Free Sonic Characters Coloring Pages for Kids - 10 Printable Sheets

What could convince you to put down the video game controller for a little while? If you love Sonic the Hedgehog, spending time with these free Sonic character coloring pages for kids is a great way to limit your screen time and flex your creativity!

Sonic is fast, but these freeze-frames slow him down enough that you can color him. You can explore several different versions of Sonic, both good and evil. You'll also meet some of his friends, including Tails and Shadow.

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Usually, Sonic has blue fur and red running shoes. But have all your crayons, markers, or colored pencils ready so you can level up with Sonic!

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive easy super sonic coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Sonic Characters Coloring Pages for Kids

Easy Super Sonic Face Coloring Sheet

Sonic is usually blue, but his fur turns yellow as Super Sonic. His mouth is tan and the irises of his eyes are red.

Metal Sonic Coloring Sheet

Metal Sonic is blue with red running shoes, just like the original. His glowing eyes are red, and he has yellow on his ears, chest, and hands.

Miles Tails Prower from Sonic the Hedgehog Coloring Sheet

Miles the fox has golden-brown fur with a white muzzle, belly, and tail tips. He has red and white running shoes just like Sonic.

Easy Sonic Face Coloring Sheet

Get to know Sonic as you color this portrait. He has blue fur, green eyes, a tan muzzle, and tan inner ears.

Super Sonic Coloring Sheet

Did you color Super Sonic's face, above? Now, you can color the whole character. In addition to his yellow fur and tan muzzle, he has a tan belly, white gloves, and red and white running shoes.

Sonic for Kids and Beginners Coloring Sheet

Sonic's giving you the go-ahead with a thumbs up. Color his blue fur, tan mouth, belly, and arms, white gloves, and red and white running shoes.

Shadow the Hedgehog Coloring Sheet

Shadow's fur is black with red and orange highlights. His muzzle and cuffs are yellowish-tan. His running shoes include all of these colors as well as white.

Sonic.EXE Coloring Sheet

This evil version of Sonic has his traditional blue fur, white gloves, tan belly, and red and white running shoes. His eyes are red, and his face, hands, and shoes are dripping with blood.

Sonic the Hedgehog Pixel Art Coloring Sheet

Shade the blocks on graph paper. You'll need blue, tan, and red. You'll also need to leave some of the blocks white.

Sonic the Hedgehog Running Coloring Sheet

By now, you know the drill. You'll need blue for Sonic's fur, tan for his mouth, ears, and belly, green for his eyes, and red for his running shoes.

Which of these Sonic the Hedgehog coloring pages was your favorite?

 Are you fond of the classic Sonic, or do you prefer Super Sonic? Maybe you even like one of his evil twins!

You can download and print out our whole collection of Sonic the Hedgehog coloring pages. Bind them together to create a Sonic-themed coloring book you can take with you anywhere.

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