Free People Coloring Pages for Kids - 61 Printable Sheets

Are you a people-watcher? Many people are because people are so interesting. You can think about psychology, family dynamics, and more as you color these free people coloring pages for kids.

Some of these color sheets show different categories of people - men and women, mothers and fathers, babies, children, and old people.

Others focus on how people feel - a kissing couple in love, a sad girl crying, or a happy, smiling face.

Some are about how people move - how they run or swim. A few showcase what people wear - a cowboy hat or a tutu and ballet slippers, for instance. Others show people doing different jobs, like doctors, teachers, and police officers.

Now that you've got the basics down with Free People Coloring Pages, why not give Free Human Body Coloring pages a try for some exciting new coloring adventures?

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Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive girl scout coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Printable People Coloring Pages

Man Fishing Coloring Sheet

Have you ever been fishing? Color this man's special hat, vest, shorts, and shoes, his rod and reel, and the red float bobbing in the water. Can you draw a hungry fish just below the water's surface?

Yoga Pose Coloring Sheet

Have you ever done yoga to stretch your muscles or calm your mind? Color this lady's yoga outfit. Blue and green are considered the most calming colors of all.

Nurse Coloring Sheet

Nurses traditionally wore white gowns and hats with a red cross on them. This helped people identify them as medical professionals. Today, many nurses wear brightly colored scrubs.

Quiz Game Show Coloring Sheet

Can you guess the right answer? Color the people, and place them in front of brightly colored podiums with a button to push. Is it a big red button, or some other color? The choice is yours.

Father and Daughter Coloring Sheet

Little girls love their daddies, and vice versa. Color this pair on their way to have some fun! Can you imagine them wearing matching shirts? You can even draw a happy picture on the father's shirt.

Horse Rider Coloring Sheet

This rider is dressed in English riding attire, which usually comes in dark shades of blue or black. What colors or patterns do you imagine in the horse's fur?

Cartoon Mom Coloring Sheet

What does your mom look like? Can you color this mom to look just like yours? Color her clothes in all of your mom's favorite colors. If you think she's a supermom, you can even draw an "S" on her chest.

Cartoon Man Coloring Sheet

This man is all dressed up with neatly combed hair, a button-down shirt, a vest, and a necktie. Can you color all of these articles of clothing to match?

Person Running Coloring Sheet

This runner has on a tank top, shorts, running shoes, and tall socks. Does he play for your favorite team? Color his clothing to match your school's colors or your favorite team.

Wizard Coloring Sheet

Wizards are often depicted in royal blue robes and tall hats with gold or silver stars on them. Is his staff made of gold or of some precious metal? The story is yours to tell.

Man Coloring Sheet

This man has a classic look with slicked-back hair, a long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. Is he a snazzy dresser? That all depends on the colors you choose.

Father and Son Coloring Sheet

The dad above is spending time with his daughter; this one is walking with his son.

Man in Suit Coloring Sheet

A spy, a businessman, or your date to the dance? The choice is yours. Men's suits are often navy blue, black, or tan in color.

Boy Swimming Coloring Sheet

Will this swimmer win the race? Can you color his cap and swimsuit to match your school colors?

Best Friends Coloring Sheet

Make a card for your best friend by coloring this page. Pinky promise that you will be friends forever!

Happy Face Coloring Sheet

This boy is smiling happily - his smile even extends to his eyes. Spread the joy when you color this picture.

Black Woman Coloring Sheet

Honor your heritage or that of someone you know when you shade this woman's beautiful natural hair.

Samurai Coloring Sheet

This samurai is ready for battle! Color his robes brightly or in subtle shades to help him hide.

Woman Coloring Sheet

This woman is wearing a long mermaid-style dress and lipstick. Pair her with the man in a suit, above, for a date out on the town.

Hug Coloring Sheet

You can show someone that you care about them by giving them a hug - even if it is a paper one!

Black Man's Face Coloring Sheet

Color this man's complexion to match his strong physique and well-groomed haircut.

Cowboy Coloring Sheet

Yee-haw! Howdy partner, it's time to learn to rope and ride with this kind cowboy at your side.

Dentist Coloring Sheet

Going to the dentist may seem scary, but it doesn't have to be. Explore the career with this dentist's help.

King Coloring Sheet

You will feel like royalty as you color this king. Give him a golden scepter, and shade his robes in royal blues, reds, and purples.

Teacher Coloring Sheet

Do the math - it's good to be nice to your teacher. Color this page to make her a thank-you card.

Doctor Coloring Sheet

Color this doctor's lab coat and scrubs. Don't forget the gray metal of her stethoscope.

Queen Coloring Sheet

Did you color the king, above? Color his royal consort wearing matching colors. Remember, gold, red, dark blue, and purple have all been considered the colors of royalty.

Postman Coloring Sheet

Depending on where you live, the postman might wear a uniform that is dark blue, light blue, or some other color.

Soldier Coloring Sheet

Soldiers often wear uniforms that are tan, olive drab, or camouflaged with blotches of green or tan.

Sad Girl Crying Coloring Sheet

Can you feel the sad emotions of this picture? Shade it with colors that express how you feel.

Firefighter Coloring Sheet

Firefighters wear protective clothing that comes in bright colors such as yellow or red. This helps the firefighters find each other in thick smoke.

Black Boy Coloring Sheet

Color this young man to look like you or someone you know. Give him dark hair, brown eyes, and a polo shirt of your favorite color.

Farmer Coloring Sheet

This farmer is wearing overalls, which are usually the color of blue jeans. He also has a button-down shirt and a protective sun hat.

Black Girl Coloring Sheet

Fabulous hair, big hoop earrings, and a turtleneck sweater - this girl has got it going on!

Police Coloring Sheet

In many parts of the world, police officers wear a blue uniform and a metal badge. This can aid you in recognizing them when you need their help.

Family Coloring Sheet

What does your family look like? Shade the hair, eyes, skin, and clothing so you can claim this family as your own.

Crazy Character Coloring Sheet

Boom boom, ain't it great to be crazy? This wacky character says it is. Can you give his clothes unusual colors or patterns?

Old Man Coloring Sheet

Elderly people often have gray or white hair. Color his sweater, button-down shirt, pants, and loafer shoes.

Girl Scout Coloring Sheet

Girl scouts wear uniforms that are green or brown. They also wear a sash to display the colorful badges they have earned.

Girl Sitting Coloring Sheet

This girl is sitting on the ground. Color her shirt, shorts, and shoes to match your favorite outfit.

Baby Coloring Sheet

This baby is adorable! Color the tuft of hair on his head and shade the rosy blush on his cheeks.

Black Girl Cartoon Coloring Sheet

This girl has style. Shade her ponytails, lipstick, nail polish, earrings, and blouse.

Ballerina Coloring Sheet

Ballerinas are often depicted wearing pink tutus, but these dresses can come in any color. Shade her hair bow and ballet slippers to match.

Pharmacist Coloring Sheet

Most pharmacists wear a white lab coat, perhaps with colorful scrubs underneath. Can you draw shelves of medicine bottles or chemicals to mix in the background?

Girl with Glasses Coloring Sheet

Your glasses frames can match your outfit or even your lipstick! Use your crayons or markers to glow up this girl.

Viking Coloring Sheet

Vikings wore metal armor and garments made from brown animal fur. It is thought that a number of Vikings had red hair and beards.

Kiss Coloring Sheet

Is this couple sitting in a tree? They are certainly K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Color them to resemble your favorite couple.

Cartoon Woman Coloring Sheet

Work, play, or motherhood, this woman is dressed for success. Help her finish getting ready by coloring her hair and clothes.

Easy Mother and Son Coloring Sheet

Did you color the father and son above? The truth is, moms have a special relationship with their little boys, too.

Cartoon Dad Coloring Sheet

This mustached man is dressed in slacks, a shirt, and a tie. Help him get ready for the day by adding some color to his outfit.

Easy Mother and Daughter Coloring Sheet

We've covered dads with daughters and mothers with sons - don't forget to color this cute mommy-daughter pair!

National Siblings Day Poster Coloring Sheet

Show your sib how much you care by coloring a picture of yourself with him or her. This picture makes a great Siblings Day greeting card.

Jesus Coloring Sheet

Jesus is usually depicted wearing white robes and a red or purple sash. As a Jewish man, he would have had tan skin and brown hair.

Shadow Coloring Sheet

You'll feel super when you picture yourself in a cape! Use two colors for the wall, tinting the shadow with a darker shade.

Princess Coloring Sheet

You can design this pretty princess's crown, hair, dress, and makeup. She'll be the belle of the ball. What colors will you choose?

Stepping in a Puddle and Splashing Your Friends Coloring Sheet

Brighten a cloudy day with this fun mud puddle picture! Use bright, cheerful colors for the children's raincoats, boots, and umbrella.

Black Anime Girl Coloring Sheet

You get to be a stylist, choosing the colors of this girl's hair, makeup, and clothing.

Free printable black anime girl coloring page
Black Anime Girl Coloring Page - Print or color online

Celtic Warrior Coloring Sheet

The Celts often had red hair and wore garments made of animal skins. This warrior used bright paint to mark a symbol on his chest.

Free printable Celtic warrior coloring page
Celtic Warrior Coloring Page - Print or color online

Cartoon Girl Coloring Sheet

What's your favorite color? It's this little girl's favorite, too! Purple, pink, blue, or another shade, you can use all the crayons to make her outfit bright.

Schoolgirl Coloring Sheet

Help this little girl get ready for school. Design her outfit, matching her shirt, skirt, socks, shoes, hair ties, and school bag.

Free printable school girl coloring page
Schoolgirl Coloring Page - Print or color online

Astronaut Coloring Sheet

Far out! This astronaut is floating in space. His suit is white so you can see him well, while the faceplate is darkened or a shining gold to block the harmful rays of the sun.

People Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of these people coloring pictures was your favorite? Who are your favorite people to watch?

How can you use these coloring pages? Download them, print them out, and bind them together to make your own coloring book. Or, use them to make a poster or a card.

Looking for something new and different in the world of coloring? Give Free Princess Coloring pages a shot and explore what we have to offer!

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