How to Draw a Milkshake

How to Draw a Milkshake Featured Image

Milkshakes are dessert beverages made from ice cream and milk. The term “milkshake” was first used in 1885, and early milkshakes contained alcohol. Before the invention of the electric blender, milkshake ingredients had to be crushed and stirred by hand. The popularity of the milkshake increased as blenders and refrigerators became available in the early 1990s… Read more

How to Draw a Potato

How to Draw a Potato Featured Image

For centuries, the potato has been one of the most important food sources in the world. It is native to the Andres Mountains of South America and is a distant relative of the tomato. It is thought that the potato was domesticated nearly 2,000 years ago, and it entered European markets during the 1500s. It is also called a tater or spud… Read more

How to Draw a Pumpkin Patch

How to Draw a Pumpkin Patch Featured Image

A pumpkin patch is a garden used for growing pumpkins. Each year, millions of children across North America look forward to visiting a local pumpkin patch. There, they can often play in corn mazes and… Read more

How to Draw Lemonade

How to Draw Lemonade Featured Image

Lemonade is a favorite summertime beverage. Popular culture – including the iconic Peanuts cartoons – often features children selling lemonade from roadside lemonade… Read more

How to Draw Sushi

How to Draw Sushi Featured Image

Sushi has been described as “seasoned rice that is shaped,” or as rice, meat, and vegetables rolled in a sheet of dried seaweed. The presentation of the dish – how it looks – is considered to be very… Read more

How to Draw Cookies

How to Draw Cookies Featured Image

The word cookie comes from a Dutch word meaning “little cake.” Cookies are generally flat sweet pastries. Outside of North America, cookies are often called… Read more

How to Draw a Coffee Cup

How to Draw a Coffee Cup: Featured Image

Do you like to drink coffee? Surveys have shown that 83 percent of adults in the United States do so regularly. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the… Read more


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