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Dreadlocks, also called "locks" or "dreads," are rope-like strands or mats of hair that are formed by braiding, matting, combing, crocheting, or rolling the hair. Contrary to popular belief, dreadlocks are not the result of neglect of the hair. While simply not brushing the hair will result in matting, even ringlets of dreadlocks require planning and regular maintenance. "Mature," or fully formed, dreadlocks may take years to achieve, and many products are used in caring for this hairstyle..

Dreadlocks are actually a very ancient hairstyle. The earliest known depiction of dreadlocks is over 3,600 years old, from the Minoan civilization of Europe. In ancient Egypt, some people wore dreadlocks or dreadlocked wigs; these are seen in ancient Egyptian art, and some intact wigs have even been recovered from Egyptian tombs.

Over half of the ancient Greek sculptures dating from 615 to 485 B.C. are seen to be sporting dreadlocks, including athletes in scenes of competition. Historical use of dreadlocks is widespread, occurring in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and among the Aztec of South and Central America.

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Today, dreadlocks are worn by some as a sign of religious conviction, for example, in some forms of Buddhism, shamanism, and Rastafarianism. For others, dreadlocks are a fashion statement, a traditional method of securing and styling the hair, or a means of self expression or defying local cultural norms.

Would you like to add a dreadlocks hairstyle to the characters you draw? Learning how is easy when you use this simple, step-by-step dreadlocks drawing tutorial.

All you will need to complete your drawing is a pencil, a sheet of paper, and a good eraser. Each step will guide you through the drawing process using illustrations and explanatory text. When you are finished, you may wish to color your drawing using paints, crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Dreadlocks

How to Draw Dreadlocks: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing a circle. This forms the basis of your character's face and will help you to outline the shape of the hair.

How to Draw Dreadlocks: Step 2

2. Extend a long, slightly curved line downward from one side of the circle. From the bottom of this line, draw another line curving upward toward the circle. This forms the character's chin and jaw.

How to Draw Dreadlocks: Step 3

3. Draw a curved line across the bottom of the circle. This will serve as a guide line when drawing the hair. Then, connect this line to the jaw, using a curved line to outline the ear.

How to Draw Dreadlocks: Step 4

4. Erase the guide line left by the original circle. You now have a clean outline of a face from which to work.


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How to Draw Dreadlocks: Step 5

5. From behind the ear, extend several sets of parallel, loosely "S" shaped lines. Connect the lines at the bottom using short, curved lines. These are the first of your dreadlocks. Outline the neck using a curved line.

How to Draw Dreadlocks: Step 6

6. Using a short, curved line, enclose a semicircle near the top of the head. This forms a hair tie. From the hair tie, draw more parallel curved lines, connecting the lines at the end using short, curved lines.

How to Draw Dreadlocks: Step 7

7. Draw some dreads falling across the forehead. To do this, draw pairs of curved lines of various lengths extending from the peak of the hairline. Connect each set of lines using a short, curved line.

How to Draw Dreadlocks: Step 8

8. Erase any remaining guide lines.


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How to Draw Dreadlocks: Step 9

9. Add texture to the hair. Draw long, wavy lines across the scalp, and ring each dreadlock with a series of short, curved lines.

How to Draw Dreadlocks: Step 10

10. Color your character, but why stop there? Check out our other easy drawing guides to learn how to draw eyes, noses, mouths, and more.

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The Complete Dreadlocks Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to Draw Dreadlocks

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