Free Famous Anime Characters Coloring Pages for Kids - 29 Printable Sheets

Anime cartoons originated in Japan, but people all over the world enjoy the exciting stories and uniquely drawn characters. In fact, almost three-fourths of people who live in the U.S. watch anime!

When you're not watching anime, you can still have fun with your favorite characters by coloring these detailed action pictures.

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The following characters come from some of the most famous anime shows, including Dragon Ball and its sequels, My Hero Academia, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Fairy Tail, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, One Piece, Spirited Away, Demon Slayer, Gundam, and Crayon Shin-chan.

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive doraemon coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Famous Anime Characters Coloring Pages for Kids

Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia Coloring Sheet

Katsuki has blonde hair. He wears a white shirt and a gray and navy blue military-style jacket. His small pupils are red in color.

Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender Coloring Sheet

Aang has light peach skin, deep brown eyes, and a light orange garment. The arrow-shaped marking on his hairless head is light blue.

Vegeta from Dragon Ball Coloring Sheet

Vegeta normally has black hair, but when he becomes a Super Saiyan like in this picture, his hair and eyebrows become yellow or gold.

Natsu from Fairy Tail Coloring Sheet

Natsu has bright pink hair. He often wears a black tank top and a white striped scarf. He has a black dragon tattoo on his shoulder.

Naruto Coloring Sheet

Naruto has yellow-blonde hair and blue eyes. A common outfit is a blue jacket with a wide white collar and orange zipper. He wears a metallic Leaf Village insignia on a dark blue headband.

Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia Coloring Sheet

Shoto's conflicting powers are evident in his two-toned red and white hair. He has a red scar on his face. One of his eyes is brown, the other blue.

Hatsune Miku Coloring Sheet

Hatsune has turquoise blue hair and eyes, and an outfit to match. She also wears pink ornaments in her hair and a pink set of headphones.

Hawks from My Hero Academia Coloring Sheet

Hawks has deep red wings that contrast with his blonde hair. His superhero uniform is black with yellow markings, and he wears yellow-tinted goggles. He also wears a brown and white sherpa coat.

Itachi Coloring Sheet

Itatach has black hair, and he wears a black and red cloak. His eyes are also black and red due to his Mangekyo Sharingan, or Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye.

Deku from My Hero Academia Coloring Sheet

Deku has green hair and eyes. His normal attire is also green with tan and metallic elements.

Gon Freecss from Hunter x Hunter Coloring Sheet

Like Deku above, Gon also has green hair, but his eyes are an amber shade of brown. He wears a green and orange tunic.

Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto Coloring Sheet

Sasuke has black hair and dark eyes. He wears a metallic Leaf Village emblem on a dark blue headband.

Goku Black Coloring Sheet

In his normal state, Goku has black hair, but his black and gray outfit and angry expression reveal that Goku Black is not normal. He also wears a green earring and a red sash.

Goku Coloring Sheet

Goku has black hair like his counterpart above, but here he wears his traditional martial arts costume of an orange and blue tunic.

Sailor Moon Coloring Sheet

Sailor Moon has blonde hair. She wears red and yellow-gold jewelry and ornaments in her hair. Her uniform is white with a blue collar and a red bow.

Doraemon Coloring Sheet

Doraemon is mostly light blue. He has white spots on his face, belly, hands, and feet. He also has a bright red nose and a red collar with a yellow bell.

Killua Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter Coloring Sheet

Killua has a shock of white hair and light blue-gray eyes. He often wears a light gray t-shirt or hoodie.

Jiji Cat Coloring Sheet

Jiji is a black car with purplish inner ears. He wears a red bowtie, and his nose, tongue, and the inside of his mouth are reddish pink.

Hinata Hyuga from Naruto Coloring Sheet

Hinata has black hair. Her eyes are strikingly light pink or purple with no dark pupils. Because of this, some people mistake her for being blind.

Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter Coloring Sheet

Hisoka is a man of many colors. In this version of himself, he has pale skin, yellow eyes, pink and purple hair, a pink star on one cheek, and a blue teardrop on the other. He wears a multicolored garment.

Broly Coloring Sheet

Like Goku and Vegeta, Broly's hair becomes golden in Super Saiyan form. He wears golden bracelets, a belt, and a necklace with blue stones.

Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece Coloring Sheet

Straw Hat's namesake clothing article is tan with a red band. He has black hair and wears a red shirt with yellow buttons.

Kakashi Hatake from Naruto Coloring Sheet

Kakashi has silvery hair. His good eye is a steely gray, while his scarred eye is red. He wears a black mask over his face.

Haku Dragon from Spirited Away Coloring Sheet

The Haku Dragon's body is white. It has a ridge of green fur down its back. Its feet and horns are brown, and its belly is pale pink.

Chibi SD Gundam Coloring Sheet

This chibi Gundam may be miniature in size, but it is packed with details to color! Its armor and weapons are white, red, blue, and yellow.

Ben 10 Coloring Sheet

Ben has brown hair and green eyes. He wears a green and black t-shirt, green cargo pants, black sneakers, and a futuristic watch that glows green.

Goku Ultra Instinct Coloring Sheet

In this iteration, Goku's hair is neither its normal black nor Super Saiyan yellow. It is a silvery grey.

Shinnosuke Nohara from Crayon Shin-chan Coloring Sheet

Shin-chan has black hair and he wears a red shirt, yellow shorts, white socks, and yellow shoes.

Tanjiro Kamado from Demon Slayer Coloring Sheet

Tanjiro has red and black hair and red eyes. He has a deep red scar on his forehead and wears a green and black uniform.

Which of these Famous Anime Characters coloring pages was your favorite?

You can download and print each of the above anime-themed coloring pages. Bind the sheets together to make your own anime coloring book, or cut out your colored characters to make fun paper dolls.

Which of these anime pictures was your favorite to color? Did you stick to your favorite show, or mix and match characters from many different series?

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