Free Fish Coloring Pages for Kids - 23 Printable Sheets

These coloring pages for kids and adults cover a wide spectrum of fish. If you feel like using bright, cheery colors, you can download a goldfish or a beautiful koi. You could also color a fish with neutral shades, such as a catfish or bass.

Fish are some of the most diverse creatures on the planet. At least 32,000 species exist--and that's just the fish that scientists have discovered! 

Thousands of uncategorized fish might be swimming at the bottom of the ocean.

Print out these coloring sheet ideas so that you'll always have an indoor activity for a rainy day. 

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Study the lines and shapes that make these fish look like they're actively swimming in water. You'll become a pro artist and colorist in no time.

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive bass coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Printable Fish Coloring Pages

Catfish Coloring Sheet

This catfish drawing has lots of curves and wavy lines. Fill in your coloring sheets with muddy green and bright pink for the mouth.

Betta Fish Coloring Sheet

Betta fish come in dozens of colors, but these free coloring pages suggest using white, red and blue. Lightly color the scales so that they blend in with the body.

Angler Fish Coloring Sheet

Challenge yourself by shading this angler fish picture. The top of this fish is reddish-brown, but the bottom is neon blue. Carefully blend the hues together with colored pencils.

Hammerhead Shark Coloring Sheet

Color this unique hammerhead shark with at least two shades of teal. Note that the shadows on the head are clearly outlined while the shadows on the lower half of the body are more subtle.

Pond Coloring Sheet

Add a pond to your coloring book to give your fish a place to live. Complement the bright blues and greens with brown, yellow and grey.

Baby Dory from Finding Dory Coloring Sheet

Baby Dory is made of simple shapes, such as circles and ovals. Shading this drawing is the real challenge. Notice the highlights on the edges of her face that frame the shadows.

Goldfish Coloring Sheet

Fill in these printable coloring pages with sunset shades, such as yellow, orange and pink. Blend two colors to make your goldfish's fins sparkle.

Stingray Coloring Sheet

Practice contrasting colors with this stingray that has a greenish-grey body and a bright green underside. The swooping lines make this stingray appear to soar through the water.

Rainbow Trout Coloring Sheet

Break out your favorite paint, crayons or colored pencils for these free printable coloring pages. Bright colors streak across this rainbow trout, making it especially fun to color.

Koi Fish Coloring Sheet

Instead of making every scale the same color, use alternating shades of orange and yellow to make your koi fish more lifelike. Use a single color for the fins and head so that they stand out.

Seahorse Coloring Sheet

Learn how to color the entire page with this friendly orange seahorse that floats in front of a greenish-blue background. Use a muted orange instead of a bright neon shade so that the colors don't contrast too much.

Fish Tank Coloring Sheet

Download coloring pages so that you can shade this fish tank with bright orange, forest green and eye-catching pink. Have you ever seen neon aquarium gravel? Fill in the gravel in this drawing with the same colors.

Cartoon Shark Coloring Sheet

If you're looking for easy coloring pages, this shark has bold lines that clearly define each section. No need to worry about shading--simply fill in each piece with the right color.

Dory Coloring Sheet

Color Dory with the boldest blue that you have to capture her vibrancy. You'll also need yellow, teal, pink and dark grey for these free printable coloring pages.

Underwater Scene Coloring Sheet

This underwater scene is bursting with beautiful hues. Use the recommended colors, or decorate your fish, plants and jellyfish with any shades in the spectrum.

Salmon Coloring Sheet

This salmon's stripes and spots don't have clear outlines. You'll have to shade carefully to make sure that you don't color over them. Use greys with a hint of color, such as blue or green.

Nemo Coloring Sheet

Nemo coloring pictures have a combination of thin and thick lines, creating a sketchy appearance. As you color, think about what you could draw in this style.

Great White Shark Coloring Sheet

Dark colors, such as maroon and dark grey, add depth to your great white shark. For example, surrounding the eye with dark grey creates a realistic sunken appearance. Notice how shadows fall across the body at different angles.

Cartoon Fish Coloring Sheet

This cheerful fish's bright hues will put you in a happy mood while you color. Carefully shade the edges of the eyes to make them look like spheres instead of flat circles.

Bass Coloring Sheet

Notice that the artist drew this bass with curved, flowing lines to create a lively and dynamic image. Follow along with the curves as you shade your picture.

Swordfish Coloring Sheet

If you print out this picture, use a pen, colored pencil or sharpened crayon to fill in the point at the end of your swordfish's bill. Add bright blue dashes along the body.

Megalodon Shark Coloring Sheet

The megalodon is an extinct species of shark - the largest to ever live. Likely, it was colored like the similar great white shark - a bluish-gray back and whitish belly with pink gums around its teeth.

Tropical Fish Coloring Sheet

Tropical fish come in bright colors. In the wild, this copperband butterfly fish has a silvery-white body with yellow or orange stripes.

Fish Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

What are your favorite coloring pages for kids? Do you prefer thick lines, simple pictures or complex drawings? Learning the differences is an important part of being an artist.

As you study these coloring pages online, you'll learn more about color theory. You can print out each page as many times as you want if you want to try something different. Try using different colors or adding a shadow behind your fish.

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