Free Face Coloring Pages for Kids – 61 Printable Sheets

Old people and young people, dragons, superheroes, unicorns, and more. Human or animal, whichever you choose you will enjoy these free face coloring pages for kids.

A person's face is often the first thing we notice about them. We look at their eyes and mouths for clues about their emotions. In the list below, you will find faces that are tired, sad, angry, disgusted, or happy.

Our interest in faces isn't limited to people. When we encounter an animal, we look at its face - does it look friendly or fierce?

You will encounter all sorts of faces as you color the pictures below!

Ready to move on from the Free Face Coloring Pages coloring guides? Check out these Free People Coloring pages for even more fun!

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Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive reindeer face coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Face Coloring Pages

Thinking Face Coloring Sheet

You can almost hear this man saying "Hmmm..." as he thinks about something important. Color his hair, eyes, and skin.

Hulk's Face Coloring Sheet

Hulk smash! Don't get angry or green with envy - you can shade this superhero's skin and hair the perfect shade of green.

Realistic Face Coloring Sheet

This face is no mere cartoon character - it has realistic features and proportions. Do you see how the halves and thirds of the face relate to the placement of the eyes, ears, and mouth? You can even use this sheet as a guide if you want to give drawing your own faces a try.

 Happy Face Coloring Sheet

Seeing happy, smiling faces can make you feel happy and smile, too. Color this smiling boy to brighten your day.

Flower Face Coloring Sheet

Sometimes we hide our faces behind things that we wear. This lady is hiding part of her face behind the flowers in her hair. Color her bright blossoms, and make her over with makeup to match.

Giraffe Head and Face Coloring Sheet

Giraffes have friendly, cowlike faces. They, too, are herbivores - gentle animals that eat plants. Did you know? Giraffes use their 15-inch-long tongue to strip leaves from acacia trees. Can you draw the giraffe's long tongue?

Cute Girl Face Coloring Sheet

This girl is so pretty! You can finish her style by adding color. Use your crayons to dye her hair, apply her lipstick and makeup, and create star-shaped earrings that match her outfit.

Hand Covering Face Coloring Sheet

Have you ever covered your face in shame, fear, pain, or sadness? Color this woman who is hiding her face with her hand.

Anime Old Man Coloring Sheet

A sensei, or teacher, is a common anime archetype. Color this old man's face, eyes, hair, beard, and Japanese robes.

Wolf Face and Head Coloring Sheet

Wolves like this one can be school mascots or symbols of strength, self-reliance, fierceness, or a Native American heritage. Gray wolves may be gray, brown, reddish, black, or white in color.

Santa Claus Face Coloring Sheet

The familiar face of Santa Claus was first drawn in the 1800s. You can color his red hat and rosy cheeks while leaving his beard and hair a snowy white.

Funny Face Coloring Sheet

Design this clown's funny face! Clowns wear bright, exaggerated makeup to make people laugh. Give him a traditional red nose and an unnatural hair color.

Chinese Dragon Face and Head Coloring Sheet

Dragon faces like this one can be seen in architecture and objects from China and other parts of Asia. You might recall seeing dragon faces on objects in Disney's Mulan.

Bunny Face Coloring Sheet

Whether you're thinking of the Easter bunny, a furry friend, or a demented animatronic, you can color this rabbit face. Bunnies are often white, black, brown, tan, gray, or combinations of these colors.

Tired Face Coloring Sheet

Do you feel tired? Express yourself when you color this exhausted face. What makes him look so tired? His hair is a mess after a long day. He has swollen circles under his eyes and his mouth and eyes are drooping.

Surprised Face Coloring Sheet

What does your face look like when you express surprise? Likely, your mouth and eyes open wide just like the boy in this picture.

Fox Face Coloring Sheet

Foxes are known for being quick, shy, smart, and crafty. Shade this one orange, white, and black just like a red fox. You might even learn what the fox says!

Easy Realistic Cat Face Coloring Sheet

This picture is the cat's meow! You can customize your new pet. Cats' fur can be solid, striped, or spotted, combining shades of white, black, orange, yellow, brown, tan, and gray.

Panda Face Coloring Sheet

Pandas have one of the most recognizable faces in the animal kingdom. They are mostly white with black ears, a black nose, and black patches over their eyes.

Face Portrait Coloring Sheet

Color this glamorous portrait of a woman. You can choose the color of her hair, eyes, and earrings and do her makeup, too.

Scared Face Coloring Sheet

What do you look like when you are scared? Your eyes get large like in the surprised face above. Your mouth opens wide but forms a frown instead of an "O" shape.

Easy Elephant Head and Face Coloring Sheet

It is said that an elephant never forgets, so play nice as you color this one! Elephants are usually gray or brown in color. Their tusks are white or cream-colored.

Easy Lisa Simpson Coloring Sheet

Like many people in her cartoon world, Lisa has bright yellow skin and hair. Her eyes and pearl necklace are white.

Easy Barbie Doll Face Coloring Sheet

This Barbie girl is ready for a makeover! Many Barbie dolls have blonde hair, blue eyes, and pink lipstick, but Barbie can be anything you want her to be. Give her red, brown, or black hair and any skin tone you would like.

Easy Unicorn Face Coloring Sheet

If you could have a unicorn of your very own, what would she look like? Would her fur be white, pink, or some other shade? Would her horn be made of gold or a rainbow swirl?

Angry Anime Girl Coloring Sheet

Anime and manga-style cartoons are very expressive of emotion. You can see the furrowed brow, clenched teeth, and "V" shaped lines that indicate high blood pressure and protruding blood vessels. Color her face red with anger.

Bear Face Coloring Sheet

Will this angry, growling bear be a brown grizzly bear, a black bear, a white polar bear, or some other type? The choice is yours.

Girl Face Coloring Sheet

This little girl is so happy to see you! Color her cute pigtails and smiling face.

Boy Face Coloring Sheet

This little boy is happy to see you, too. Color his hair and his smiling face.

Easy Bear Face Coloring Sheet

This cute teddy bear is ready to play. Many teddy bears are brown, but you can make yours any color of the rainbow.

Bat Face Coloring Sheet

Some people are afraid of bats, and when you take a close look at their fearsome features. But remember, bats like these are very small - they could fit in the palm of your hand!

Husky Face Coloring Sheet

Husky dogs often have striking blue eyes. Their fur pattern is often black and white or tan and white.

Reindeer Face Coloring Sheet

This little reindeer is ready for the holidays with a red Santa hat and a jingle bell collar. Is this a picture of Rudolph? You can decide by coloring his nose red or black.

Easy Dog Face Coloring Sheet

Spotted dogs come in many colors - white, brown, tan, black, gray, or reddish. Usually, the spots and ears are darker than the rest of the fur.

Disgusted Face Coloring Sheet

What does your face look like when you taste, smell, or hear something disgusting? You squint your eyes, wrinkle your nose, and frown just like this lady.

Black Man's Face Coloring Sheet

This young man has strong, distinctive features. Color his richly hued hair and skin.

Old Man Face Coloring Sheet

Wrinkles, balding, bushy eyebrows - this face has all the markers of old age. Color the face, leaving the hair white or shading it gray.

Cheetah Face Coloring Sheet

Cheetahs are a sandy, tan color. Their faces also have unique features that help them survive. Spots help them blend in with the savannah grass, and the dark markings around their eyes help them see by reducing glare from the sun.

Grandma Face Coloring Sheet

Did you color the old man's face, above? Here is a kindly grandmother to go with him. Little old ladies famously have gray or light blue hair.

Laughing Face Coloring Sheet

When you see someone smiling, you might just smile, too. This lady has a wide smile, and her eyes are closed in laughter, so tightly that they crinkle at the inner corners.

Black Woman Coloring Sheet

Color this lady and her fabulous natural hairstyle. Give her a makeover with lipstick and eyeshadow.

Goat Face Coloring Sheet

Are you the G.O.A.T. today? Color this friendly farm animal to let others know that you are the greatest of all time.

Golden Retriever Face Coloring Sheet

Golden retriever dogs are blonde, tan, or beige in color. Have fun shading this portrait of man's best friend.

Gorilla Face Coloring Sheet

Gorillas typically have black, dark gray, or brown fur.

Snake Face and Head Coloring Sheet

What type of snake is this? The colors you give it can determine the species. Is it a bright yellow eyelash viper? Or a gray and brown rattlesnake? What about a red, yellow, and black striped coral snake? The choice is yours.

Frog Face Coloring Sheet

We often think of frogs as green, but they can come in many colors. Poison arrow frogs from the rainforest, for example, can be bright yellow, blue, or red with black stripes.

Black Girl Coloring Sheet

This girl has fabulous hair and she is ready for her close-up. Use your crayons or colored pencils to complete her look with a makeover.

Abstract Face Coloring Sheet

This face looks like something out of a dream or an abstract painting by Pablo Picasso. Use bright, contrasting colors to shade the abstract face.

Clown Face Coloring Sheet

Clowns work best in groups! If you colored the funny face above, color this clown as well to give him a friend.

Man's Face Coloring Sheet

Color this man's hair, eyes, and skin. Is he the grown-up version of the little boy you colored above? He can be if you use the same colors.

Dog Face Coloring Sheet

If you love Rottweilers, this is the canine portrait for you. Color his pink tongue and black and brown fur.

Monkey Face Coloring Sheet

Monkeys have many different colors and patterns in their fur. You can use shades of brown like a chimp, bright red like the uakari, or red, blue, and brown like the mandrill.

Free printable monkey face coloring page

Male Face from the Side Profile Coloring Sheet

Color this portrait to look like you, your friend, or your favorite celebrity crush! You can choose the colors of the man's skin, hair, and eyes.

Anime Boy Face Coloring Sheet

In anime and manga, many male characters have pale skin and jet-black hair. Others sport wild and unnatural hair colors - lavender, bright red, or glowing yellow to name a few.

Alien Face Coloring Sheet

You can color this alien to be one of the "little green men" legendary for visiting Roswell, New Mexico, or shade his skin grey as depicted in many sci-fi movies and shows.

Woman's Face Coloring Sheet

You can pick the skin color, hair color, and eye color for this lovely lady. Make her look like you, your friend, or your favorite celebrity.

Mr. Bean Coloring Sheet

Mr. Bean has pale skin, black hair, and a black "beauty mark" on his cheek. He often wears a brown suit with a white shirt and a red necktie.

Easy Super Sonic Face Coloring Sheet

Sonic is usually blue in color, but Super Sonic is bright yellow - reminiscent of the color-changing hair of the Super Saiyans from another favorite television cartoon. Super Sonic has red irises in his eyes.

Labrador Retriever Head and Face Coloring Sheet

Labrador retrievers come in three common colors - black labs, yellow labs, and chocolate labs. You can choose black, brown, or cream-colored fur for this faithful friend.

Jesus's Face Coloring Sheet

Like many people still living in the Holy Land, Jesus likely had olive-colored skin, dark eyes, brown hair, and a brown beard.

Crying Face Coloring Sheet

This little boy is sad, but you can cheer him up by adding some color to his cheeks. Choose the colors of his skin, hair, and eyes.

Face Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of the above face coloring pages was your favorite? Did you make a new friend or adopt a new pet?

Don't forget, you can color these pages online or download and print them. Then, you can customize each picture using your crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

What can you do with this collection of coloring sheets? You can print them out and bind them together to make an interesting coloring book.

Or, you can use them to make fun masks for you and your friends. Color the face and then cut it out; cut out the eyes as well. We recommend using a thicker paper like cardstock if you plan on wearing the picture as a mask.

Looking for something new after exploring all of Free Face Coloring Pages? Give Free Children Coloring pages a try today!

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