Free Tree Coloring Pages for Kids - 37 Printable Sheets

Trees can add a lot of meaning to any scene you set. Download, print, and color these free tree coloring pages for kids.

Trees are often used to identify the seasons - cherry blossoms in the spring, colorful fall trees, and bare, leafless trees or Christmas trees in winter. You will find coloring pictures depicting all these seasons in the list below.

Sometimes, trees play a role in a story. In the Bible book of Genesis, Adam and Eve ate fruit from a forbidden tree called the Tree of Knowledge. 

In the children's book The Giving Tree, a generous tree provides for the needs of a boy throughout his life. In the movie Avatar, the Tree of Souls was used to allow Jake Sully to permanently transition to his avatar body.

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Occasionally, trees are even characters in themselves. In Disney's Pocahontas, for example, Grandmother Willow is a sentient, human-like character. You'll also find a willow tree coloring page below.

What stories will you illustrate with these pictures?

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive olive branch coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.


Free Printable Tree Coloring Pages

Jungle Coloring Sheet

Palm trees, fern fronts, plants with huge leaves - you will need to use every shade of green in your box of crayons to color this jungle. You will also see a waterfall, a river, and mountains in the distance.

Easter Egg Tree Coloring Sheet

Eggs don't normally grow on trees - but they may be hidden there for Easter! How many different colors can you use to shade the spotted, striped, and patterned eggs?

Heart Carved in Tree Coloring Sheet

Have you ever carved a love note in a tree? Rather than damaging the bark of a living tree, you can color this sweet picture instead.

Spruce Coloring Sheet

Spruces and pine trees are evergreens. That means their needles stay green all year long, even in winter when other trees lose their leaves.

Willow Tree Coloring Sheet

Can you hear the wind in the willows? Color the gnarled trunk and shaggy canopy of this elegant wetlands tree.

Dead Tree Coloring Sheet

In winter, it is often difficult to tell which trees are dead and which ones are only sleeping. Color this spooky tree, and decide whether it will grow new leaves in the spring.

Falling Leaves Coloring Sheet

Trees have the remarkable ability to bend in the wind, but they may lose some of their leaves in the process. Color this stormy scene.

Acorns Coloring Sheet

Acorns are the fruit or seeds of the mighty oat tree. Can you chart the life of this tree, from seed to seedling to full-grown tree?

Spooky Forest Coloring Sheet

Did you color the dead tree, above? Here is a whole forest of them, complete with a foggy graveyard on a moonlit night.

Tree Branch Coloring Sheet

You can go out on a limb and add this tree branch to one of our other tree coloring sheets. Who might you imagine sitting on the branch? Can you draw them in?

Tree of Life Coloring Sheet

In the Bible, the Tree of Life symbolized the gift of eternal life. In other religions, sacred trees bind together the heavens, the earth, and the life within them.

Oak Tree Coloring Sheet

Did you color the acorns, above? This is the tree that, given time, they may grow into. Can you see the tiny acorns hanging from the tree's branches?

Christmas Tree Coloring Sheet

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas when you add bright colors to this tree's lights and ornaments.

Fall Scenery Coloring Sheet

Red, yellow, orange, and brown - these are the colors that green leaves turn in the fall. Autumn is also the time to look for apples and other tasty fruits.

Cartoon Tree Coloring Sheet

This classic cartoon tree has a leafy canopy, strong branches, and a swirling knot on its trunk. Can you shade it in iconic green and brown?

Palm Tree Coloring Sheet

Palm trees have tall, narrow trunks and huge green leaves. This one is a coconut palm - can you color the round coconuts? Ripe coconuts are brown, and unripe ones are green.

Olive Branch Coloring Sheet

Olives may be green or black. If you gift this picture to someone, you could be said to be extending an olive branch in hopes of peace.

Heart Tree Coloring Sheet

Family trees are full of love - and so is this heart tree. Its individual leaves are heart-shaped, and they converge in a heart-shaped canopy. Will you color the leaves green or heart-like red and pink?

Family Tree Coloring Sheet

Speaking of family trees, this one has spaces for you, your parents, and your grandparents. Can you draw or paste pictures of your family members in the blank spaces?

Cherry Blossoms Coloring Sheet

In Japan, people have picnics called hanami to view and enjoy the cherry tree flowers. You can have your own hanami under this coloring page.

Fall Tree Coloring Sheet

Red, orange, or gold, you can make this autumn tree come to life with color.

Maple Leaf Coloring Sheet

Maple trees have bright green leaves in spring; some of them have red veins. In fall, the leaves turn yellow, red, or orange.

Cartoon Forest Coloring Sheet

Why color just one tree when you can color a whole forest? Spring or fall, this classic cartoon forest will set the scene for hours of fun.

Pinecone Coloring Sheet

Pinecones grown on pine trees. They are brown, spiky objects that contain the tree's seeds.

Guava Tree Coloring Sheet

Guavas are small, thick-skinned fruits. They can be green like limes, yellow like lemons, or orange like - you guessed it - oranges.

Papaya Tree Coloring Sheet

Papaya trees resemble palm trees. Like most fruits, they start out green. Papayas turn yellow or orange as they ripen. They are filled with orange flesh and black seeds.

Lemon Tree Coloring Sheet

Lemons are a familiar yellow fruit. They start out green, just like the leaves of a tree. This one is planted in a decorative flower pot.

Forest Fire Coloring Sheet

Climate change has led to climactic forest fires. These crispy trees have no more leaves, and their trunks reflect the fire's yellow and orange glow.

Banana Tree Coloring Sheet

Banana trees usually have green leaves or leaves striped with white or pink. Unripe bananas are green, and they turn yellow or pink as they ripen.

Mangrove Tree Coloring Sheet

Mangrove trees are known for their tangled, fingerlike roots that help them survive flooding. Like most trees, mangroves have green leaves and brown or greyish trunks.

Autumn Season Coloring Sheet

Many people anticipate autumn because of the beautiful, colorful foliage. From the leaves on the trees to those raked up in a pile, you can color them yellow, red, or orange.

Deforestation Coloring Sheet

Barren and brown - that is how the land is often left when the forests are clear-cut. The good news is, you can replant with other coloring sheets on this list.

Orange Tree Coloring Sheet

Oranges are easy to color because their very name tells you the correct shade the use. Of course, orange peels can vary from yellowish to greenish to reddish.

Palm Tree Coloring Sheet

Palm trees like this one bear coconuts. These huge fruits are green as they grow, turning brown as they dry out.

Peach Tree Coloring Sheet

If you've been wondering how to use that peach crayon, here's your chance. Peaches are peach to orange in color and often tinged with red.

Easy Christmas Tree Coloring Sheet

Christmas trees are ordinary pine or spruce trees, which are not just green, but evergreen! You can color the decorations in the traditional red and green or any color pallet you choose.

Mango Tree Coloring Sheet

In tropical regions, mango trees hang heavy with juicy mango fruit. Mangos are green before they ripen, but they turn yellow tinged with red in time.

Tree Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of the above tree-themed coloring pages was your favorite? Did you color a whole forest full of trees?

Remember, you can download and print these free coloring pages to color with crayons, markers, and colored pencils. Or, you can have fun coloring them online.

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