Free Emotions Coloring Pages for Kids - 27 Printable Sheets

Picturing your emotions can help you understand and cope with them. These free emotions coloring pages for kids are here to help you do just that.

In Disney's Inside Out, big emotions like joy, sadness, anger, fear, disgust, and anxiety are personified as characters living inside Riley's head, and each one is a different color. 

The pictures below are a bit like those characters. They represent different emotions. Coloring them can help you express your big feelings, too.

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Are you angry? Sad? Afraid? Really, really, happy? No matter what you're feeling, you will find a coloring page below that fits your mood.

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive easy angry dog coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Emotions Coloring Pages for Kids

Anime Boy Crying Coloring Sheet

You can choose this boy's skin, hair, and clothing colors, but one feature can't be missed - color the rivers of tears streaming down his face as blue as any real river.

Scared Face Coloring Sheet

When people are scared, others may say, "You're as white as a ghost!" That's one reaction to fear - the color draining from your face.

Angry Anime Girl Coloring Sheet

Her expression and bulging veins aren't the only indications of anger. Her face turning red is a dead giveaway.

Crying Emoji Coloring Sheet

Most smiley faces are yellow, but you might want to color this one blue as a reflection of its sadness.

Happy Face Coloring Sheet

You won't be able to hold back your own smile as you color this charming happy boy.

Surprised Face Coloring Sheet

Is it a good surprise or a bad one? This boy's face might become pale with mortification or reddened with embarrassment. The choice is yours.

Scared Cat Coloring Sheet

Spooky black cats are often depicted with their backs arched, but any cat can get scared. Spots or stripes, grey tabbies, or orange marmalades - color this cat however you'd like.

Snoopy from Peanuts Dancing Coloring Sheet

Snoopy has white fur with black spots and black ears. He wears a red collar. Can you color a pretty scene for him to dance in?

Happy Clown Coloring Sheet

Clowns traditionally have bright red noses and neon-tinted clothing. You can use your favorite colors to bring this happy clown to life.

Happy Dog Wagging Tail Coloring Sheet

This pup is happy to see you, and he'll be even happier when you add some color to his life. You can draw in spots and use whatever colors you'd like.

Sad Anime Face Coloring Sheet

You can use somber colors like blue and gray to set the mood for this sad picture. Pair her with the crying anime boy, above, and maybe they'll find happiness together.

Confused Anime Face Coloring Sheet

Before the girl above became sad, she may have been confused by alarming news. Can you color this picture to match the other?

Laughing Emoji with Hands Coloring Sheet

Is this a classic bright yellow smiley face, or will you use a different color? Emojis can be any color you'd like.

Tired Face Coloring Sheet

When people are tired, their eyes often become bloodshot, marked by small red blood vessels, and dark circles of blue or purple form under their eyes.

Tears Coloring Sheet

You can see the tears she's cried with these hazel eyes... if you color them hazel, that is. Hazel is a combination of brown, green, and amber eye colors.

Crying Laughing Emoji Coloring Sheet

Here's another emoji for your collection. Color it bright yellow with blue tears like the emoji on your phone, or choose your own unique colors.

Laughing Face Coloring Sheet

This lady is happy, and she'll be even more so once you style her hair and design her earrings with your favorite colors.

Disgusted Face Coloring Sheet

Do you think this is the same lady pictured laughing above? If this lady feels disgusted enough to throw up, her face might even turn a bit green!

Sad, Broken Heart Coloring Sheet

Sometimes emotions don't need a face; this broken heart says it all. Color the heart, the tears or drops of blood, and the bandage.

Thinking Face Coloring Sheet

Choose this thinker's hair and eye color, or turn him into a statue by coloring him solid gray.

Happy Emoji Coloring Sheet

Here is a classic smiley face with closed or squinting eyes. Color it bright yellow or choose some other color.

Angry Dog Coloring Sheet

Bulldogs like this one are often brown or gray. When they're really angry, you may be able to see red blood vessels in their cartoon eyes.

Sad Girl Crying Coloring Sheet

If you're feeling sad, get it off your chest and put it on paper by coloring this girl's hair and outfit to match your own.

Crying Face Coloring Sheet

Not only does this boy's face have blue teardrops. The color of his face can indicate he's been crying, especially if he is red or pink around the eyes.

Sad Cat Coloring Sheet

Adopt this sad little kitten to make it happy! Color its fur, drawing spots or stripes if you'd like.

Cartoon Angry Face Coloring Sheet

You can make this scary man look even angrier. Shade his face with red and draw small red blood vessels in the whites of his eyes.

Which of these emotions coloring pages was your favorite?

 If you were feeling a negative emotion when you started, did coloring it out make you feel better?

You can download and print this whole collection of emotions. Bind them into a feelings-themed coloring book that you can turn to whenever you're feeling those big emotions.

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