How to Draw a Kitten

How to draw a Kitten: Featured Image

For millennia, cats have been kept as pets and to control vermin. Cats may have been domesticated independently in Asia Minor and in northern Africa as much as… Read more

How to Draw a Donkey

How to Draw a Donkey: Featured Image

Donkeys, also called burros, are small mammals related to the horse. The donkey has been used by man as a beast of burden for around 6,000 years. It is thought to have been domesticated from a… Read more

How to Draw a Buffalo

How to Draw a Buffalo: Featured Image

Buffalo, also called bison, are large grazing mammals related to cattle. There are two species of bison, one native to North America and the other to Europe. Both are known for the characteristic hump on their… Read more

How to Draw a Sloth

How to Draw a Sloth: Featured Image

Sloths represent five to six mammal species that live in the trees of South and Central America. They are known for moving very slowly. While they may resemble monkeys, they are not… Read more

How to Draw a Moose

How to Draw a Moose: Featured Image

The moose is the largest species of deer in the world. It is native to the northern reaches of North America, Europe, and Asia. Moose are unique in that they may… Read more

How to Draw a Cartoon Kangaroo

How to Draw a Cartoon Kangaroo: Featured Image

The kangaroo is one of Australia’s most iconic animals. Like the platypus and a number of other marsupials, European scientists did not believe the kangaroo to be… Read more

How to Draw a Guinea Pig

How to Draw a Guinea Pig: Featured Image

Guinea pigs are small rodents native to South America. They were domesticated around 3,000 years ago. They were kept by the Inca, and they are still kept indoors and… Read more

How to Draw a Camel

How to Draw a Camel: Featured Image

The camel is a large mammal famous for its characteristic humps and its ability to survive in the desert. While it is a myth… Read more

How to Draw a Pug

How to Draw a Pug: Featured Image

​Pugs are small dogs originally from China. By the late 1500s, traders had brought the dogs to Europe. Their popularity increased as pugs… Read more

How to Draw a Husky

How to Draw a Husky: Featured Image

Huskies are working dogs, which means they were bred to do certain jobs along with their human counterparts. Huskies were first raised… Read more


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