Free Easy Coloring Pages for Kids – 56 Printable Sheets

Anyone can color! These free, easy coloring pages are proof of that.

What makes these printable coloring pages so easy? The secret is their simplified lines.

Some coloring sheets - especially the popular adult coloring books - feature extremely intricate designs. These can be intimidating to artists, and the small spaces can be difficult for small hands and chunky crayons to navigate.

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These, on the other hand, include basic outlines that even the dullest of crayons can navigate. You will find all of your favorite animals, toys, characters, people. objects, and even cards that you can give to the people you love.

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive flying dragon coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Easy Coloring Pages for Kids

Easy Bee Coloring Sheet

You'll be all the buzz when you complete this cute bee picture. Most bees have black and yellow stripes. Some are red, solid black, or even blue.

Easy Realistic Goldfish Coloring Sheet

As their name suggests, goldfish are in the gold family of colors - yellow, orange, red, and whtie. Some are multihued, or even black.

Easy Mallard Duck Coloring Sheet

Male mallard ducks have iridescent green heads and brown bodies. The females are various shades of brown.

Easy Mother's Day Card Coloring Sheet

This fun card features a bouquet of flowers in the shape of hearts surrounded by a swarm of fluttering butterflies. You can choose which bright colors to use.

Easy Cute Unicorn Coloring Sheet

Would you like to ride a white unicorn with a pink or rainbow-tinted mane? Or a horse bedecked in blue or purple hues? You can create the trusty steed of your dreams.

Cartoon Grandma Coloring Sheet

What does your grandmother look like? Is her hair white, or some other color? What color dress does she like to wear? You can color this picture to look just like your favorite grandparent.

 Easy Monkey Coloring Sheet

In many parts of the world, monkeys have brown or black fur. Some, such as the Japanese snow monkeys, have white fur. Get creative - what would a rainbow-hued monkey look like?

Blue Whale Coloring Sheet

It's called a blue whale for a reason. Under water, its gray skin appears blue and blends in with the deep, dark ocean. Its belly is a lighter color.

Easy Cartoon Dragon Coloring Sheet

A fiery red dragon, a frosty snow white dragon, a dragon dark as night, or something in between? Can you draw "C" shaped scales like in the challenge mentioned below?

Easy 3D Buildings Coloring Sheet

Does your neighborhood need a makeover? Brush up on your engineering skills as you customize this city street.

Easy Flying Dragon Coloring Sheet

Did you color the standing dragon, above? Let him take flight - and your dreams can take flight with him. Color this flying dragon to match the previous one.

Easy Barbie Doll Face Coloring Sheet

This Barbie doll can look glamorous in her classic blonde hair and pink lipstick, or give her another hair color as in one of her many iterations.

Easy Rainbow Scenery Coloring Sheet

Color this beautiful scene bedecked be a full rainbow. The rainbow has seven bands of color - red on top, followed by orange, yellow, green, blue, darker blue, and purple.

Easy Cartoon Puppy Coloring Sheet

This cartoon pup can be any breed you desire when you color him. Make him a black and brown German shepherd, a black and white spotted dalmatian, or whatever dog is your favorite.

Easy Train Coloring Sheet

Whether it's a toy train or a full-sized steam engine, you can color this train. If you want, you can even add some graffiti to the side.

Easy Friday Night Funkin’ Character Coloring Sheet

This original Funkin' has blue hair and wears a red baseball cap and tennis shoes. But you can customize him with any clothing and hairstyle you want!

Easy Pikachu Face Coloring Sheet

Pikachu is everyone's favorite electric mouse. He has bright yellow fur, rosy cheeks, and black tips on its ears.

Easy Mother and Son Coloring Sheet

Show your mom how much you care! Color this portrait to look just like you and your mom. If you are a daughter, check out the mother/daughter picture below.

Easy Cartoon Space Rocket Coloring Sheet

Reach new heights with your very own moon rocket! Pick your favorite bold colors for the rocket's fins and fuselage. Don't forget the orange and yellow hues of the rocket engine's flame.

Easy Mother and Daughter Coloring Sheet

Capture a special moment with your mom when you color this heart-shaped portrait to look just like you and her. If you are a son, check out the mother and son picture above.

Snow Globe Coloring Sheet

Snowglobes capture magical moments in time in a swirling storm of glitter. You can add a touch of color to this snowy winter scene.

Tiger Shark Coloring Sheet

Tiger sharks get their names from their tiger-like stripes. They have cream-colored bellies, brown backs, and darker brown stripes.

Easy Cartoon Fairy Coloring Sheet

Customize this fancy woodland fairy. Give her blonde hair and a green dress like Tinker Bell, or create your own unique fairy friend.

Summer Scenery Coloring Sheet

Colorful sailboats, bright beach blankets and umbrellas, and beach balls in primary colors. Don't forget the shades of the sun, sand, and surf.

Easy Cartoon Cake Coloring Sheet

Ice this cake with whatever icing flavor you like best. Yellow lemon, pink strawberry, white vanilla, creamy-colored buttercream, or brown chocolate - just don't forget that your crayons are not sugary!

Rocket Ship Coloring Sheet

Did you color the small, single-window rocket ship above? Upgrade your intergalactic ride when you color this sleek three-windowed model.

Easy Grinch Face Coloring Sheet

The Grinch has green fur and menacing yellow eyes. Since he stole Christmas, he wears a red and white Santa hat.

Easy Cartoon Crab Coloring Sheet

Have some fun under the sea! Cartoon crabs are often red in color, and some species actually are. Others are tan, blue, green, or multiple colors.

Easy Unicorn Face Coloring Sheet

You'll need to break out all the crayons to color this happy unicorn. Use multiple shades of the same color or try to use all the colors of the rainbow on its spiral horn.

Easy Cartoon Chipmunk Coloring Sheet

This adorable chipmunk is chubby from eating acorns! Both the animal and its nutty snack come in various shades of brown.

Autumn Season Coloring Sheet

Yellow, gold, red, orange, and brown - these are the colors of autumn. Shade the leaves, the pumpkin, and the sweater wearing person.

Easy Gnome Coloring Sheet

Dressed in classic red and green, and with a bluish grey beard, this gnome will be happy hiding in your garden or wherever you wish.

Tropical Fish Coloring Sheet

Tropical fish are usually brightly colored. This copperband butterfly fish is silver in color with bright yellowish orange stripes.

Easy Gacha Life Character Coloring Sheet

What would you like to look like as you enter the realm of Gach Life? Blonde, black, or purple hair, the choice is yours. And you can customize her outfit to match.

Easy Robot Face Coloring Sheet

What is life like as a teenage robot? Find out when you color this metal face. Gray like metal, red and rusty, or any shade of paint - the choice is yours.

Easy Horse Coloring Sheet

If you had your own pony, what would it look like? Solid white or black, brown with white markings, or white with dark spots - you can choose the best horse for you.

Easy Fish Bowl Coloring Sheet

Are you ready to care for your own pet? Practice with this fishbowl first. Give it bright decorations and pebbles, and color the fish like your favorite pet shop find.

Easy Cat Face Coloring Sheet

Cats with stripes are often orange and white or black and gray. Which color of kitty is your favorite?

Easy Mickey Mouse Face Coloring Sheet

Mickey Mouse's color palette is simple. He has black fur and a tan face.

Easy Cartoon Frog Coloring Sheet

Use at least two colors for this frog - one for its body and another for its spots. You can use multiple colors for the spots if you want!

Easy Bear Face Coloring Sheet

This adorable teddy bear is happy to see you. You can decide whether it is a brown bear, a black bear, a panda, or a fancifully colored children's toy.

Easy Globe Coloring Sheet

Globes often use blue for the oceans and green for the land. Others employ many colors, one for each country. Some come in shades of brown and tan.

Mushroom Coloring Sheet

There really are mushrooms that look like Mario mushrooms - red caps with white polka dots. But these mushrooms arent' magical - they're poisonous!

Easy Cartoon Lion Coloring Sheet

The king of the jungle needs a proper fur coat. Most lions are sandy brown with a darker mane and tail. Some are nearly black or solid white!

Easy Chinese Dragon Coloring Sheet

Like Mushu from Disney's Mulan, this traditional Chinese dragon is often painted in bright red laquer with gold trim.

Easy Sloth Face Coloring Sheet

Sloth's fur comes in various shades of gray and brown. Sometimes, because they move so slowly, green algae grows on their fur.

Easy Realistic Horse Coloring Sheet

Did you color the pretty pony above? Now you can color a realistic version. Make it a grown up version of your pony, or print and color an entire herd.

Easy Dragon Head Coloring Sheet

This portrait could be a sea green sea dragon or a scaly brown flying dragon. Can you color fantastic breath, smoke, or steam coming from its nostrils?

Easy Heart Coloring Sheet

Pink or red for love, or any color of the rainbow to match your favorite emoji. Set the mood for love and friendship when printing a passel of hearts.

Easy Cartoon Reindeer Coloring Sheet

It is said that Santa's sleigh is pulled by eight tiny reindeer - can you print and color them all? Don't forget to make one's nose red.

Star Super Easy Coloring Sheet

How many patterns can you use to color this simple star? Use a solid color, two colors to give it a three-dimensional appearance, or a rainbow of stripes.

Easy Super Sonic Face Coloring Sheet

Sonic is usually blue, but Super Sonic's fur turns yellow or blue. His face is tan and his eyes are red.

Easy Dinosaur for Kids Coloring Sheet

What do you think dinosaurs like this one looked like? Since fossils don't record the colors or patterns of their scaly skin, you can be as creative as possible.

Easy Cute Character Coloring Sheet

Cute characters and pastel colors go together like peanut butter and jelly. Don't forget to shade a bit of red or pink blush on the cheeks.

Easy Cartoon Bat Coloring Sheet

Some people think bats are scary, but this one is cute! Most bats are Black, grey, or brown in color, but some are bright white.

Free Easy Coloring Pages for Kids - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of these super easy coloring pages was your favorite?

When you download and print these coloring sheets, you can shade them boldly with crayons or markers.

But consider this challenge: can you make these simple, unique outlines more complex? Try using your crayons to draw a pattern or texture, like plaid cloth or dragon's scales. Or, use different hues of the same color - such as light and dark green - to add dimension to your picture.

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