How to Draw Anime Feet

How to Draw Anime Feet

Anime characters need their feet in order to get around. They may wear shoes, sandals, or go barefoot. No matter your character's footwear preferences, you need to learn how to draw anime feet to complete your characters.

On the surface, drawing feet may seem easy - a few lines for the top of the foot, the bottom of the foot, and the toes.

But as your character moves around his or her cartoon or comic strip, you will need to draw anime feet from different views.

Consider the anime feet drawing reference below. On the top row, you see feet drawn from the side. But do you notice that they are different?

The image on the left shows the "inside" edge of the foot - in this case, the left side of the right foot. The bottom of the foot curves upward to create the arch. This is an anatomically correct way of drawing the foot.

The image on the top right shows the outer side of the foot - in this case, the right side of the same right foot. From this angle, the bottom of the foot appears flat.

In these drawings, the toes consist of overlapping curved lines. But what about from other angles?

How to Draw Anime Female Legs Reference Drawing

The middle drawing shows the bottom and top of the foot. On the left, we see the bottom of the foot. Notice the lines contouring the soles, marking the ball of the foot and the heel. Note, too, how the tip of each toe overlaps its base.

On the middle right, we see the foot from the top. Here, the toes do not overlap, and the nails are visible. Short lines indicate the joints where the toes connect to the foot.

What is the oval darkened by hatch marks? This represents the cutaway of the leg that allows us to view the entire foot.

The bottom row depicts the foot from the front and back. Notice how the bend of the toes and the contours of the ankles lend themselves to motion - the movement of feet in the process of walking.

Are there differences between anime girl and boy feet? Like the anime face and male, female, and child body proportions, the feet of female characters are often smaller and narrower than those of males.

Ready to draw your own? You can draw simple anime and manga feet with the help of the step-by-step tutorial How to Draw Anime Female Legs in this lesson.

How to Draw Anime Female Legs Reference Drawing
How to Draw Anime Feet reference drawing

What to draw next?

Draw a pair of feet. Then add the legs and draw anime boots around them. Let your character try on different styles of footwear.

Why stop there - create your own character from the bottom up with the anime clothes shown in this guide!

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