How to Draw a Koala

How to Draw a Koala: Featured Image

​G’day, mate! Would you like to draw an animal from the Land Down Under? Now you can, with the help of this simple, step-by-step drawing tutorial… Read more

How to Draw an Otter

How to Draw an Otter: Featured Image

Otters are aquatic mammals, meaning they live in the water. There are thirteen species of otter, two of which live in the ocean. River otters… Read more

How to Draw a Red Panda

How to Draw a Red Panda: Featured Image

Did you know that the red panda isn’t a panda bear at all? It was once thought to be a relative of the panda because it lives in the same… Read more

How to Draw a Lion Head

How to Draw a Lion Head: Featured image

The lion, native to Africa, is the second largest cat in the world. It lives and hunts in groups called prides, and is famous for its bushy… Read more

How to Draw a Raccoon

How to Draw a Raccoon: Featured image

​The raccoon is a nocturnal mammal native to North and South America. It is characterized by its striped, or ringed, tail and its… Read more

How to Draw a Cat Face

How to Draw a Cat Face: Featured image

Cats and humans have enjoyed a long history together. Archaeological evidence from China, Egypt, and the Middle East indicate that cats were hunting mice… Read more

How to Draw a Cute Narwhal

How to draw a cute Narwhal - featured image

What is a narwhal? Many people have never before heard of this unique creature from the sea. In fact, when ancient peoples found its bony, spiraled tusk, or tooth… Read more

How to Draw an Easter Bunny

How to draw an Easter Bunny Featured Image

Each year, children around the world play a game of searching for brightly colored eggs that were said to be left behind by a bunny – the Easter egg hunt. Read more


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