Free History Coloring Pages for Kids - 54 Printable Sheets

Do you like learning about history? Some people think it is boring, but it doesn't have to be. These free history coloring pages for kids are one way to make learning about history fun.

Can you imagine what it would be like to walk among the pyramids of Egypt? Color some and make your own travel guide. Explore other famous, historic places like the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Taj Mahal. Color a Roman soldier and the Roman Colosseum.

You can meet famous people here, too. You will find Martin Lutter King, Jr., George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, the scientist Isaac Newton, William Shakespeare, Jesus, and others on our list.

You can make history come alive, one printable coloring page at a time.

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Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive cowboy coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free History Coloring Pages

Samurai Coloring Sheet

You may have seen samurai in movies or cartoons, but did you know that they were actually specialized warriors in Japan? Color this samurai to help him sneak stealthily through the darkness or blend into the crowd.

World Press Freedom Day Poster Coloring Sheet

In most countries, freedom of the press is a right - the right to write about important subjects, even if some people don't like it. But that wasn't always the case. This poster is a reminder of brave journalists who faced danger.

Sphinx Coloring Sheet

The Sphinx is a huge statue in Egypt. It was built in ancient times out of tan sand-colored stone. Myths of the Sphinx said that he was wise and tested people with riddles.

Queen Coloring Sheet

Queens have ruled over various lands and peoples throughout history. But being a queen wasn't all jewels and luxury - it could be deadly! This queen is dressed in medieval European style.

William Shakespeare Coloring Sheet

William Shakespeare wrote famous plays like Romeo and Juliet. Some of his plays have been adapted into cartoons. For example, Disney's The Lion King is a retelling of the Shakespeare play Hamlet.

Leaning Tower of Pisa Coloring Sheet

This famous tower was not designed to lean, but it began to do so while being constructed. Once, an architect devised a way to "fix" the tower by straightening it. But it is a landmark, and people like to see it lean!

Pyramids of Giza Coloring Sheet

Giza is one of the most famous locations of Egypt's pyramids. There, you can see pyramids of different sizes and phases of construction. At the top of one, you can even see the remains of its smooth surface and imagine how it gleamed when fully covered by smooth stones.

Roman Soldier Coloring Sheet

Rome was known for its army and its power. Soldiers like this one kept their armor polished to a silvery shine, not allowing it to rust. Their shields, plumes, and garments were often red in color.

Pyramid Coloring Sheet

As you color this pyramid, look at the huge stacked blocks that it is made of. Scientists still wonder how these blocks were moved without modern tools.

Colosseum Coloring Sheet

In the Roman Colosseum, men called Gladiators and animals fought battles to the death. Once, it was flooded so ships could battle inside. Today, the sand-colored stone is all that remains.

Taj Mahal Coloring Sheet

The Taj Mahal was built out of glistening white stone. This palace was built in honor of the emperor's late wife.

Isaac Newton Coloring Sheet

Do you know why this famous scientist is holding an apple? Legend has it that a falling apple helped him to understand the nature of gravity.

Plague Doctor Coloring Sheet

Hundreds of years ago, a disease called plague killed millions of people. Doctors wore outfits like this one - long robes and a beaklike face mask - to keep from catching the germs from their patients.

Buddha Coloring Sheet

Buddha was a real person named Gautama hundreds of years ago. He wanted to know the meaning of life. Statues like this one recount a time when snails were said to cover his head, protecting him from the hot sun as he meditated.

Jesus Coloring Sheet

Many European paintings depict Jesus as you see him in this coloring sheet. Being from the Middle East, Jesus likely had brown hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. Though not shown in this picture, he probably wore a beard, too.

Celtic Warrior Coloring Sheet

The Celts were a people who lived long ago in the areas now occupied by Europe and Britain. Many Celts had red hair and blue or green eyes.

Throne Coloring Sheet

Since ancient times, royalty have sat on fancy thrones to remind others of their high positions. Thrones could be made of carved wood, ivory, and precious metals like gold or silver and decorated with richly dyed fabrics and precious stones.

Empire State Building Coloring Sheet

The Empire State Building is a historic building in America. At the time of its construction, it was the tallest building in the world. It still stands as a tourist attraction and landmark in New York City.

King Tut Coloring Sheet

Kings in ancient Egypt were mummified after they died, their bodies placed in gold sarcophaguses like this one. King Tut also made history when his tomb was discovered over 100 years ago.

VE Day Card Coloring Sheet

In Europe, VE or Victory Day is celebrated to commemorate the end of World War II. This poster shows a soldier waving the blue and red flag of Great Britain, one of the victors in the war.

Sagrada Familia Church Coloring Sheet

This striking church began to be built in 1882. Its designer thought it would take 200 years to build it and sure enough, it is still not finished today. It is a famous landmark in Spain.

Spartan Helmet Coloring Sheet

Before Rome and its soldiers came along, Greece was the force to be reckoned with - especially the city of Sparta, which was famous for producing fierce soldiers. Do you see similarities between this Greek helmet and that of the Roman soldier above?

Martin Luther King Jr. Coloring Sheet

Martin Luther King was a famous civil rights leader known for his peaceful methods. In the United States, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is commemorated every February.

George Washington Coloring Sheet

George Washington was the first president of the United States. Before that, he was a military commander. Today, his face appears on the United States quarter and on the one-dollar bill.

Golden Gate Bridge Coloring Sheet

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most famous landmarks in California. Don't let its name fool you, though - it is red in color, not golden.

Thomas Jefferson Coloring Sheet

Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States. You can color this sketch based on a painting made during his lifetime - long before the invention of the camera.

Abraham Lincoln Coloring Sheet

Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the United States. He was known for wearing tall black top hats and ending slavery in America.

Cartoon Knight Coloring Sheet

During Europe's Middle Ages, knights wore heavy metal armor to protect them in battle. What color should this knight's armor be? Is he a knight in shining armor in silver or gold? A dark knight with black armor? Or is his armor red and rusty?

White House Coloring Sheet

True to its name, the White House - home to U.S. presidents - is white in color. It is surrounded by a well-kept green lawn.

Egyptian Cat Coloring Sheet

Cats were worshiped as gods in ancient Egypt. The pyramids contained statutes of cats like this one, or even mummified cats. Color this cat black with a golden collar.

Big Ben Coloring Sheet

Big Ben is a famous clock in London. The tower stands above the Parliament Building. It is made from brown stone with a gray roof.

Mosque Coloring Sheet

Mosques are places of worship in the Islamic religion. The oldest is more than a thousand years old. Some are made from plain stone; others have beautiful, colorful tiles or golden domed roofs.

Pilgrim Coloring Sheet

The Pilgrims fled religious persecution in England and came to America more than 400 years ago. They often wore simple, dark-colored clothing in shades of black, navy blue, or brown.

King Coloring Sheet

This king is dressed in European-style attire, though jeweled golden crowns and robes made of fur or other expensive materials have been used by royals around the world.

Pirate Coloring Sheet

This pirate has a classic look - an eyepatch, a peg leg, and a captain's hat with a skull and crossbones on it. But did you know? Pirates hailed from all around the world, and some were even girls!

Knight Helmet Coloring Sheet

Knights protected their heads from injury by wearing metal helmets like this one. They were often silver in color and oiled frequently to keep them from rusting. Some had brightly colored feathers on top.

Celtic Cross Coloring Sheet

Did you color the Celtic warrior, above? Symbols like this Celtic cross can still be seen in architecture across Europe.

Sydney Opera House Coloring Sheet

The white, seashell-shaped Sydney Opera House in Australia is one of the most famous buildings in the world.

Uncle Sam Coloring Sheet

The character of Uncle Sam has been used to recruit for the United States military since the 1800s. He wears a top hat with the stars and stripes of the American flag, as well as its red, white, and blue colors.

Mummy Coloring Sheet

Real mummies don't walk around like those in monster movies, but mummies wrapped in cloth like this one have been found inside pyramids and elsewhere.

Titanic Coloring Sheet

The Titanic is the most famous shipwreck disaster in history. Its hull was black and red, its decks white, and its smokestacks copper-colored and black.

Knight Coloring Sheet

Here is another medieval knight to do battle with the one you colored above. Color his silvery armor and the red plume on his helmet.

Viking Ship Coloring Sheet

Viking ships were brown and made from wood. They were decorated with brightly painted shields and symbols on their sails.

Virgin Mary Coloring Sheet

Mary was the mother of Jesus, one of the most famous people who ever lived. Color Mary's brown hair, her dress, and her headscarf.

Cowboy Coloring Sheet

Yee-haw! Color this cowboy's leather boots and belt brown. His cowboy hat might be white, black, brown, or gray.

Notre Dame Cathedral Coloring Sheet

This famous cathedral is made from beige stone. If you visited there today, you might see blackened damage from a historic fire in 2019.

Eiffel Tower Coloring Sheet

The Eiffel Tower may be the most famous landmark in the world. By day, it is grey in color, as it is made out of metal. At night, lights bathe it in many different colors.

Crown Coloring Sheet

This coloring sheet can be your crowning achievement. Crowns are usually made out of silver or gold and bedecked in precious stones like red rubies, blue sapphires, or green emeralds.

Menorah Coloring Sheet

Most menorahs are made out of gold and topped with plain white or cream-colored candles. Others are silver, bronze, or black; sometimes colorful candles are used.

Anubis Coloring Sheet

Anubis was the ancient Egyptian god of the dead. On tomb walls, he is depicted as having black fur and wearing golden decorations.

Zeus Coloring Sheet

Zeus is usually depicted as having white hair, a white beard, and a white or golden toga or robe. He holds a yellow lightning bolt in his hand.

Athena Coloring Sheet

Athena's armor was made of gold - her red-plumed helmet, her breastplate, her shield, and even the tip of her spear.

Wanted Poster Coloring Sheet

Cowboy hats are usually black or brown, and bandanas are red or blue. Shade the poster lightly with yellow or brown to make it look old and faded.

Aphrodite Coloring Sheet

Venus or Aphrodite was said to have arisen from the sea on a giant seashell. In the famous Botticelli painting on which this picture is based, she has reddish-blonde hair.

History Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of the above historic coloring pages was your favorite? Was it a place or a person? Have you done extra research, reading about it?

Making your own history book is a fun and educational project. You can download these coloring pages, print them out, and bind them together to make a coloring book. Try to put them in chronological order - in the right place in time.

As you color each page with your markers, crayons, or colored pencils, write a short report on the person or place. Find a book about them at the library or Google "facts for kids" about the topic. You will find that the world around you - past, present, and future - is a fascinating place.

Love coloring? These Free History Coloring Pages are a great selection of guides, but don't forget to check out Free Music Coloring Pages too for even more fun and creative options!

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