How to Draw a Rose Bush

How to Draw a Bush Rose Featured Image

Would you like to learn how to draw a cartoon rose bush? This plant-based drawing tutorial will assist you in drawing a rose bush outline in no time. Someone once described the act of giving someone cut flowers in this way: "I love you, now watch this die." In other words, cut flower bouquets don't last very long... Read more

How to Draw a Hydrangea Flower

How to Draw a Hydrangea Flower Featured Image

Spring is in the air! Bring the outdoors in and brighten up your room when you learn how to draw a hydrangea flower. Hydrangea blooms are made up of many smaller, individual flowers. They grow in clusters on a shrub or bush. Did you know? Some hydrangeas change color based on the... Read more

29 Easy Flower Drawing Tutorials

"He/she loves me, he/she loves me not..." Have you ever said those words while plucking petals from a wildflower? Flowers are deeply ingrained in our world's diverse cultures, and rightly so... Read more

How to Draw a Flower Crown

How to Draw a Flower Crown Featured Image

A flower crown, chaplet, or wreath is a "circular garland, usually woven of flowers, leaves, and foliage, that traditionally indicates honour or celebration." Many children have made bracelets, necklaces, and crowns by tying the stems of small flowers together. These may be referred to as daisy chains. But the practice of making flower crowns has a long history... Read more

How to Draw a Floral Design

How to Draw a Floral Design Featured Image

Flower motifs have been popular in artwork from time immemorial. We're drawn to flowers because of their bright colors, their delicate beauty, and their transience - they don't last. "Hippie" and "Boho" styles are especially known for their use of flowers... Read more

How to Draw Lavender

How to Draw Lavender Featured Image

The lavender plant is native to the Mediterranean region. Because of its pleasant scent, lavender has been used in soaps and perfumes since ancient times. In fact, its very name is derived from a word meaning "to wash." It is grown in gardens as an edible herb, a medicine, and for its scent... Read more

How to Draw a Rose Tattoo

How to Draw a Rose Tattoo Featured Image

There are nearly 8,000 species of roses that grow around the world. From the wild varieties, edible and ornamental varieties have been cultivated. Roses are exchanged as gifts symbolizing love, friendship, apology, and sympathy... Read more