How to Draw a Piñata

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The piñata often serves as a symbol of Mexico. These colorful, candy-filled stars, animals, or cartoon characters are regular features at parties, called fiestas.

A game is played in which a child is blindfolded, spun in circles, and asked to hit the piñata with a stick. When the piñata breaks and the treats fall to the ground, the laughing partygoers scramble to collect it.

Some historians assert that the piñata's origins lie in China. As part of the New Year's celebration, figures of cows were covered in colored paper and filled with five types of seeds. The cow was broken open with a decorated stick. Then, the paper was burned and the ashes kept for good luck.

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During the 1200s, explorer Marco Polo may have brought this item back to Italy where it gained the name piñata from an Italian word meaning "fragile pot."

In Spain, the piñata entered the Catholic custom of Lent, and it traveled to Mexico with Catholic missionaries during the 1500s.

There, it merged with an existing Aztec tradition that honored the sun god. The seven-pointed star-shaped piñata was used to symbolize the struggle against "the seven deadly sins."

Later, the piñata became part of birthday festivities as well as posadas, the nine days leading up to Christmas. Today, they are used during a variety of celebrations.

Would you like to draw a festive piñata? This simple, step-by-step drawing guide is here to help. All you will need is a pen, pencil, or marker, and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Piñata

How to Draw Piñata: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing the donkey's ears. Use a jagged, zigzag line to outline a half-circle shape. Fill the open top of the semicircle with two rounded triangular shapes, each crafted from jagged, zigzag lines. Then, draw small lines and "V" shaped lines within the figure to give it the texture of the paper decorations.

How to Draw Piñata: Step 2

2. Next, draw the donkey's face. Extend a short zigzag line from the base of the ears. At its end, use two curved lines to enclose a curved shape, forming the donkey's bridle. Enclose a curved shape beyond the bridle using a zigzag line, and band the shape with another zigzag line. This forms the donkey's snout. Use two more zigzag lines to enclose shapes on the opposite side of the bridle, forming the upper and lower portions of the head.

How to Draw Piñata: Step 3

3. Draw a large circle with a smaller circle inside it, erasing guide lines as necessary, to form the eye. Indicate nostrils with two ovals on the snout, and texture the face with short zigzag lines.

How to Draw Piñata: Step 4

4. Outline the chest and stomach using zigzag lines and short, overlapping, curved lines. Texture the chest with short zigzag lines.


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How to Draw Piñata: Step 5

5. Draw the leg, erasing guide lines as necessary. Extend a pair of zigzag lines downward from the body. Enclose the end using a curved line, and texture the leg with short zigzag lines.

How to Draw Piñata: Step 6

6. Extend another zigzag line from the body and connect it to the existing leg using a curved line. This forms the second leg. Texture it with short zigzag lines.

How to Draw Piñata: Step 7

7. Draw the donkey's saddle. Sketch the back using straight and curved lines, and outline the saddle with two "U" shaped lines. Enclose a rounded rectangle shape to form the strap.

How to Draw Piñata: Step 8

8. Use long zigzag lines to outline the donkey's rear leg. Enclose the hoof with a curved line, and detail the leg with zigzag lines.


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How to Draw Piñata: Step 9

9. Draw the remaining leg using curved and zigzag lines. Draw the tail using curved lines that meet at points.

How to Draw Piñata: Step 10

Color your piñata.

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How to Draw Piñata

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