How to Draw a Pyramid

How to Draw a Pyramid Featured Image

A pyramid is "a monumental structure" with triangular sides. In ancient Egypt, the pyramids were used as burial places for royalty... Read more

How to Draw a Graveyard

How to Draw a Graveyard Featured Image

A cemetery or graveyard is a place set aside for burying the remains of the deceased. Cemeteries reflect the religious beliefs of the area and are often considered "holy ground." In some countries, such as Mexico and Japan, festivals in honor of the dead are celebrated in graveyards... Read more

How to Draw a Tent

How to Draw a Tent Featured Image

A tent is a type of portable shelter that has been used since time immemorial. Ancient nomadic peoples lived in tents full-time, traveling from place to place. Militaries often house soldiers in tents when occupying a foreign land. And today, many people enjoy camping in tents recreationally. Tents are also used for events such as weddings and circuses... Read more

How to Draw a Barn

How to Draw a Barn Featured Image

A barn is a classic farm building used for sheltering animals or items. Barn types may be named for their purpose; for example, a dairy barn is used for milking cows and a tobacco barn is used for drying tobacco after it is harvested. Others have specific names, like stable or shed... Read more

How to Draw a Couch

How to Draw a Couch Featured Image

A couch is a piece of furniture designed to seat two or three people. Couches are usually upholstered (covered in fabric), with arms and a back for leaning against. Some couches recline or pull out to form a bed... Read more

How to Draw a Throne

How to Draw a Throne Featured Image

A throne is a large, heavy chair, often elaborately decorated with jewels, precious metals, and expensive clothes. Thrones were usually used by kings, queens, pharaohs, and other dignitaries. By the Middle Ages, family heads often sat in similar huge chairs, though less expensively adorned... Read more

How to Draw a Chair

How to Draw a Chair Featured Image

A chair is a common piece of furniture throughout the world. It is also one of the most ancient. The oldest known chairs date to about 2600 B.C.E. and were from ancient Egypt... Read more

How to Draw a Table

How to Draw a Table Featured Image

Today, the table is a basic article of furniture found in nearly every home around the world. The table is a flat surface supported by various sorts of legs. The table has been used since at least the seventh century B.C.E. - nearly 3,000 years... Read more

How to Draw a Church

How to Draw a Church Featured Image

A church is a building used for religious activities, typically by a Christian denomination. Many traditional churches are laid out in the shape of a cross. As you can see from this drawing guide, several sections of the church jut out in different directions, forming the four-pointed shape... Read more

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