Free Heart Coloring Pages for Kids - 36 Printable Sheets

Hearts are a symbol of love - romantic love, the love between family members, and the bonds that friends share. 

Get your daily dose of affection with these free heart coloring pages for kids.

Below, you will find emojis that you can color and send in real life, not just in text messages. You will also find a heart tree that makes a great family tree, and hearts made out of other unexpected things.

Are you feeling brokenhearted? Express yourself by coloring a bandaged heart or a bleeding heart flower.

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You will even find anatomically correct hearts like the one that beats inside your body. You will discover that it isn't heart-shaped at all!

Ready to take your coloring game up a notch? Try out our Free Valentine's Day Coloring pages for an even more fun and creative experience compared to the Free Heart Coloring Pages!

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive Anatomical Heart with Flowers coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Printable Heart Coloring Pages

Heart Tree Coloring Sheet

This tree has leaves that are shaped like hearts. Together, its leaves and branches also form a heart-shaped crown!

Heart Balloon Coloring Sheet

Fun balloon shapes make cheerful presents. Color this heart-shaped balloon - red for romantic love, pink or some other color for friendship.

Jar of Love Coloring Sheet

This jar full of candy hearts will remind you that someone cares with expressions like "Hug me," "Kiss me," "Love you," and "XOX."

 Heart Clock Coloring Sheet

Some people say you have to wait for love. Don't miss your wake-up call with this heart-shaped alarm clock!

Cute Heart Smiley Face Coloring Sheet

Do you like to send heart emojis? This cute heart emoticon combines the love of the heart emoji with the mischievous grin of the winky smile.

"I Love You" Heart Coloring Sheet

You can announce your love for someone with this heart, featuring flowers and a banner that reads "I Love You."

Cute Heart Coloring Sheet

Did you color the male winky smile heart, above? Here is a cute female winky smile heart to share the love.

3D Heart Coloring Sheet

Is your love too deep to be contained on a flat sheet of paper? If so, you can color this three-dimensional heart.

Heart Line Drawing Coloring Sheet

Hearts and curly Q's will make for a sweet decoration on any page. Shade these hearts using your favorite colors.

Sad, Broken Heart Coloring Sheet

When you are sad, it can feel like your heart is breaking. But your heart can heal, too, as symbolized by the bandage over the crack in this heart.

Candy Heart Coloring Sheet

Did you color the jar of hearts, above? Here are some more candy hearts to sate your sweet tooth. You will feel good reading affirmations like "Hug me," "Love you," "Cutie," "Best day," and "Shine."

Impossible Heart Coloring Sheet

Love is not impossible, but this never-ending heart is! Impossible objects could not exist in real life, but they can be on a coloring sheet.

Dolphin Heart Coloring Sheet

Do you love animals? These adorable dolphins have jumped out of the water to form the shape of a heart in mid-air.

Heart Locket Coloring Sheet

You can color this elaborate lock and key to let someone know that they own the key to your heart.

Barbed Wire Heart Coloring Sheet

What does this barbed wire heart symbolize to you? A rustic, country kind of love or the fences of commitment?

Heart with Arrow Coloring Sheet

Legend has it that Cupid's arrows made people fall in love with one another. You can color this bleeding heart with an arrow stuck through it.

Bleeding Heart Coloring Sheet

This broken heart is in stitches, but it is still dripping with vital fluid. Can you color it to help it heal?

Heart on Fire Coloring Sheet

This flaming heart gives new meaning to a hunk of burning love. Use fiery colors to shade the heart and its flames.

Easy Heart Coloring Sheet

Sometimes, all you need is a simple heart outline. Color this one a solid shade or draw whatever designs you'd like inside.

Bleeding Heart Flower Coloring Sheet

The bleeding heart is a real flower. As it blooms, its petals resemble a broken heart with liquid dripping from the bottom.

Heart with Wings Coloring Sheet

How can you let your love take flight? You can start by coloring this heart with wings and giving it to your future lovebird.

Tribal Heart Tattoo Coloring Sheet

This heart with roses is drawn in tribal style and reflects the type of design many people seek when they get tattoos.

Mother's Day Heart Coloring Sheet

Your mom was probably the first person who ever loved you. Let her know how you feel by coloring this heart with the message "I Love You Mom."

Heart Carved in Tree Coloring Sheet

Sometimes, lovers carve their initials into the bark of a tree. You can carry on this tradition by coloring this lovely tree.

Rose and Heart Coloring Sheet

Hearts and flowers go together like hugs and kisses. Red roses and red hearts both symbolize love. White roses mean purity, and yellow or pink roses mean friendship.

Heart with Ribbon Coloring Sheet

Did you color any of the hearts with the banner messages above? Now, you can color a heart and write your own message on its ribbon.

Finger Heart Coloring Sheet

You can conjure up more love in a snap when you color this picture of a heart and snapping fingers.

Crystal Heart Coloring Sheet

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and gifts of diamonds often symbolize love. Even if you can't afford a real diamond, you can make one by coloring this crystal heart.

Sacred Heart Coloring Sheet

Sacred hearts like this one are sometimes included in paintings of the Christ.

Teddy Bear with a Heart Coloring Sheet

Teddy bears make great gifts for Valentine's Day, when someone is sick, or just because. This one is even sweeter, holding a heart-shaped sign that says "I Love You."

Anatomical Heart with Flowers Coloring Sheet

If you want to express your love in an unusual way, try out this anatomical heart juxtaposed with flowers. It certainly is no ordinary bouquet!

Human Heart Coloring Sheet

This coloring picture features a human heart - like the anatomic heart above, but without the flowers. Do you know which parts of the heart are red, carrying oxygen-rich blood, or blue, carrying oxygen-depleted blood?

Heart Hands Coloring Sheet

Pose for a picture by making the shape of a heart with your hands! You can send this loving gesture to someone you care about.

 Fancy Heart Coloring Sheet

The shape of this heart is suggested by a series of fancy spiral lines, leaf shapes, and smaller hearts.

Heart Pixel Art Coloring Sheet

In video games, pixelated hearts like this one often indicate the player's health or healing factors that can increase their lifespans.

Skull Heart Coloring Sheet

They say that love never dies. This heart-shaped skull would indicate otherwise.

Heart Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

How can you use these heart coloring pages for kids and adults? Many would make excellent greeting cards. You can print the picture, color it, and paste it onto a folded sheet of construction paper or cardstock. This type of card is a great way to tell someone how much you love them.

You can also bind the pages together to make your own heart coloring book - for yourself or as a gift!

Now that you've got the basics down with Free Heart Coloring Pages, why not give Free Easy, Cute Coloring pages a try for some exciting new coloring adventures?

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