How to Draw a Baby Bird

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Baby birds go by many names. Depending on their age, they may be called chicks, hatchlings, nestlings, or fledglings.

Others have names specific to their species. For example, a young duck is a duckling, a young goose is a gosling, a young eagle is an eaglet, and a young owl is an owlet. Others have even more creative names. A baby puffin is a puffling, a young sandpiper is a peep, and a baby dove is a squab or squeaker.

In popular culture, baby birds often steal the show. In The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Kessie is a baby bird found and raised by Rabbit. At other times, they play supporting roles, such as the polite baby quail in the Disney film Bambi.

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What should you do if you find a baby bird? Generally, it is best to leave it alone and do nothing. Many birds leave the nest before they are able to fly well, but don't worry. The parents are nearby to care for their young. If you find baby birds that have not yet grown feathers, however, you can gently return these to their nest so that the parents can care for them.

Would you like to draw a cute baby bird? This easy, step-by-step bird drawing guide is here to show you how. You will need a sheet of paper, a pencil, and an eraser. You may also wish to color your finished bird.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Baby Bird

How to Draw Baby Bird: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing a circle. This will form the bird's head.

How to Draw Baby Bird: Step 2

2. Use curved lines to sketch the bird's body. Notice the long "U" shaped lines that form the tail, and the overlapping curved lines that give the belly a feathered texture.

How to Draw Baby Bird: Step 3

3. Draw the bird's wing. Draw the shoulder of the wing using a "U" shaped line. Then, use long, curved "U" shaped lines to form the feathers of the wingtip, enclosing the shape of the wing.

How to Draw Baby Bird: Step 4

4. Erase part of the circle forming the head, allowing it to flow naturally into the body.


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How to Draw Baby Bird: Step 5

5. Draw a tuft of feathers on top of the head, erasing guide lines as necessary. Extend short, curved lines from inside the circle, and allow them to meet at sharp points.

How to Draw Baby Bird: Step 6

6. Draw two large ovals to form the eyes. Draw a curved line above each eye to indicate the eyebrows.

How to Draw Baby Bird: Step 7

7. Erase the bottom of each oval, and enclose the shape with a curved line. This indicates the round cheeks. Draw another, smaller, oval within each eye. Then, sketch the irregular, curved triangles that form the upper and lower portions of the beak. Draw a curved line across the lower portion of the beak, detailing the interior of the mouth. Then, draw another curved line to form the tongue.

How to Draw Baby Bird: Step 8

8. Detail the bird's eyes. Draw two small ovals within each eye, and shade one to indicate the pupil. Draw curved lines at the side of each eye to form eyelashes.


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How to Draw Baby Bird: Step 9

9. Draw the bird's feet. Use curved lines to enclose a shape like a letter "X" or "K," connected to the body by one "arm" of the letter. Then, add the texture of feathers to the head and body using curved lines and hatching.

How to Draw Baby Bird: Step 10

Color your baby bird. Young birds are often depicted as yellow, as in our illustration. They may also be white, black, brown, grey, or reddish, with patterns such as stripes or speckles. As they grow, baby birds will take on the colors of their parents.

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How to Draw Baby Bird

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