Free Men Coloring Pages for Kids – 54 Printable Sheets

Hey man! Check out these free men coloring pages for kids.

You’ll find pictures of men doing cool jobs - astronauts, policemen, farmers, postmen, and athletes who play professional sports.

There are also historical figures like Martin Luther King, Jr. and George Washington. If you want to go back in history, you can get to know a pirate or a Celtic warrior!

Some of these coloring pages show an entire character, while others focus on the face. You can find just the coloring sheets you need to make a greeting card, illustrate your school report, or write a story.

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What does a real man look like? With crayons in hand, you can decide.

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive pirate coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Men Coloring Pages

Old Man Face Coloring Sheet

Is this balding man elderly? Has his hair turned grey or white? You can decide whether he is grizzled with salt and pepper hair.

Cartoon Man Coloring Sheet

Color this man's hair, his button-down shirt, his necktie, and his sweater vest.

Farmer Coloring Sheet

Get down on the farm with this classic farmer. Color his straw hat, shirt, shoes, overalls, and pitchfork.

Male Face from the Side Profile Coloring Sheet

Take a look in a new direction and color this man's face in side profile. What colors will you choose for his eyes and hair?

Bruno from Encanto Coloring Sheet

Don't judge a book by its cover or a man by his special powers. Bruno's not bad! Color his brown hair, brown and green clothing, and his furry friend.

Cartoon Dad Coloring Sheet

The stereotypical dad parts his hair, wears a mustache, and goes to work in a shirt and tie. Color this cartoon Dad.

Man's Face Coloring Sheet

Want to color a portrait of someone you know? This man's face is a good place to start. Choose the color of his skin, hair, and eyes.

Person Running Coloring Sheet

Do you like to run? This man does. Maybe he is training for basketball, football, or another sport. Can you color his clothes to match your favorite team colors?

Lucky Luke Coloring Sheet

When the world needs a cowboy, Lucky Luke is there to save the day. He wears a white cowboy hat, a yellow shirt, a black vest, a red bandana, blue jeans, and brown cowboy boots.

Soldier Coloring Sheet

Give this soldier a classic olive drab uniform with brown boots, or try your hand at drawing a brown, tan, or green camouflage pattern. Soldiers often wear camo to help keep them safely hidden.

Martin Luther King Jr Coloring Sheet

Martin Luther King helped people dream of a time when everyone would treat each other fairly. Color his portrait to remember his legacy.

Master Chief from Halo Coloring Sheet

Wherever in the universe there may be trouble, Master Chief is the man with the plan. Color his armored suit and yellow visor.

Jesus Coloring Sheet

Since he was Jewish, Jesus probably had brown hair and tan skin. He is often depicted wearing a colorful sash around his robes and with a glowing halo around his head.

George Washington Coloring Sheet

In historical artwork, George Washington can be seen wearing a black suit with a white cravat, a type of necktie. He powdered his her to make it appear white or grey.

Super Dad Drawing Coloring Sheet

It's a bird... It's a plane... It's Super-Dad! If you think your dad is super, color this caped cartoon.

Thomas Jefferson Coloring Sheet

Color the black suit, white cravat, and powdered hair of the third president of the United States of America.

Wizard Coloring Sheet

The wizard wears a tall hat and robe in the manner of a medieval Merlin. Color his suit blue or black or whatever color you would like.

Father's Day Card Coloring Sheet

This strong, muscular dad is ready for action. Color the red and yellow Superman logo-style necktie bearing the letter "F" for "father."

Black Man's FaceColoring Sheet

Color the chiseled face and muscular shoulders of this man's portrait.

Isaac Newton Coloring Sheet

Color this famous scientist's suit, buckled shoes, and powdered wig, as well as the shiny red apple that helped him understand the principle of gravity.

Man Coloring Sheet

Color this man's hair, face, sweater, pants, and tennis shoes. Can you make his clothing match in color?

Football Player Coloring Sheet

Hut, hut, hike! This football player is in the middle of the action, ready to throw the ball down the field. You can color his uniform and helmet to match your favorite team.

Grandpa Coloring Sheet

Did you color the old man's face, above? Now you can color the complete character. Color his clothing, his cane, and his white or silver hair.

Pilgrim Coloring Sheet

The pilgrims were known for wearing dark, plain clothing in shades of black, brown, grey, or dark blue.

Man Fishing Coloring Sheet

There's nothing more relaxing than a day of fishing - except perhaps for coloring a fun fishing scene! Color his hat, vest, fishing rod, and the blue sky and watery waves.

Viking Coloring Sheet

Vikings are known for their reddish-brown or orange hair. Shade this one's beard, as well as his animal-skin clothing and metal armor.

Cowboy Coloring Sheet

Yee-haw! Color this cowboy's western-style shirt, cowboy hat, leather chaps, and cowboy boots. These items are often brown, black, or even white or tan.

Father and Son Coloring Sheet

A grown man must guide a young man - his son. Help this pair get ready for school, the park, or wherever the day may take them.

Cartoon Scientist Coloring Sheet

This scientist wears a white lab coat and he has the wild grey hair and mustache of the famous scientist Albert Einstein. What color liquid is he holding in his laboratory flask?

Roman Soldier Coloring Sheet

Roman soldiers wore brown leather sandals. They kept their metal armor shiny and oiled to keep it from rusting. Their shields were often painted red, and they wore red plums of feathers or horse hair on their helmets.

Uncle Sam Coloring Sheet

Uncle Sam always wears red, white, and blue, just as in the stars and stripes of his American flag-patterned hat. He says "I want YOU... to color me!"

King Coloring Sheet

The kings of Europe were often dressed in richly colored red, purple, or dark blue robes lined with animal fur. Their crowns and scepters were made of gold.

Astronaut Coloring Sheet

Astronaut's spacesuits are usually bright white in color. Their visors may be dark or yellow to protect their eyes from solar radiation.

Abraham Lincoln Coloring Sheet

"Honest" Abe Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the United States. He was known for wearing a tall black top hat that matched his dark suit. He also had brown hair and a beard.

Hockey Player Coloring Sheet

This hockey player is intent on making the perfect shot! You can color his uniform, skates, and helmet to match your favorite hockey team.

Father and Daughter Coloring Sheet

Dads often have a special bond with their daughters. You can color this dad and his little girl. Do they look alike? Do they have the same color hair? Should his polo shirt match the color of her dress? It's time for a father-daughter day.

Man in Suit Coloring Sheet

Whether it's a black tux, a tan or navy sports coat, or a suit of some other color, this man is dressed to impress.

Old Man Coloring Sheet

Did you color the grandfather above? Give him a friend! Color this elderly man with a cane, glasses, layered sweater, and loafers.

Firefighter Coloring Sheet

There are imaginary superheroes, then there are real-life heroes. This firefighter is one of them. Firemen often wear yellow, orange, or brown fireproof uniforms.

Homer Simpson Coloring Sheet

Homer has bright yellow skin and a tan 5-o'clock shadow around his mouth. He usually wears a white shirt, blue pants, and black shoes.

Zeus Coloring Sheet

As the father of the gods, Zeus is usually depicted with white hair. He holds a shiny yellow lightning bolt in his hand, ready to hurl it toward the earth.

Celtic Warrior Coloring Sheet

This Celtic warrior may have had reddish hair and perhaps he painted symbols on his body. His clothing was likely make from animal skins in a shade of brown.

The Daltons from Lucky Luke Coloring Sheet

Can you tell the Dalton brothers apart? Neither can we (Hint: Their height is the only difference!). Color their black and yellow striped shirts, yellow pants, and brown shoes.

Baseball Player Coloring Sheet

Baseball is the great American pastime. This player is in action - he just swung at the ball. Color his uniform to match your favorite team.

Police Coloring Sheet

This friendly police officer is a hometown hero. Police may wear blue, black, or tan uniforms. They may wear a gold or silver police badge.

Peter Griffin from Family Guy Coloring Sheet

Stewie's dad is a family man. He has brown hair and usually wears a white shirt, green pants, and brown shoes.

Postman Coloring Sheet

Did a postal worker deliver your mail today? Most postmen wear blue uniforms. If they walk to do their job, they may carry a brown mailbag.

Pirate Coloring Sheet

It's a pirate's life for him! Redbeard and Blackbeard were famous pirates - is that the color of this man's? Don't forget to color his black hat with its skull and crossbones.

William Shakespeare Coloring Sheet

William Shakespeare is a famous poet and playwright from several hundred years ago. Color his long hair and bright striped clothing.

Mr. Bean Coloring Sheet

Mr. Bean has bold black hair and eyebrows. He is usually dressed in a white shirt, a red necktie, and a brown suit jacket.

Darth Maul from Star Wars Coloring Sheet

Darth Maul has a striking appearance. As a Zabrak alien, he sports black and red facial tattoos. He also has penetrating yellow-orange eyes.

Joker's Face Coloring Sheet

A fall into a vat of toxic chemicals gave the Joker his signature look - pasty white skin, green hair and eyebrows, and bright red lips. Both his teeth and the whites of his eyes have a yellowish hue.

Fighting Anime Guy Coloring Sheet

Color this man's t-shirt, blue jeans, and Converse tennis shoes as he gets ready to land a blow. Is he practicing or in the heat of battle? Only you can tell his story.

Cartoon Angry Face Coloring Sheet

The colors you choose can make this man even angrier. Try adding red to his cheeks, red blood vessels in the whites of his eyes, and red or blue blood vessels on his forehead.

Free Men Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of these man coloring pages was your favorite? Did you learn about history, spend time with a favorite character, or dream about the man you want to be when you grow up?

Did you know? You can color these pictures online or download them and print them out. If you decide to print them out, you can even bind them together to make a unique manly coloring book!

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