Free Sports Coloring Pages for Kids - 38 Printable Sheets

What is your favorite sport? Color its sporting equipment or an athlete in action. You will find almost every sport represented in these free sports coloring pages for kids.

Many sports use balls of different weights, shapes, and sizes. The largest, the beach ball, is light and almost floats in the air. The dense, heavy golf ball is the smallest.

Other sports require even more equipment - clubs, bats, or, sticks, for example. You will find those here, too.

Lots of sports require no special tools at all - but the right wardrobe can be helpful. Look for runners, swimmers, and cheerleaders, recognizable by what they wear.

Love coloring? These Free Sports Coloring Pages are a great selection of guides, but don't forget to check out Free People Coloring pages too for even more fun and creative options!

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Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive Easy Chicago Bulls Logo coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Printable Sports Coloring Pages

Kayak Coloring Sheet

Have you ever been kayaking? These small boats come in many different colors.

Yoga Pose Coloring Sheet

Stretching is an important preparation for sports. Yoga poses like this one can stretch your muscles.

Boy Swimming Coloring Sheet

Swimming is a sport that uses every muscle in your body. Color this swimmer's swimsuit and swim cap.

Hockey Player Coloring Sheet

Color this hockey player's uniform to match the colors of your favorite hockey team. Keep your eyes open and score with another hockey-themed coloring picture, below.

Person Running Coloring Sheet

Most sports involve running, but running is also a sport in and of itself. A one-mile sprint or a full marathon, you can get this runner ready for the race.

Baseball Cap Coloring Sheet

When you go out to the ball game, don't forget your cap! Color this baseball cap to match your team's colors. You can even draw their logo on the front of it.

Converse Coloring Sheet

Converse tennis shoes were originally designed for the basketball court. Color these shoes to match your team's colors.

Baseball Coloring Sheet

Baseballs are typically white with red or blue stitching. The slightly larger softball often comes in bright colors like yellow, lime green, or orange.

Basketball Hoop Coloring Sheet

Nothing but net! Can you color the backboard of this basketball goal to match your school colors or those of your favorite team?

Golf Ball Coloring Sheet

Four! Most golf balls are white. Some are bright colors so that they can be easily found when they fall in the water or the tall grass.

Volleyball Coloring Sheet

Volleyballs come in many colors. Some are white, while others are neon shades. Some even use different colors for the overlapping sections.

Baseball Player Coloring Sheet

Baseball has been called America's pastime. Do you have a favorite team? Color this player's uniform to match your team's colors.

Tennis Racket and Ball Coloring Sheet

Tennis balls are usually yellow-green, but tennis rackets come in many colors and patterns. You can design your ideal tennis racket.

Surfboard Coloring Sheet

Hang ten! Surfboards come in many colors and patterns, often employing bright shades. You can design the board you'd like to take to the beach this summer.

Running Anime Girl Coloring Sheet

With a determined look on her face, this girl is sporting classic jogging attire. Color her hoodie, shorts, and running shoes.

Football Player Coloring Sheet

Hut, hut, hike! Get ready for the big game with this football player in mid-play. You can color his uniform and helmet to match your favorite team.

Football Coloring Sheet

Most footballs are brown with white stripes and stitching. But some footballs come in neon or other colors. Can you bedazzle this football like in the movie The Game Plan?

Fighting Anime Guy Coloring Sheet

Karate, Kung Fu, mixed martial arts, and boxing are all fighting sports. Color this fighter's clothing to get him ready to brawl.

Basketball Player Coloring Sheet

Does your school have a basketball team? Or do you have a favorite college in your March Madness bracket? Color this player's uniform to match those school colors.

Ravens Logo Coloring Sheet

Show your love for the Baltimore Ravens this season. The bird's feathers are purple and outlined in yellow. The beak is white, the letter "B" is yellow, and the bird's eyes are red.

Boxing Gloves Coloring Sheet

Whether you're ready to hang up your boxing gloves or put them into action, these gloves are ready for you. Boxing gloves are traditionally red but they can come in any color.

Soccer Ball Coloring Sheet

Soccer balls are usually white with black patches, but lime green and neon pink balls are not unknown!

Golf Club Bag Coloring Sheet

A golf bag carries your golf clubs and keeps them safe and organized. What colors and patterns would you like to see on this prestigious luggage?

Cheerleader Coloring Sheet

Go, team! No matter the sport, it is encouraging to see cheerleaders on the sidelines. Color this enthusiastic acrobat to match the colors of your favorite team.

Chicago Bulls Logo Coloring Sheet

The Chicago Bulls was the longtime team of basketball great Michael Jordan. Color the bright red bull with white horns.

Skateboard Coloring Sheet

Skateboards are cool! Color this one any way you'd like. You can even draw patterns or stickers on its deck.

Basketball Coloring Sheet

Basketballs are typically orange with black lines. Some basketballs are red, white, and blue, bedecked with fun patterns, or neon colors.

Man Fishing Coloring Sheet

You may not think of it as such, but fishing is a sport - especially when people compete to see who can land the biggest fish!

Crossed Hockey Sticks Coloring Sheet

Hockey sticks are typically brown or black, and hockey pucks are black in color.

Dallas Cowboys Logo Coloring Sheet

Are you a Dallas Cowboys fan? Cowboy up and color their dark blue and white logo.

Football Helmet Coloring Sheet

On the field, players wear different colored helmets so that viewers can tell one team from the other. Color this football helmet to match your favorite team. You can even draw their logo on the side.

Beach Ball Coloring Sheet

Beach balls typically come in bright colors, each panel being a different primary or secondary color. Some beach balls have patterns or even pictures printed on them.

Baseball Bat Coloring Sheet

Wooden baseball bats are brown, but metal bats can come in any color. Pink, blue, lime green - the choice is yours.

Cartoon Bicycle Coloring Sheet

What would your dream bike look like? Shiny and red? Sleek black? Sparkly and pink? You can design your own bicycle with this coloring page.

Cartoon Skateboard Coloring Sheet

Personalize this skateboard deck! Use rad colors for the wheels and flames. You can even draw more "stickers" on its surface!

Cartoon Football Coloring Sheet

Get in the game and decorate for the Super Bowl! Classic footballs are brown with white stripes. You could also color it in neon shades or use your favorite team's colors.

Cartoon Soccer Ball Coloring Sheet

Most soccer balls have large white segments and smaller black segments. Of course, you can color this one to match your favorite team's colors or use neon greens and pinks.

Soccer Player Coloring Sheet

Show your support for your favorite FIFA team! Color this player's jersey to match the team colors. You could even draw a number and name on the jersey.

Sports Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of these sports-themed coloring pictures was your favorite? Did you find your team's logo or color a uniform to match your team's colors?

You can color these pages online or download them, print them out, and color them with crayons, markers, or colored pencils. They make great decorations for sporting events or watch parties.

Ready to move on from the Free Sports Coloring Pages coloring guides? Check out these Free Back to School Coloring pages for even more fun!

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