Free Games Coloring Pages for Kids - 61 Printable Sheets

Do you like to play video games or board games? You will never be bored - even if the electricity goes out - with so many free games coloring pages for kids right at your fingertips!

What videogame is your favorite? You can color characters from classic games like Pacman, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat, and The Legend of Zelda.

You will also find the stars of newer games, like Fortnite, Halo, Minecraft, Roblox, Overwatch and Among Us.

If tabletop games are more your speed, our list of kid-friendly and adult-approved coloring sheets still has your back. You can roll the dice or hang out with the Monopoly Man from the classic board game.

Ready for something different than what was included in Free Game Coloring Pages list post? Take a peek at the great options found within Free Superhero Coloring pages selection of guides and get inspired again!

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Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive Super Sonic coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Printable Games Coloring Pages

Among Us Imposter Coloring Sheet

The Imposter wants you to think he is supposed to be here, so shade him in the color of your favorite Among Us character.

Xbox Controller Coloring Sheet

Xbox controllers are often black or white with black buttons, but they come in almost every other color, too. The Y button is yellow, the B button red, the A button green, and the X button blue.

Llama from Fortnite Coloring Sheet

Piñatas like the Fortnite llama are always decked out in bright colors! This one is typically purple, light blue, and blue.

Cuphead Coloring Sheet

Cuphead bears the classic cartoon colors of white, red, and black. He also wears brown shoes.

Sonic the Hedgehog Running Coloring Sheet

Sonic is blue with tan markings on his ears, face, and belly. He wears white gloves and red running shoes.

Among Us Shark Coloring Sheet

The Among Us shark is light blue in color. But watch out - this is no ordinary shark. He's an Imposter!

Master Sword and Hylian Shield from The Legend of Zelda Coloring Sheet

This mythical shield has silver edges, a blue interior, and silver, red, and yellow markings. The sword is shaded to match.

Link from the Zelda Games Coloring Sheet

Link has blonde hair. He wears a green hat and tunic with a brown belt and boots. His sword is raised, ready for battle!

Roblox Piggy Coloring Sheet

Like many piggies, the Roblox Piggy is pink in color. Look out for the brown baseball bat and frightening red eye!

Free printable roblox piggy coloring page

Roblox Piggy Coloring Page - Print or color online

Ragnarok from Fortnite Coloring Sheet

This Outlander wears silver and brown armor, including a skull-shaped mask. A bright blue beard flows from beneath it.

Toad from Mario Coloring Sheet

Toad looks like a Mario mushroom, with a red and white hat or outgrowth from his head. His clothes are blue, yellow, and white, and his shoes are brown.

Dice Coloring Sheet

Many games, physical and digital, employ dice. Standard dice are white with black dots, but they can also come in any other color.

Among Us Dead Body Coloring Sheet

When the Imposter strikes, this is often all that's left. Identify your comrade by the color of his suit, and watch out for the pool of bright red blood.

Sans from Undertale Coloring Sheet

Sans has a white, skull-like face with black eyes. He wears a blue jacket and pink house slippers.

Donkey Kong Pixel Art Coloring Sheet

Donkey Kong's fur is brown, while his face, belly, hands, and feet are tan. He wears a red and yellow tie around his neck.

Master Chief from Halo Coloring Sheet

Master Chief's armor is greenish-grey. His face shield or visor glows yellow.

Vault Boy from Fallout Coloring Sheet

Vault Boy usually has blonde hair and a blue and yellow jumpsuit.

Minecraft Creeper Coloring Sheet

Look out for the exploding creeper! You will recognize him by his green body, black eyes, and black mouth.

Among Us Character Coloring Sheet

Among Us characters can choose from eighteen different suit colors - banana, black, blue, brown, cyan, gray, green, lime, maroon, orange, pink, purple, red, rose, tan, coral, white, and yellow. Which is your favorite? Can you color them all?

Luigi from Super Mario Bros Coloring Sheet

You can recognize Luigi by his green shirt and hat. He also wears blue overalls, white gloves, and brown shoes.

Among Us Godzilla Coloring Sheet

Like its namesake, the Among Us godzilla has grey skin. Its back ridge is powered up to glow bright blue, the same color as the flame it breathes.

Computer Coloring Sheet

Customize your own gaming laptop! Choose the color of the shell, and backlight the keyboard. Can you draw or cut and paste your favorite video game characters on the screen?

Princess Zelda Coloring Sheet

This pretty princess has blonde hair and a pink dress. Her belt is of gold, and it holds a purple, red, and orange tapestry.

Kai from Ninjago Coloring Sheet

Looking like a true ninja, Kai wears a red, gold, and black headdress or cowl and ninja-yoroi.

Scorpion from Mortal Kombat Coloring Sheet

Scorpion wears a black hood and armor, a yellow and black vest, and a gold-toned face mask.

Super Mario Coloring Sheet

Mario wears a red shirt and hat, the latter having his initial on it. He also wears white gloves, blue overalls, and brown shoes.

PS4 Controller Coloring Sheet

From standard black to any color and pattern you can dream up, design your own PS4 controller today. Don't forget the standard buttons - the blue-green triangle, red circle, light blue X, and pink square.

Metal Sonic Coloring Sheet

Sonic the Hedgehog is blue, and so is his metallic counterpart! Like his namesake, this robot also wears red shoes. His hands, ears, and chest have yellow markings, and his eyes glow red.

Drift Mask from Fortnite Coloring Sheet

Use bold colors on your Drift mask. It is typically white with fuchsia pink stripes and eyes, and a golden pattern in the middle.

Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros Coloring Sheet

Princess peach has blonde hair. She also wears a pink dress, blue earrings and necklace, and a golden crown bedecked with blue and pink gemstones.

Bowser from Super Mario Bros Coloring Sheet

The turtle-like Bowser has yellow skin and a white and green shell. His hair and eyebrows are red, and he wears black armor.

Miles Tails Prower from Sonic the Hedgehog Coloring Sheet

Miles is a light brown fox with white markings on his face, body, and tails. Like his friend Sonic, he wears white gloves and red running shoes.

Marshmello from Fortnite Coloring Sheet

Like his namesake candy, Marshmello is mostly white in color. His "X" shaped eyes and smiling mouth are black.

Super Sonic Coloring Sheet

When sonic goes super, his blue fur turns to gold or yellow. He still has tan markings, white gloves, and red running shoes.

Sonic the Hedgehog Pixel Art Coloring Sheet

Do you remember when video game characters were not in HD, when they were made from blocky pixels instead? You will still recognize Sonic with his characteristic blue, tan, white, and red colors.

Pacman Pixel Art Coloring Sheet

Pacman is an old-school video game favorite. He is a yellow moon-shaped creature with a black outline.

Roblox Zombie Coloring Sheet

The Roblox zombie has light green skin and darker green clothing. His exposed bones are tan.

Yellow Angry Bird Coloring Sheet

His name says it all - this angry bird is yellow! He also has brick-red eyebrows, a white belly, and black feather tufts on top of his head and tail.

Shadow the Hedgehog Coloring Sheet

Shadow's fur is black with red, orange, and yellow markings. He wears white gloves and tennis shoes that match his coloration.

Among Us Pets Coloring Sheet

Even outer space is more fun with a pet! Color the blue Doggy, the green Headslug, and the brown Ro-Bot.

Sonic Coloring Sheet

If you can't get enough of Sonic the Hedgehog, here is another pose for you to color. Sonic has blue fur, tan markings, white gloves, and red running shoes.

Enderman from Minecraft Coloring Sheet

This Minecraft monster is solid black with purple eyes. It emits purple particles.

Mario Pixel Art Coloring Sheet

Check out this old-school version of your favorite character! You will still use the classic colors of red, peach, white, blue, and brown.

Yoshi Coloring Sheet

Yoshi is a green dinosaur from an island of the same name. He has white markings, red spikes, a red and white saddle, and brown shoes.

Monopoly Man Coloring Sheet

The Monopoly Man wears a classic black tuxedo jacket, a white shirt, grey pants, black shoes, a black top hat, and a red bowtie. He carries a brown wooden cane.

Steve from Minecraft Coloring Sheet

Put the Steve skin on your Minecraft character! He has tan skin, brown hair and a beard, blue eyes, a green shirt, blue pants, and grey shoes.

Genji from Overwatch Coloring Sheet

The cyborg Genji has a helmet and suit made from silver, black, brown, beige, and glowing green pieces.

Mario Mushroom Coloring Sheet

Mario mushrooms come in many colors, but the most common one has a tan stem, red cap, and white spots. Others include green, yellow, blue, orange, purple, and pink. Which color combination will bestow the powers you are looking for?

Tomato Head from Fortnite Coloring Sheet

Tomato head looks like a ripe red tomato with a green stem. He also has a brown mustache, green jumpsuit, red vest, and red and black boots.

Ender Dragon from Minecraft Coloring Sheet

Hiding in the shadows, the Ender Dragon is black with grey markings on its wings. It has glowing purple eyes and emits purple particles with its dragon's breath.

Ice King from Fortnite Coloring Sheet

The Ice King wears a brown cloak with armor in various shades of blue. His face is hidden in darkness, but his eyes glow blue beneath his hood.

Sonic.EXE Coloring Sheet

Sonic has blue fur and red and white running shoes. In this frightening version from a fan-made game, he also has red glowing eyes and blood dripping from his white gloves.

Bendy Coloring Sheet

Bendy hearkens back to the days when cartoons were in black and white. His body, head, and ears are black, while his face, gloves, and bow tie are white.

Easy Gacha Life Character Coloring Sheet

When you design your own Gacha Life character, you get to decide on the colors of their hair, eyes, and clothing.

Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy's Coloring Sheet

Foxy is deep red in color, a nod to the red fox on which he was based. He wears a black eye patch. His good eye is yellow, and he has several gold teeth.

Huggy Wuggy Coloring Sheet

Friendly or terrifying? You decide. Huggy Wuggy has blue fur, yellow hands and feet, and red lips. Sometimes he has a companion with pink fur.

Easy Friday Night Funkin’ Character Coloring Sheet

It's time to get funky with Boyfriend, a rapper and singer. Boyfriend has blue hair. He wears red and white tennis shoes, blue jeans, a red and blue cap, and a shirt with a red logo on it.

Springtrap from Five Nights at Freddy's Coloring Sheet

Maybe Springtrap was a different color in its prime, but the dilapidated animatronic is now green in color.

Headphones Coloring Sheet

What color headphones would you like to wear? From solid black to neon green to rose gold, the choice is yours. Use multiple colors to create a unique look.

Volleyball Coloring Sheet

Most volleyballs are white in color, but they can also be orange, brown, red, white, and blue, neon shades, or whatever color you would prefer.

Godzilla Coloring Sheet

Godzilla has grey, green, or black scales - depending on which of his many games or films you are watching. When he activates his most powerful defenses, his spiky back ridge and his mouth glow blue.

Games Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of these video game character coloring pages was your favorite?

You can make your very own video game coloring book when you download our coloring pages, print them out, and attach them together.
Your coloring book could feature characters from a single game - from Mario, for example - or it could include all 51 coloring pictures!

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