Free Printable Coloring Pages for Boys

If you've got a sign reading "No girls allowed" on your door, then you've found the coloring sheets for you! Check out these free printable coloring pages for boys - and just for boys!

Below, you will find all the masculine toys that make boyhood fun. There are fast cars and implements of war. You'll find superhero suits and astronaut helmets. 

There are video game characters and the controllers you'll need to play with them. You can even face a fire-breathing dragon - to slay or tame him!

There are also lots and lots of sports memorabilia. Whether you like tennis, baseball, soccer, or basketball, we've got you covered.

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive dragon skull coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Printable Coloring Pages for Boys

Sports Car Coloring Sheet

If you had a fancy sports car, what color would it be? Bright red? Sparkling blue? Sleek black? Would you paint flames on the side? You can design it here.

Tank Coloring Sheet

Olive drab or tan desert camouflage - you can color this tank to get it ready for battle, no matter the terrain.

Astronaut Helmet Coloring Sheet

Astronaut helmets are usually white to match their spacesuits. The face shields can be yellow or blue to block the harmful rays from the sun.

Vault Boy from Fallout Coloring Sheet

That's not just a thumbs up - he's ensuring your safety in the face of a nuclear explosion. Vault boy has blonde hair and a blue and yellow uniform.

Iron Man Coloring Sheet

Iron Man's amazing mechanical suit has gray metal components, but it is mostly red with yellow accents.

Converse Coloring Sheet

You can get Chuck Taylor All-Stars to match any outfit - you will find them in any color and pattern you'd like. You can use this page to design your own.

Justice League Logo Coloring Sheet

Shade the metallic superhero logo in various shades of gray. Using the darker color inside helps give the picture a three-dimensional appearance.

Master Chief from Halo Coloring Sheet

Master Chief wears a greenish armored suit with gray elements. The suit has a yellow face plate.

Submarine Coloring Sheet

The Beatles sang about a yellow submarine - you can color it here. Or, you can paint it metallic gray, white, or some other color.

Among Us Character Coloring Sheet

Which Among Us character is your favorite? Players can choose from 18 different skins, including red, blue, green, pink, orange, yellow, black, white, purple, brown, cyan, lime, maroon, rose, banana, gray, tan, and coral.

Bike Coloring Sheet

If you had a new bicycle, would it be a shiny red one? Or would you choose blue, black, pink, purple, or some other color? You can design it here.

Easy Flying Dragon Coloring Sheet

Take flight with this friendly dragon. Green, red, gold, bronze, blue, or some other color? What would your dragon friend look like?

Tennis Racket and Ball Coloring Sheet

Tennis balls are usually yellowish-green in color. Tennis rackets come in just about any color you can imagine, so express yourself and get creative!

Captain America Coloring Sheet

Captain America’s tunic and helmet bear various shades of blue, just like the red, white, and blue that he represents. There’s a white letter “A” for “America” on his helmet.

Enderman from Minecraft Coloring Sheet

Enderman is a creature of darkness. His head, body, and limbs are black with purple splotches and glowing purple eyes.

Fire Breathing Dragon Coloring Sheet

Is this dragon a foe or a powerful ally? You can decide as you color the mighty beast. Many stories paint dragon’s scales in shades of red, gold, bronze, brown, blue, green, white, or black.

Hockey Player Coloring Sheet

Which hockey team is your favorite? Show your team spirit when you color this player’s jersey in your team colors.

PS4 Controller Coloring Sheet

Design your own custom Playstation controller skin! Make it match the ones you already have, or get creative.

Surfboard Coloring Sheet

Surfboards come in every color you can imagine. Customize this longboard with a wave pattern on its deck.

Kai from Ninjago Coloring Sheet

Kai wears a red tunic with gold elements. He also has a black headband, sash, gloves, and bands around his knees. Don’t forget to color his gleaming metal swords.

Super Sonic Coloring Sheet

Sonic the Hedgehog is usually blue, but he turns bright yellow when he becomes Super Sonic! He still wears his characteristic white gloves and red and white running shoes.

Lion Head Coloring Sheet

Bright this animal face roaring to life as you add some color. Lions usually have tan fur with orange, reddish, or brownish manes. Some lions are solid white.

Cartoon Chewbacca Coloring Sheet

Wookies like Chewie have fur in various shades of brown. He also wears a brown leather bandolier filled with gray metal objects.

Galaxy Coloring Sheet

This coloring page is out of this world - literally! Use your imagination as you color the cosmic swirls of this spiral galaxy and the gas giant planets in the foreground.

Viking Ship Coloring Sheet

Set sail with this wooden ship. Decorate the shields with bright colors. You might even draw a terrifying symbol like a dragon’s head on the sail.

Ravens Logo Coloring Sheet

Are the Ravens your favorite team or your team’s arch rival? Leave the beak white while coloring the purple feathers and red eye. Outline the logo and the letter “B” in yellow.

Batman Coloring Sheet

Keep Gotham safe when you equip this classic superhero. Color him solid black like the modern Dark Knight, or give him a classic grey uniform with black and yellow accents.

Yoshi Coloring Sheet

You don’t have to travel to Yoshi’s Island to spend time with this adorable dinosaur. Leave his belly white and color his green skin, red spikes and shell, and brown boots.

Baseball Coloring Sheet

Baseballs are typically white with blue or red threading, while softballs are bright colors like yellow, neon green, or orange. In the olden days, baseballs were made from brown leather!

Super Mario Coloring Sheet

It's a-me Mario! Color his red hat and shirt, blue overalls, and brown shoes.

Chicago Bulls Logo Coloring Sheet

The Chicago Bulls logo has a red face with white horns and red tips to the horns.

Soccer Ball Coloring Sheet

Most soccer balls have black and white panels. Some have panels in multiple bright colors!

Dallas Cowboys Logo Coloring Sheet

The Dallas Cowboys logo consists of a dark blue star rimmed in white and dark blue.

Realistic Elephant Head and Face Coloring Sheet

Elephants are usually brown or gray in color. Golden models of elephant heads adorn some famous places, and sometimes captive elephants are painted white with colorful makeup.

Hippo Coloring Sheet

Real hippos are brown or gray in color. Fictional hippos like those from the game Hungry, Hungry Hippos are bright colors, like blue, pink, red, and orange.

Eagle Coloring Sheet

Different types of eagles come in different shades of brown. The bald eagle has brown feathers, a white head, and a bright yellow beak.

Basketball Coloring Sheet

Most basketballs are orange with black stripes. Sometimes they come in other colors, like neon colors or red, white, and blue.

Snake Coloring Sheet

Can you identify the snakes where you live by looking at their colors and patterns? Blotchy, spotted snakes like this one are usually decked in shades of brown or gray.

Volleyball Coloring Sheet

Volleyballs are usually white in color, but they can be orange, brown, or neon colors.

Xbox Controller Coloring Sheet

If you could have any Xbox controller or skin you wanted, what would it look like? You can design it here!

Hyena Coloring Sheet

Hyenas are brown and gray in color. Their speckled coats help them blend in with the savannah grass.

Steve from Minecraft Coloring Sheet

Steve is a popular Minecraft character skin. He has brown hair, a green shirt, and blue pants.

Monster Truck Coloring Sheet

Monster trucks come in tons of bright colors. Some have interesting patterns like flames or scales. What will your ride look like?

Roblox Piggy Coloring Sheet

This dangerous piggy may look cute in pink, but she wields a brown baseball bat and has one evil red eye.

Dragon Skull Coloring Sheet

Did you know? A fossil like this one actually exists. Fossil bones can be creamy white, brown, or gray in color.

UFO Coloring Sheet

What color are those eerie flashing lights in the sky? You can decide when you color this sleek silver spacecraft.

Crossed Hockey Sticks Coloring Sheet

Color these hockey sticks in the official colors of your favorite team and their arch-rivals. Hockey pucks are usually black in color.

Space Shuttle Coloring Sheet

Can you name all the space shuttles? Hint: There were six of them. The shuttles are white in color with black markings on their nose and wings.

Lion Coloring Sheet

See the wind sweeping through the mane of this majestic beast as you color its sandy fur and darker brown mane and tail.

Dinosaur Skull Coloring Sheet

You can color this t-rex fossil white or cream like a dry bone or black and brown like some of the rocks tyrannosaur fossils have been found in.

Power Ranger for Beginners Coloring Sheet

Which ranger will you color? The red, yellow, blue, green, pink, or white ranger? You can print several copies of this coloring page and color them all.

Baby Yoda in Black and White Coloring Sheet

Baby Yoda - the nickname for Grogu - has green skin. His robes are brown and tan.

Day of the Dead Skull Coloring Sheet

Sugar skulls are white candies that are decorated with bright colors. You can use all your favorite colors to shade this one.

X-Ray Coloring Sheet

X-ray pictures are often black and white - white for the bones and black for the background. Some are in shades of blue.

Free Printable Coloring Pages for Boys - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of these secret coloring pages for boys was your favorite?

You can color the pages online, or print them out and color them by hand using crayons, markers, or colored pencils. You can pin them on the wall to decorate your clubhouse.

Or, bind the pages together to make your own boys-only coloring book. Don't forget to write "Top Secret" on the cover!

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