Free Valentine's Day Coloring Pages for Kids - 31 Printable Sheets

Valentine's Day is a romantic holiday where people celebrate their loved ones. When you shade these free printable coloring pages, you'll use a lot of red, pink and white. People associate these colors with love and passion.

Have you ever drawn hearts in your free time? They're fun and easy, and once you start practicing, you can draw them in seconds. 

These coloring pages have lots of hearts that help you master this skill.

These coloring pages for kids and adults feature clean outlines that make them easy to fill in. 

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If you're an adult, download coloring pages for your homeschool or classroom or simply give your kids an opportunity to practice their art skills.

Love coloring? These Free Valentine's Day Coloring Pages are a great selection of guides, but don't forget to check out Mother’s day Coloring pages too for even more fun and creative options!

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive heart locket coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Printable Valentine's Day Coloring Pages

Kiss Coloring Sheet

These kiss coloring sheets require minimal shading. Tackle this project if you want to challenge yourself but aren't ready for full realism.

Hug Coloring Sheet

Feel warm and fuzzy with this hug drawing that uses simple colors for the clothes. Study the human anatomy as you color so that you can draw your own people.

Valentine's Day Card Coloring Sheet

Bright red and pink make this image fun and exciting to color. Add light shading to the hearts to make them pop.

Heart Carved in Tree Coloring Sheet

These coloring pictures teach you how to fill in a background. Try drawing shrubs behind the tree without outlining them so that they appear to stand in the distance.

Simple, Quick Rose Coloring Sheet

You'll only need two colors to fill in this rose. If you're not a fan of red, try pink, orange, white or yellow.

Love Birds Coloring Sheet

A small splash of color makes a big difference. This image needs only a hint of yellow for the beaks, but it makes the blue, pink and brown even more vibrant.

Impossible Heart Coloring Sheet

You'll need clever shading tricks to make this impossible heart really look impossible. Follow along the edges of the heart to carefully shade gradients.

Lotus Flower Coloring Sheet

People associate lotus flowers with romance because they're bright and pink. If you want to stretch your drawing muscles, try shading the bottoms of the petals.

Rose Bud Coloring Sheet

Try a different shading style with this rosebud. Instead of blending colors, sketch color blocks, such as triangular shapes near the bottom of the petals, and fill in the colors separately.

Easy Heart Coloring Sheet

This is one of the easiest guides on the website. When you're done with your heart, cut it out and glue it to a poster or Valentine's Day card.

Realistic Rose Flower Coloring Sheet

These rose printable coloring pages have a lot of layered petals. Try shading the insides of the layers to make your rose look three-dimensional.

Heart Tree Coloring Sheet

Color the tiny hearts pink instead of green so that they look like hearts, not regular leaves. For added fun, draw a carving in the tree trunk.

Heart Pixel Art Coloring Sheet

These easy coloring pages use color blocks instead of intricate shading. Simply color your heart red or pink, then leave a few blocks white for the highlights.

Jack and Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas Coloring Sheet

This Jack and Sally coloring page is a little tougher, but it's rewarding when you complete the whole picture and realize how much detail you added. You'll feel like a comic book colorist.

Carnation Coloring Sheet

This carnation is looser and sketchier than some other drawings. Make the petals different shades of red so that they appear layered instead of flat.

Cartoon Rose Coloring Sheet

Not all Valentine's Day flowers are red. Try a softer shade of pink instead of bright red for this rose, and use a lighter green to match.

Jar of Love Coloring Sheet

Add all your favorite Valentine's Day colors to these candy hearts. You could add your own sayings to the blank hearts, such as "BFF" or "Miss You."

Sacred Heart Coloring Sheet

Sacred hearts are more somber than regular hearts. Use muted pinks and browns instead of bold reds. Add yellow and orange to make realistic flames.

Cupid Coloring Sheet

Cupid is a cherub, which traditionally has pale skin and blonde hair. However, you can use any skin color for your Cupid.

Lipstick Coloring Sheet

Have you seen lipstick before? Typically, lipstick comes in romantic colors, such as red or pink, with gold or silver holders that make them look luxurious.

Lily Coloring Sheet

Lilies are white flowers with delicate green centers. When you print these free coloring pages, try shading the inside of your lily with light strokes of green. Make sure that most of the petals are creamy white.

Heart with Arrow Coloring Sheet

Can you find the second heart shape in this drawing? The tip of the arrow looks like a heart while the other end uses rectangular shapes.

Rose with Stem Coloring Sheet

Triangles define the leaves and prickly thorns while the petals use loose, wavy lines. Color the leaves darker than the stem.

Teddy Bear with Heart Coloring Sheet

This bear is made from simple shapes, such as circles and ovals. Add someone's name to the bottom of the heart if this teddy bear is a gift for someone.

"I Love You" Heart Coloring Sheet

This heart looks complex, but can you break it down into basic shapes? Many of the shapes are made from swirls, narrow triangles and curved lines.

Heart Locket Coloring Sheet

This locket literally holds the key to someone's heart. Use pink and gold to make this heart look like a fancy treasure.

Heart Balloon Coloring Sheet

This balloon looks like a basic heart with one major difference: the bottom of the heart has ovals and a string at the end. Color this drawing red when you add it to your coloring book.

Candy Heart Coloring Sheet

These candy hearts have all your favorite sayings. Learn about perspective by studying the ways that the hearts are tilted at different angles.

Kiss Emoji Coloring Sheet

You can complete these coloring pages online in seconds. Just choose two of your favorite colors, then use the app or print out the coloring sheet.

Fancy Heart Coloring Sheet

Shade this fancy heart carefully so that you don't go outside the lines. Try using a lighter shade of red along the edges for added flair.

Holding Hands Coloring Sheet

Observe the anatomy, including the hand placement and length and shape of the fingers, as you color this drawing. This will help you draw hands on your own.

Valentine's Day Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Do you want to give someone a unique Valentine's Day gift? Color one of these sheets, then sign your name at the bottom and give it to a loved one. Add a background and your own sketches to make it even more special.

For a fun activity with friends, print out several coloring sheet ideas and color them together.

Ready to move on from the Free Valentine's Day Coloring Pages coloring guides? Check out these Flower Coloring pages for even more fun!

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