How to Draw Cat Paw Prints

How to Draw Cat Paw Prints Featured Image

Paw prints are a type of footprint left behind by animals. Generally, only mammals are described as having paws. The paw consists of the claws or toenails, the digital pads or fingertips, the large metacarpal pad, and the dewclaw and carpal pad located higher up the leg... Read more

How to Draw a Dog Bone

How to Draw a Dog Bone Featured Image

The type of bone typically rendered in cartoons - and in this drawing guide - is known as a long bone. Long bones are hard and dense. They give the body strength and structure and are used to help you move around. Long bones can be found in the arms, legs, wrist, ankle, and fingers. The thigh bone, or femur, is a long bone... Read more

How to Draw a Unicorn Emoji

How to Draw a Unicorn Emoji Featured Image

Emojis are small drawings that can be added to text messages or emails to convey emotion. The unicorn emoji was released in 2015. It is used to represent the mythical beast, whimsy, fantasy, uniqueness, and the LGBTQ community... Read more

How to Draw Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

How to Draw Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Featured Image

How did a flying reindeer enter the Christmas tradition? The holiday has a long history of amalgamating customs from various sources. For example, Christmas itself was born from interposing the Christchild on the Roman religious festival of Saturnalia. Later, aspects of the celebration were drawn from Druid religious rites and... Read more

How to Draw a Blue Jay

How to Draw a Blue Jay Featured Image

Blue jays are backyard birds that are common across North America. They eat nuts, seeds, fruits, and insects. The blue jay's scientific name means "crested blue chatterer."... Read more

How to Draw Goofy

How to Draw Goofy Featured Image

Goofy made his cartoon debut in 1932 in Mickey's Review. This classic character is an anthropomorphic dog and a friend of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. He is good-natured but clumsy and accident-prone - thus his name...
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How to Draw Pegasus

How to Draw Pegasus Featured Image

In Greek mythology, Pegasus was a winged horse. It is said that he "sprang from the blood of the Gorgon Medusa as she was beheaded by the hero Perseus." Another hero named Bellerophon captured Pegasus and rode him in battle but fell from his back trying to reach the heavens. Later, Pegasus became a servant of Zeus and was transformed into a starry constellation... Read more

How to Draw a Skunk

How to Draw a Skunk Featured Image

Skunks are mammals native to North and South America. They are highly recognizable due to their bold black and white coloration. They are most well-known, however, for their ability to spray a pungent liquid from glands located beneath their tails, which they use to ward off predators... Read more

How to Draw Freddy Fazbear from Five Nights at Freddy's

How to Draw Freddy Fazbear from Five Nights at Freddy's Featured Image

Freddy Fazbear is the official mascot of Freddy's Pizza. During the day, he holds a microphone and entertains guests as part of the Freddy Fazbear band, alongside fellow characters Bonnie and Chica. When you're working the security night shift, however, this animatronic teddy bear is not so cuddly... Read more


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