Free Pixel Art Coloring Pages for Kids – 10 Printable Sheets

The look of video games has changed a lot over the years, but classic video game art has never gone out of style. Relive your favorite games with this list of free pixel art coloring pages for kids.

What is pixel art, and why does it look so blocky? Well, it all has to do with pixels - squares of color that are used to make recognizable images.

In the early days of video games, screens were lower resolution, and memory chips couldn't hold as much information. Designers used the technology they had at the time to create blocky, mosaic-like characters and environments.

Early Atari, Nintendo, and Sega Genesis games all bore this familiar style. Today, it is nostalgic and people like to create art in this style.

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In fact, pixel art is really easy to color! All you have to do is color in one square at a time.

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive Donkey Kong Pixel Art coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Pixel Art Coloring Pages

Sonic the Hedgehog Pixel Art Coloring Sheet

If you look closely at Sonic in older games, he is outlined in black with white gloves, red and white running shoes, blue fur, and tan blotches on his face, ear, chest, and arms.

Mario Pixel Art Coloring Sheet

Mario is made from red, blue, brown, white, and tan pixels, with a black outline. Even the details of his face - his eye, ear, and mustache - are indicated with tiny squares.

Donkey Kong Pixel Art Coloring Sheet

Donkey Kong has brown fur with a peach face, belly, hands, and feet. He wears a red scarf with a yellow stripe. He, too, is outlined in black, and his eyes appear as white rectangles.

Mountain Pixel Art Coloring Sheet

Characters weren't the only game elements made from pixels - backgrounds and environments were, too. Try your hand at coloring this landscape with mountains, a river, grassy meadows, and trees.

Girl Pixel Art Coloring Sheet

As video games progressed, video game characters had more detail - even though they were still made from pixel squares. Can you color this girl to look like your favorite character?

Face Pixel Art Coloring Sheet

If you colored the girl above, now you can color a video game man! You can choose the color of his skin, hair, and eyes.

Pacman Pixel Art Coloring Sheet

Pacman may be the most famous early video game character, and he is also the simplest in design. Color the outer squares black to outline him, and make the inside squares yellow. Don't forget to include his black and white eye.

Heart Pixel Art Coloring Sheet

In video games, hearts can mean many things - health, lives, healing, or love. Power up with this pixel heart, and make it the right color to suit your needs.

Rose Pixel Art Coloring Sheet

Do flowers grow in your video game world? Use black to make the basic outlines. choosing more than one shade of red for the petals will help give the object an appearance of depth.

Dog Pixel Art Coloring Sheet

Your video game character needs a trusty companion. Use black, white, and brown markers to shade this furry friend.

Free Pixel Art Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of these pixel art coloring sheets was your favorite? Did you encounter one of your favorite video game characters along the way?

You can color these pages online in a nod to their computerized roots, or you can print them out and color them by hand. Feel free to bind the pages into a pixel art coloring book. Or, cut them out and combine them to create a video game-inspired scene.

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