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How to Draw a Farm

Easy, step by step Farm drawing tutorial
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A farm is a property devoted to agriculture - the keeping of useful plants and animals, mostly for food.

Farms around the world differ in what they grow - cattle and wheat in middle America; fruit trees in Florida and California, USA; pineapples in Hawaii; olives in Europe; bananas and coffee in tropical regions; rice in Asia; and so forth.

Farms have also become a symbol of nostalgia in popular culture, of the "good old days" that once were. This may be due in part to the fact that a century ago, many families engaged in some level of farming, such as keeping a milk animal and a garden, to supplement their diet. Today, this tradition is largely lost to large-scale farming operations, ample refrigeration, urbanization, and "day jobs" located away from the home.

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Would you like to draw a farm? This easy, step-by-step cartoon drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Farm

Farm drawing - step 1
How to Draw a Farm Step 01

1. Begin by drawing the rolling hills. Draw long, curved lines that overlap and connect to each other.

Farm drawing - step 2
How to Draw a Farm Step 02

2. Draw the barn perched atop the highest hill. First, use straight lines to enclose a heptagon or a seven-sided shape. The crest of the hill will serve as the seventh side. This outlines the front of the barn. Then, draw straight lines parallel to the top four sides. Connect them at the corners using curved lines, forming the barn's roof.

Next, use straight lines to enclose a rectangle, again using the hilltop as the fourth side. Draw straight lines parallel to the lines, connecting them with a curved line at the corner. Finally, draw two vertical, parallel lines in the center of the rectangle. This completes the barn doors.

Farm drawing - step 3
How to Draw a Farm Step 03

3. Use pairs of parallel lines to draw "X" shapes across each door.

Farm drawing - step 4
How to Draw a Farm Step 04

4. Draw a window in the barn's loft or upper story. First, draw a square. Then, draw a slightly larger square around it with all lines parallel. Then, enclose a narrow rectangle above it. Draw horizontal parallel lines above the window and a circle above the lines. Enclose pairs of small rectangles here and there on the front of the barn to give it the texture of brick.

Farm drawing - step 5
How to Draw a Farm Step 05

5. Use curved lines that meet at jagged points to draw hay cascading out of the loft. Texture the hay with more curved lines.

Farm drawing - step 6
How to Draw a Farm Step 06

6. Erase guide lines from behind the hay. Then, draw a tree next to the barn. Use a pair of curved lines to outline the trunk. Then, use many connected "U" shaped lines to sketch the cloudlike treetop. Texture the tree with short lines.

Farm drawing - step 7
How to Draw a Farm Step 07

7. Draw a picket fence. For each upright fence post, draw a tall, narrow pentagon. Shade a small circle near its top. Then, connect the fence posts using pairs of straight lines.

Farm drawing - step 8
How to Draw a Farm Step 08

8. Draw bushes behind the fence using connected "U" shaped lines. Then, draw the trunk of a tree using a pair of curved lines. Enclose the crown or treetop using connected "U" shaped lines, and texture the tree and shrubbery with short lines.

Farm drawing - step 9
How to Draw a Farm Step 09

9. Draw plants and flowers growing all along the hillside. Use connected "U" shaped lines to outline the greenery. Texture it with short lines. Use curved lines for flower stems, and circles for flower heads. Texture the flowers with curved lines.

Complete Farm drawing
How to Draw a Farm Step 10

Color your cartoon farm.

"Old MacDonald had a farm, e-i-e-i-oh. And on that farm, he had a..." Hmm, what animals will populate your farm? Find them among our cartoon animal drawing guides.

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The Complete Farm Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to draw: Farm - all drawing steps
How to Draw a Farm Step by Step Tutorial Image

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