque Grill Coloring Sheet

How will you cook the delicious meats and vegetables found in these coloring pages? Using a fiery barbeque grill like this one!

Cherry Pie Coloring Sheet

Give this pie a brown flaky crust, bright red cherries on top, and a red cherry filling.

Funny Taco Coloring Sheet

Every day is taco Tuesday with this fun coloring sheet. Color the toppings to indicate the taco's contents, such as green for lettuce, red for tomatoes, and brown for ground beef.

Ice Cream Coloring Sheet

Color these ice cream scoops to match your favorite flavors - green mint, brown chocolate, white vanilla, pink strawberry, or orange sherbert. With three big scoops, you don't have to choose just one!

 Birthday Cake Coloring Sheet

Color this tasty cake using your favorite colors, and get ready to blow out the candles.

Sandwich Coloring Sheet

Can you color all the contents of this sandwich? There is tan bread, green lettuce, red tomatoes, yellow cheese, and brown, pink, or tan lunchmeat.

Candy Coloring Sheet

Candy comes in so many colors. You can shade these brightly patterned candy wrappers. Be creative!

Pizza Coloring Sheet

What do you like on your pizza? This one has red pepperonis, grey mushrooms, and green peppers.

Cornucopia Coloring Sheet

This cornucopia is a basket filled with orange pumpkins, purple eggplants, green and purple grapes, yellow, red, and green apples, and yellow corn on the cob.

Cotton Candy Coloring Sheet

Cotton candy is often pink or blue, but it can come in almost any color. Don't forget the rainbow sprinkles!

Pretzel Coloring Sheet

Pretzels are brown braided pastries with white seeds or salt crystals on top. Do you like to dip your pretzels in yellow mustard or cheese sauce?

Hot Cross Buns Coloring Sheet

Hot cross buns are baked to a golden brown. They have raisins or other dried fruit inside.

Candy Apple Coloring Sheet

Your apple might be red, yellow, or green, but what type of candy will you put on the outside? Dark brown chocolate, light brown caramel, or red cinnamon candy are common options.

Lemonade Coloring Sheet

Mmm, shade this cool glass of lemonade to match the lemon wedge on its rim. Or, get creative and make it a green limeade or a red cherry limeade.

Cupcake Coloring Sheet

If you could decorate your own cupcake, what colors would it be? Now is your chance to get creative.

Apple Pie Coloring Sheet

Apple pie has a golden brown crust and a sweet apple filling of nearly the same shade.

Sushi Coloring Sheet

What kinds of sushi would you like to try? Round maki rolls have greenish-black seaweed on the outside, white rice inside, and fillings like pink fish or green avocado. Some have orange roe or fish eggs on top. The flat nigiri may have pink fish or yellow daikon radishes.

Potato Chips Coloring Sheet

Color these chips to match your favorite flavors - plain yellow chips, orange barbecue chips, or green-speckled sour cream and onion chips.

 Cheese Coloring Sheet

Swiss cheese like this wedge is usually white, yellow, or orange in color.

Burger Coloring Sheet

How do you like your burgers? Color the sesame seed bun, the patty, and all the toppings.

Popcorn Coloring Sheet

Color the buttery yellow popcorn, and decorate its brightly striped box.

Chocolate Bar Coloring Sheet

Chocolate is dark brown in color, but you can decorate the wrapper with any colors you'd like. Want to locate Willy Wonka's famous golden ticket? Shade the inside of the wrapper yellow or gold!

Carrot Coloring Sheet

Grocery store carrots are usually orange in color with green leafy tops. But did you know? Heirloom carrots can be white, red, yellow, or even purple.

Hot Chocolate Coloring Sheet

Do you like marshmallows in your hot cocoa? Color the chocolate beverage brown, leaving the marshmallows white. Then design the fun pattern on the mug!

Potato Coloring Sheet

This potato has eyes and a smiling mouth just like a popular children's toy. Most potatoes have brown skins, but some are yellowish, reddish, or even purplish.

Turkey Dinner Coloring Sheet

When the turkey is ready, it turns a delicious golden brown. Decorate the holiday platter and don't forget to shade the vegetables on the side.

Cartoon Ham Coloring Sheet

Smoked hams like this one have a brown exterior. Inside, the meat is pink or grey and marbled with white strips of fat.

Cherries Coloring Sheet

Ripe cherries are usually bright red in color. Some are a deep red, almost purple. Either way, they are adorned with green leaves.

Spoon and Fork Coloring Sheet

Most forks and spoons are metallic grey in color - thus the name "silverware." Some silverware is golden, black, or another color. They can even be made from brown wood or tan bamboo.

Vegetables Coloring Sheet

This vegetable garden is full of leafy green plants, red tomatoes, purplish beets, orange carrots, and yellow onions. Color the bright butterfly or reserve its white wings like a common garden pollinator.

Christmas Pudding Coloring Sheet

Traditionally figgy pudding is usually dark brown in color, but it can be purplish. This cake has white icing and is adorned with green holly and its red berries.

Onion Coloring Sheet

Onions have lots of layers, and you can see them in this coloring picture. The outer skins of onions are typically brown, yellow, reddish-purple, or white, with the insides a lighter shade. The grasslike blades on top are green.

Spaghetti Coloring Sheet

On top of spaghetti, covered in cheese... Spaghetti is usually yellowish or reddish from the tomato sauce it's covered in. Meatballs are reddish-brown. You can even decorate the bowl!

Fried Egg Coloring Sheet

You can't make an omelet without cracking some eggs. This picture includes the two halves of the eggshell and the sunny-side-up egg. Eggs are white with yellow centers, and their shells can be white, brown, blue, green, pink, or speckled.

Rice and Chopsticks Coloring Sheet

Rice is usually white or brown in color, depending on the type of rice and the seasonings used. You can color the rice bowl and the chopsticks to match each other.

Anime Food Coloring Sheet

This bento box includes white rice, green broccoli, red tomatoes, yellow and white boiled eggs, brown fried shrimp, and sushi rolls, which come in many colors. The bento box itself is often brightly colored.

Salad Coloring Sheet

Lettuce, cucumbers, and zucchini are green. Tomatoes can be red, yellow, orange, or green, and onions are white, yellow, or purple.

Hot Dog Coloring Sheet

What do you like on your hotdog? You can color it here. Is that a stripe of yellow mustard, red ketchup, or white mayonnaise down the center? You can even draw in and color other toppings, like green relish.

Food Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of the above food-themed coloring pages for children and adults was your favorite? Did you stick to the staples or try something new?

You can enjoy coloring these pictures online, or you can print them out and color them by hand using crayons, markers, or colored pencils. You can even bind them together to make your own food-themed coloring book.

These pictures also make a great addition to school reports, science fair posters, dinner invitations, or fancy menus.

You know just how much fun Free Food Coloring Pages can be – so why not level up your coloring skills by giving Free Candy Coloring pages a go as well for maximum entertainment?

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