Free Children Coloring Pages for Kids - 44 Printable Sheets

Do you want to color some pictures that are meaningful to your life right now? These free children coloring pages for kids are a slice of life.

Need something to do on a rainy day? Color yourself splashing in a puddle. Feeling lonely? Charlie Brown and the sad girl below can sympathize with you. Or, you can recreate yourself as a Gacha Life character.

You can color yourself sharing a pinky promise secret with your best friend or color everyone from your class. Learn math, practice your favorite sports, or dream up your own comic book series. The possibilities are endless - grab your crayons or colored pencils and get started!

Ready for something different than what was included in Free Children Coloring Pages list post? Take a peek at the great options found within Free Face Coloring pages selection of guides and get inspired again!

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Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive school boy coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Children Coloring Pages

Best Friends Coloring Sheet

There is nothing like having a best friend you can trust with all your secrets. Color this picture and gift it to your bestie.

Vault Boy from Fallout Coloring Sheet

This young man is giving you a thumbs up for doing a good job coloring - or, he might be making sure that explosion is a safe distance away.

Luca Coloring Sheet

Everybody needs good friends and a dream to hold onto. That is a lesson you can learn from Luca - whether in his human or sea monster form.

Family Coloring Sheet

Family is important - it's where you come from. You can color this happy family to look just like yours. Does your family have more members? Color, cut, and paste people from some of the other coloring pages in this list.

Girl Sitting Coloring Sheet

This little girl is all dressed for sports, but stretching and getting plenty of rest are important, too. Take a break with her as you add some color to her life.

Anime Boy Face Coloring Sheet

Sharp features, squared eyes, and spiky hair give anime characters a distinctive look. Will this character's hair be a natural color or ablaze with bright shades? The choice is yours.

Charlie Brown Coloring Sheet

Charlie Brown is here to cheer you up when you're feeling down. He understands what it's like. Color his yellow shirt with its black zigzag stripe.

Stepping in a Puddle and Splashing Your Friends Coloring Sheet

Make the most of a rainy day! If you're stuck indoors, gift these children brightly colored boots and raincoats. When the storm passes, go outside and play for real!

Bart Simpson Coloring Sheet

Bart has bright yellow skin and spiky yellow hair. He usually wears a red shirt, blue shorts, and blue and white tennis shoes.

Ballerina Coloring Sheet

Are dance classes one of the sports offered by your school? Fulfill your dreams of becoming a ballerina. Color this girl's tutu, ballet slippers, and hair ribbon.

Sad Girl Crying Coloring Sheet

Sometimes, life is hard. It's okay to feel sad and take some time to cry just like this girl. Spend some time coloring and comforting her.

Little Anime Boy Coloring Sheet

This little boy's posture says he is excited and ready to go! Color his hair, eyes, and clothing.

Easy Gacha Life Character Coloring Sheet

Do you have an alter ego in an online game? Customize this Gach Life character and express yourself.

Young Anime Girl Coloring Sheet

This little girl is looking cute in her hair bow and the frilly dress. She is dancing around happily, hoping you will give her some color!

Schoolgirl Coloring Sheet

Are you ready for school? This little girl is. She's got her school bag and her textbook in hand.

Cheerleader Coloring Sheet

Go, team! Color this cheerleader's hat, pom poms, and uniform to match your school's colors. Then she will be ready for the next basketball or football game.

Anime Boy Body Coloring Sheet

This anime character is yours to customize! Draw in his face and clothing, then color your new character.

Boy Swimming Coloring Sheet

Is there a swim team at your school? Color this boy's swim cap and trunks to match your team's colors.

Anime School Girl Coloring Sheet

This girl is wearing the most classic of school uniforms - a sailor-style top, a pleated skirt, and tall socks. Color her clothing white, blue, and red for a traditional look.

Girl in Math Class Cartoon Coloring Sheet

What is your favorite subject? Whether you love math or you hate it, you can learn a lot as you color this hardworking student.

School Boy Coloring Sheet

Are you ready for school? This little boy is! He has a backpack, and all his supplies are packed securely inside.

Powerpuff Girls Coloring Sheet

Maybe you and your sisters feel like a superhero team. Or maybe watching the Powerpuff Girls on TV is a favorite childhood memory. Either way, you can dress Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup in their matching pink, blue, and green uniforms.

Boy Coloring Sheet

This kid is looking good! Color his hair, his cool T-shirt, his blue jeans, and his shoes.

Girl Face Coloring Sheet

Have you ever worn your hair in pigtails? Color this portrait to look like you or someone you know.

Anime Boy Full Body Coloring Sheet

Did you color the anime boy's face, above? Bring him to life with this full-body portrait.

Pinky Promise Coloring Sheet

Did you color the best friends making a pinky promise, above? Here's a closeup of their hands. You can color this page and give it to someone as a token of trust.

Baby Coloring Sheet

Do you have a little brother or sister? Even if you are an only child, you started out as a baby like this one.

Boy Face Coloring Sheet

Picture time! This boy is smiling and ready to have his portrait taken. Color his hair, face, and shirt.

Kids in Classroom Cartoon Coloring Sheet

When you're a kid, you spend a lot of time at school. Color this classroom full of students. Can you find yourself in the picture?

Anime Girl Face Coloring Sheet

You can color this anime-style portrait to look like you or someone you care above. Customize the color of the hair, eyes, and skin. You can even make the clothing match your subject's favorite color.

Jimmy Neutron Coloring Sheet

Brain blast! This boy genius can help you with your homework or be a good friend when you are in need. Color his brown, swirly hairstyle and red and yellow atomic t-shirt.

Lisa Simpson Coloring Sheet

Like her brother Bart pictured above, Lisa has bright yellow skin and hair. She often wears a red dress, red shoes, and a white pearl necklace. She also enjoys playing her favorite instrument, the saxophone.

Girl Scout Coloring Sheet

This girl needs your help, scout's honor! Color her hat, sash, and skirt brown or green. Shade the patches on her sash in bright colors.

Girl with Glasses Coloring Sheet

How old were you when you first got glasses? Customize this girl's hair, blouse, and frames to give her a new look.

Father and Daughter Coloring Sheet

Father-daughter days are the best! You can color this pair to look like you and your dad, or to resemble someone you care about.

Chibi Boy Coloring Sheet

Will you give this cute chibi-style character a normal appearance, or lean into the wild hair and eye colors common to anime? The choice is yours.

Unicorn Girl Coloring Sheet

Color this amazing unicorn girl in candy-colored hues. You can use all the colors of the rainbow or pick sets of colors to match your favorite unicorn pony.

Summer Day Coloring Sheet

Blue skies are what it's all about on summer days. Don't forget to color the shining sun, the fluffy clouds, the sandy shore, and the colorful beach toys.

Cartoon Boy Coloring Sheet

This boy is decked out in overalls, a t-shirt, and his favorite sneakers. You can choose the right colors for his clothing, complexion, and hair.

Peter Pan Coloring Sheet

Disney's Peter Pan wears a light green tunic, dark green hat and pants, brown shoes, and a red feather in his cap. He also sports a head of reddish-orange hair.

Happy Face Coloring Sheet

This boy is happy that you're adding some color to his cheeks. You can select the shades for his hair, eyes, and skin. Color him to look like you or someone you know.

Easy Lisa Simpson Drawing Coloring Sheet

Lisa has bright yellow skin and hair, large white eyes, and a white pearl necklace.

Easy Mother and Daughter Coloring Sheet

Show your mom how much you care by coloring this portrait of the two of you together. Pick hair colors that match yours and your mom's, and use her favorite colors for the clothing and heart-shaped frame.

Harry Potter Coloring Sheet

Harry wears a burgundy and yellow sweater and scarf. He also has a black cloak, pants, and shoes, and brown hair.

Children Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of the above children coloring pages was your favorite? Did you see yourself in any of the pictures - or maybe your best friend or your new crush?

Don't forget, you can download and print these coloring pages to make your own back-to-school coloring book. Or, you can enjoy coloring them online.

Need some inspiration after completing all of the coloring guides featured in Free Children Coloring Pages? Look no further, we have plenty more where that came from in our Free Cartoon Coloring pages.

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