How to Draw Porg from Star Wars

How to Draw Porg from Star Wars Featured Image

Porgs are “small, flat-muzzled avians that flock about the rocks and roost in the cliffs of Luke Skywalker’s secluded island” on the uncharted world of Ahch-to. They are round and fluffy, with snouts instead of beaks… Read more

How to Draw the Yellow Angry Bird

How to Draw the Yellow Angry Bird Featured Image

Chuck, also known as the Yellow Angry Bird, is a member of the angry flock and best friend of their leader, Red. He first appeared in the original Angry Birds video game in 2009. Since then, he has played a role in countless spin-off games, two feature films, and several animated series… Read more

How to Draw a Baby Duck

How to Draw a Duck Featured Image

A baby duck is called a duckling. The word “duck” comes from Old English words meaning “diver” or “to bend down low.” How did the duck earn this name? It is because of the “upending” behavior some species exhibit while… Read more

How to Draw an Eastern Bluebird

How to Draw a Eastern Bluebird Featured Image

The eastern bluebird is one of the most beloved backyard songbirds in North America. Bluebirds can be found year-round throughout the southeastern United States and parts of Mexico. In summer, they are found… Read more

How to Draw a Seagull

How to Draw a Seagull Featured Image

Seagulls are familiar white and gray birds that frequent coastal regions around the world. Have you ever seen a seagull living far from the sea? Don’t worry, he’s not lost. Some seagulls migrate inland during either the summer or… Read more

How to Draw a Bird Nest

How to Draw Bird Nest Featured Image

A nest is a type of home. It is a structure created by an animal to protect its eggs and house its young after hatching. Birds are most famous for their nests, but mice, squirrels, insects, frogs, alligators, turtles, and even fish build nests of different kinds… Read more

How to Draw a Robin

How to Draw a Robin: Featured Image

Robins belong to the group of birds called thrushes, and are native to Europe and North America. American Robins lay… Read more

How to Draw a Flamingo

How to Draw a Flamingo: Featured Image

Six species of flamingo live in tropical regions around the world – the Americas, Africa, and Asia. The birds are highly social. In Africa, flocks of flamingos sometimes… Read more

How to Draw Angry Birds

How to Draw Angry Birds: Featured Image

Angry Birds is an entertainment franchise based on the 2010 smartphone game of the same name. The game takes place on an island inhabited… Read more


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