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Cupcakes, often called fairy cakes or patty cakes in Britain or Australia, are small, sweet cakes designed to be eaten by just one person. The cakes are often baked in a colorful paper or foil wrapper and decorated with icing, as well as sprinkles, fruit, candles, or plastic character rings.

The earliest mention of a cupcake appears in the book American Cookery in 1796. The were sometimes called "123 cakes" because it was easy to remember the recipe - one spoon of soda, one cup each of milk and butter, two cups sugar, three cups flour, and four eggs. The earliest cupcakes didn't include icing, but today, cupcake decorations can be very elaborate, and have at times been the subject of reality television shows. Did you know? The world's largest cupcake weighed more than 1,200 pounds and contained over 2 million calories.

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Would you like to draw your very own cupcake? Doing so is easier than ever with the aid of this simple, step-by-step drawing guide. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a piece of paper. Notice that each step in this drawing tutorial includes an illustration as well as explanatory text. In each picture, new lines added are highlighted in blue. Other steps involve removing previously drawn lines, called guide lines.

How will you decorate your cupcake? If you need a little inspiration, check out these fun cupcake decorating ideas. Whether you're into sports, flowers, or Perry the Platypus, you'll find just the right design. Have plenty of crayons, colored pencils, markers, or paints ready to color your finished drawing. Don't stop with just one cupcake - draw up a whole batch to share with your friends!

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Cupcake

How to Draw Cupcake: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing two horizontal lines. The upper line should be longer than the lower line. These lines form the top and bottom of the cupcake wrapper.

How to Draw Cupcake: Step 2

2. Connect the horizontal lines using two straight lines, enclosing a trapezoid.

How to Draw Cupcake: Step 3

3. Draw a series of short, curved lines on the top of the trapezoid, forming a scalloped edge.

How to Draw Cupcake: Step 4

4. Draw a curved line beneath the trapezoid, giving the cupcake wrapper a rounded bottom.


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How to Draw Cupcake: Step 5

5. Erase the guide lines from the cupcake wrapper.

How to Draw Cupcake: Step 6

6. Draw the cupcake emerging from the wrapper. Do so by using a long, curved line to enclose a half circle.

How to Draw Cupcake: Step 7

7. Decorate the cupcake wrapper by drawing several sets of curved, parallel lines across it, giving it a striped pattern. Draw a few small circles on the cupcake, indicating sprinkles.

How to Draw Cupcake: Step 8

8. The best part of a cupcake is the icing. Begin to draw the icing using a long, curved line.


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How to Draw Cupcake: Step 9

9. Enclose the icing using curved lines. Note how the icing forms a spiral shape, similar to a soft-serve ice cream cone.

How to Draw Cupcake: Step 10

10. Color your cupcake. Be creative, because cupcakes can come in any color you can imagine. For example, you can use your favorite colors, your school colors, or the colors of your favorite sports team.

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The Complete Cupcake Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to Draw Cupcake

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