Free Flower Coloring Pages for Kids - 51 Printable Sheets

There are so many ways to color flowers. You can color them individually or in a group. You can give them realistic colors or make their petals all the colors of the rainbow. Check out these free flower coloring pages for kids for more coloring page ideas!

What is your favorite type of flower? you will likely find it here. There are daffodils, peonies, hibiscus, roses, dandelions, poinsettias, and so much more.

Some of the easy coloring pages pair flowers with other objects. Many are as you would expect - a vase or a heart shape, for instance. Others are surprising - a dragon or a human heart alongside flowers!

These printable coloring pages are easy to download and color with your markers, colored pencils, or crayons. You can also color them online.

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Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive Potted Plant coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Printable Flower Coloring Pages

Bleeding Heart Flower Coloring Sheet

Bleeding hearts are unique flowers whose petals look like leaking broken hearts. Bleeding hearts come in shades of white, pink, and red.

Simple Flowers in a Vase Coloring Sheet

Flowers in a vase can brighten a room or make a nice gift. Even if you don't have actual flowers or a real vase, you can pretend when you color these daisies and tulips.

Poppy Coloring Sheet

Poppies come in almost every color you could imagine, but the most common color is red. Poppies are linked to certain memorial days, as well as the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz!

Daisy Flower Coloring Sheet

Daisies are well-known flowers. Many are white with yellow centers. Other types have dark brown centers and petals of yellow, orange, red, purple, or pink.

Bird of Paradise Flower Coloring Sheet

Can you see how this tropical plant could be mistaken for a lovely bird displaying its bright orange plumage?

Lily of the Valley Coloring Sheet

Also called lady's tears, May bells, or Mary's tears, this lovely little flower is usually white in color. Sometimes the blossoms are light pink.

 Chrysanthemum Coloring Sheet

Mums or chrysanthemums are flowers with many petals. They come in a range of colors, including red, white, burgundy, pink, purple, orange, yellow, or combinations of these hues.

Daffodil Coloring Sheet

Buttercups or jonquils are one of the first flowers seen in the spring. Most are yellow, white, orange, or some combination of these colors. A few varieties are light green in color or white with pale pink centers!

Forget Me Not Flowers Coloring Sheet

Forget me nots are flowers steeped in symbolic meaning. They may be blue, pink, purple, or white with yellow centers.

Flower Face Coloring Sheet

Do you like to wear flowers in your hair? Doing so is traditional in many cultures. Shade this lovely lady's hair flowers to match your favorite outfit.

Dead Rose Coloring Sheet

What happens when the last petal falls? You can decide what the story holds when you color this wilted rose dropping its petals. Will it be a romantic red or some other color?

Cross with a Rose Coloring Sheet

Flowers and crosses are sometimes used together to create memorials for people who have died. You can make a sympathy card for someone you care about when you shade this coloring picture.

Flower Garden Coloring Sheet

Why stop at coloring just one flower when you can shade a garden full of them? This garden includes daisies, tulips, and grass. There is also a friendly bee flitting from flower to flower.

Hydrangea Flower Coloring Sheet

Hydrangea blooms are made up of many tiny flowers. They are often white, pink, blue, purple, or even green.

Lilac Flower Coloring Sheet

Like the hydrangeas above, lilac blooms are also clusters of small flowers. As their name suggests, most are lilac - a light purple color. They may also be pink or white.

Potted Plant Coloring Sheet

Do you keep potted plants in your room? If not, now you can! Flowerpots like this one also make good gifts. Who would you like to color this tropical flower for?

Wild Rose Coloring Sheet

Wild roses look a bit different from most roses you've seen. The flowers are simple with just five petals. Most wild roses are pink or white in color.

Floral Design Coloring Sheet

Flowers are beautiful, and they have been used as decorative elements since ancient times. Add color to this intricate flower border. Then use it to decorate a poster, a notebook, or your wall!

Lotus Flower Coloring Sheet

Water lilies grow from lily pads and float on the surface of the water. Shade this serene scene. Lotus blossoms are often white, pink, purple, or yellow in color.

Carnation Coloring Sheet

Carnations are symbols of many emotions, and they are often given as gifts or worn pinned to one's clothing. The most common colors for carnations include red, pink, purple, white, and yellow.

Rose Bud Coloring Sheet

A rose bud is a rose flower whose petals have not yet opened; they are squeezed tightly together in a spiral shade. Rosebuds come in all the myriad colors that roses do.

Realistic Rose Flower Coloring Sheet

When the above rosebud opens, it becomes a fully-formed rose like this one. Can you color this rose to match your rosebud?

Sunflower Coloring Sheet

Do you follow the summer sun like a sunflower? Shade this one's petals yellow, white, or orange. Most sunflowers have brown centers.

Flower Bouquet Coloring Sheet

When you pick many flowers and tie them together with a ribbon, they become a flower bouquet. color the daisies, tulips, and greenery that make up this bouquet.

Dogwood Flowers Coloring Sheet

When you think of flowers, you probably imagine small plants near the ground. But flowers also grow on trees. In North America, spring forests are filled with pink, white, and purple dogwoods.

Rainbow Flower Coloring Sheet

Sometimes you want to color realistic flowers. At other times, you want to get creative! This flower friend has a smiling face, and you can shade its petals in every color of the rainbow.

 Lily Coloring Sheet

Lilies are tropical flowers that are grown in gardens all over the world. They come in almost every color and combination of colors, from white to red to nearly black.

Lavender Coloring Sheet

Lavender is a color and the name of this fragrant flower. As you might have guessed, most lavender is purple! A few varieties have pink, white, or yellow blooms.

Peony Coloring Sheet

Peonies are large, showy flowers that come in almost any color you could imagine. Often, the petals display one color near the center and another at the edges.

Orchid Coloring Sheet

Orchids are tropical flowers that attach themselves to trees. People also grow them in pots at home. Get started by shading this orchid in white, pink, purple, yellow, or some combination of these colors.

Dragon with Flowers Coloring Sheet

This zen coloring sheet features a Chinese-style dragon alongside lotus blossoms. You get to choose the colors.

Poinsettia Coloring Sheet

Poinsettias are often thought of as Christmas flowers, but they grow year-round in tropical places. The "petals" are actually specialized leaves in shades of white or red.

Easy, Step-by-step Rose Drawing for Kids

This simple rosebud is easy to color. You can use green for its leaves and stem. Then, pick the colors of the petals - red, pink, white, orange, light purple, or some combination of these hues.

Rose Bush Coloring Sheet

Have you colored any of the rose flowers above? Don't stop at one flower when you can color the whole plant! This potted tree rose has full flowers and rosebuds waiting to open.

Cute Rose Coloring Sheet

If you are looking for a flower friend, search no further. This adorable rosebud has wide eyes and is wearing a happy smile.

Rainbow Rose Coloring Sheet

Roses don't have to be a single color. Get creative and shade each petal of this rainbow rose with a different color of the rainbow.

Magnolia Flowers Coloring Sheet

Magnolia trees have huge white or pink flowers. You can add this North American native to your coloring book garden today.

Rose and Heart Coloring Sheet

Show your love for flowers with this heart coloring sheet. Your finished picture will also make a great gift or greeting card for someone you care about.

Simple, Quick Rose Coloring Sheet

This simple rose outline is easy for kids and beginning artists to follow. It will be great practice for coloring between the lines.

Dandelion Coloring Sheet

Do dandelions grow in your backyard? You can color this common yellow flower. Fun fact: there is also a type of dandelion that blooms pink!

Parts of a Rose Coloring Sheet

Do you need ideas for your school science fair? Color this rose anatomy diagram and you will be all set for a presentation on the lifecycle of a flower.

Calla Lily Coloring Sheet

Calla lilies look tropical but you can grow them in your own backyard. They come in many colors including red, white, pink, yellow, and purple. Often, the "throat" or center of the flower is darker than its edges.

Cherry Blossoms Coloring Sheet

Sakura cherry blossoms are important in Japanese culture. These lovely flowers are usually pink or white.

Cartoon Flowers Coloring Sheet

These cartoon flowers are certain to make you smile! Color this trio of happy flowers personified with smiling faces.

Rose with Stem Coloring Sheet

This detailed rose coloring sheet shows the flower's many petals, the veins and serrations of the leaves, the sepals at the base of the flower, and the many protective thorns along the stem.

Black and White Rose Coloring Sheet

Can you add your own colors to this black-and-white picture? Some of the leaves and the stem are already shaded heavily in black, but other leaves and blossoms await you.

Tulip Coloring Sheet

Did you know that tulips were once so valuable that they were used instead of money? Tulips come in many colors, including pink, red, yellow, and deep purple. Many tulips have stripes or other patterns.

Flower Crown Coloring Sheet

Have you ever tied flowers together to make a crown? You can color this floral tiara to match your favorite spring or summer outfit.

Hibiscus Coloring Sheet

Hibiscus are big tropical flowers with bright red, white, pink, orange, or yellow blooms. Many people keep hibiscus in pots in the summer.

Butterfly Garden Coloring Sheet

People aren't the only ones who enjoy flower gardens. Butterflies do, too! Make a home for these important insects by coloring this butterfly garden.

Anatomical Heart with Flowers Coloring Sheet

If you want a flower picture that is truly unique, check out this anatomical human heart. Notice that some of the veins are red with fresh oxygen while others are blue, carrying oxygen-depleted blood back to the heart for a refill!

Flower Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of the above free printable coloring pages was your favorite? Did you enjoy using natural colors, or creating your own designs?

Here are a few ideas for how to use the sheets you have colored:

  • Make a "field guide" of different types of flowers
  • Put a finished coloring picture on the front of a card or give it to someone as a gift
  • Cut out your flowers after coloring them to make your own flower garden poster
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