Free Insect Coloring Pages for Kids - 27 Printable Sheets

Creepy-crawlies. Bugs. Insects. Pests? Or fascinating animals? Whether you love them or hate them, you can color a swarm of free insect coloring pages for kids.

Check it out! You can learn about biology while you explore these coloring pages.

For example, two groups of “bugs” are represented here. True bugs or insects have six legs and three body sections - a head, thorax, and abdomen.

The spiders and scorpions in our list aren’t insects. They are from a group of invertebrates called arachnids. They have eight legs and two body sections.

Bugs come in many bright colors, so have your favorite crayons, colored pencils, or markers ready.

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Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive Easy Cute Caterpillar coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Printable Insect Coloring Pages

Cartoon Butterfly Coloring Sheet

Check out this butterfly’s detailed furry body and antennae as you bring out the color in its beautiful wings. Will it be a black and orange monarch butterfly? Or a brown and blue morpho butterfly?

Honeycomb Coloring Sheet

Bees use plant parts to make waxy combs and fill them with honey. Bees have amazing mathematical skills - their combs are perfect hexagons just like in the picture.

Simple Cute Butterfly Coloring Sheet

This cute cartoon butterfly has elegant eyelashes and antennae. It is your job to dress her wings with brilliant colors.

Grasshopper Coloring Sheet

Most grasshoppers are solid green or brown. Some have more unusual colors. The painted grasshopper, for example, has stripes of orange, black, and yellow.

 Easy Cartoon Bug Coloring Sheet

This ladybug or ladybird beetle is happy to see you! Ladybugs famously have a red shell with black spots, but they can come in other colors - such as orange or green - as well.

Monarch Butterfly Coloring Sheet

The monarch butterfly is famous for its long migration. Monarch butterflies have orange wings that are bordered in black with white spots.

Dragonfly Coloring Sheet

Dragonflies come in many colors and combinations of colors - blue, green, red, yellow, and brown. Many are iridescent or shiny.

Scorpion Coloring Sheet

Most scorpions range in color from tan to black, as these colors help them blend in with their environment. Some scorpions are shiny blue or have red or yellow markings. Amazingly, scorpions glow blue when placed under a black light!

Firefly Coloring Sheet

Lighningbugs have the amazing ability to produce a yellow or green light in their abdomens. Their shells are typically black or brown with white, yellow, or red stripes.

Mosquito Coloring Sheet

Most mosquitos are black or brown. Many have white stripes on their body or legs. Their abdomens may turn red when they have gorged themselves on blood.

Butterfly Garden Coloring Sheet

Did you color the butterflies above? Give them a home and a source of food by coloring the flowers in this butterfly garden.

Rainbow Butterfly Coloring Sheet

Can you use every color in your box of crayons as you shade the wings of this rainbow butterfly?

Fly Coloring Sheet

Houseflies are usually black in color. Some flies are shiny blue or green.

Ladybug Coloring Sheet

Did you color the cartoon ladybug above? You can give him a realistic friend. Red with black spots is a classic ladybug color, but orange or green beetles with brown spots are also common.

Moth Coloring Sheet

Can you tell this moth apart from the butterflies above? The antennae are the tell-tell sign: butterflies have club-shaped antennae, while moth’s antennae look like feathers.

Beetle Coloring Sheet

This stag beetle has huge jaws. Stag beetles come in many colors. Most are black, but they may also be green, orange, or have red or blue markings.

Bed Bug Coloring Sheet

Bed bugs are tiny and brown. They are one insect you do not want to see when you go on vacation - or when you come home from it!

Cartoon Bee Coloring Sheet

Artists are all abuzz about this coloring sheet. Many bees have black and yellow stripes. Some are other colors - for example, the orchard mason bee is shiny and blue.

Ant Coloring Sheet

Most ants are brown, black, yellow, or red. Ants live in huge colonies that are home to thousands - we hope you have plenty of printer paper!

Black Widow Spider Coloring Sheet

The black widow is the most venomous spider in North America. They are usually shiny black with a red marking on the abdomen. Some are brownish or have white rather than red markings.

Cute Caterpillar Coloring Sheet

The butterflies and moths above started out as caterpillars. Can you color this one yellow, white, and black like a monarch butterfly caterpillar?

Praying Mantis Coloring Sheet

Praying mantises are often brown or green. Some, like the pink orchid mantis, sport bright and startling colors.

Bee Hive Coloring Sheet

Did you color the bees and honeycomb above? Give them a home in this classic beehive hanging from a tree branch.

Spider Web with Spider Coloring Sheet

Did you color the spider, above? Cut him out and paste him on this web to give him a home and a friend. You can paste on a few other bugs for him to eat, too!

Easy Bee Coloring Sheet

Honeybees and bumblebees have black and yellow stripes. Other types of bees are even solid black or shiny blue.

Spider Coloring Sheet

Spiders like this one come in many colors. Writing spiders have black and yellow stripes. Hawaiian happy-face spiders are yellow with black and red spots that make them resemble smiley faces.

Flower Garden Coloring Sheet

Flower gardens are great places for insects to live. In this picture, a friendly black and yellow striped bee buzzes among daisies and tulips.

Insect Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of the above insect coloring pages was your favorite? And how will you use your finished pictures?

Teachers can use these coloring pages in the classroom to help students learn about these amazing animals. Students can use them to illustrate reports and other school projects.

You can also decorate a room or classroom by coloring the pictures and cutting them out. Make a fun garden diorama or pick out the scariest bugs for spooky season decorations!

Now that you've got the basics down with Free Insect Coloring Pages, why not give Free Cute Animal Coloring pages a try for some exciting new coloring adventures?

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