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Easy, step by step Football Player drawing tutorial
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Football players must wear special gear to protect themselves from injury. Most important is the helmet, which protects the head and brain. It has a hard outer shell and interior padding, as well as a face mask.

Today's helmets are much sturdier than those of the past. Before the 1950s, football helmets were made of hardened leather.

Football is a contact sport, so other precautions must also be taken. Mouthguards are used to protect the teeth. Football players wear shoulder pads and other padding to protect their bodies from impact. Gloves and special shoes are also worn.

Colors on the uniforms allow onlookers to tell the players of one team from those of the other.

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Did you know? Uniform numbers in American football are more specific than in other sports. Certain numbers are worn only by players in certain positions, helping referees determine whether the rules are being followed.

Would you like to draw an athletic football player? This simple, step-by-step drawing guide is here to show you how. All you will need is a pencil or pen and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.

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​Step by Step Instructions for Drawing​ a Football Player

Football Player drawing - step 1
How to Draw Baseball Player Step 01

1. Begin by drawing an irregular shape, like a rounded rectangle with a bulge on each side. This outlines the opening in the football player's helmet. Draw a curved line from one side of the opening to the other, parallel to the top of the opening; use another curved line to do the same on the bottom of the opening. Then, draw a curved line like a half circle above this figure, indicating the top of the helmet's outer shell.

Football Player drawing - step 2
How to Draw Baseball Player Step 02

2. Draw a curved line beneath the helmet, outlining the face mask. Then, draw several pairs of lines across the opening of the face mask.

Football Player drawing - step 3
How to Draw Baseball Player Step 03

3. Draw a long, curved line downward from the helmet, outlining the player's back. Use three curved lines to craft the sleeve, and additional curved lines to outline the arm, noting the bend in the elbow. Use long, narrow "U" shaped lines to outline the fingers and enclose the hand. Sketch a wristband using two curved lines.

Football Player drawing - step 4
How to Draw Baseball Player Step 04

4. Draw in the rest of the player's shirt. Use a "V" to form the neck, and rectangular shapes to indicate the number on the front of the uniform. Use curved lines to enclose the shape of the shirt. Note the short lines that add detail around the neck and under the arms.

Football Player drawing - step 5
How to Draw Baseball Player Step 05

5. Use two curved lines to outline the remaining arm, and another line to indicate the wristband. Then, draw the football. Use two curved lines that meet in gentle points to outline the ball, and band it with two sets of parallel lines. Draw curved lines parallel to the outline of the ball to add texture. Note the "U" shaped lines that form fingers at the top of the ball.

Football Player drawing - step 6
How to Draw Baseball Player Step 06

6. Use long, curved lines to outline the pants. Note the short curved lines that indicate folds in the fabric.

Football Player drawing - step 7
How to Draw Baseball Player Step 07

7. Detail the helmet and face. Stripe the helmet with two sets of parallel lines. Draw the nose and eyebrows using curved lines. Sketch the eyes using a shaded circle within a larger circle.

Football Player drawing - step 8
How to Draw Baseball Player Step 08

8. Extend a pair of curved lines downward from each pant leg. These lines form the player's lower legs.

Football Player drawing - step 9
How to Draw Baseball Player Step 09

9. Use a curved line at the bottom of each foot to enclose the irregular shape of the player's shoes.

Complete Football Player drawing
How to Draw Baseball Player Step 10

10. Color your football player. What are your favorite team's colors? Then, round out your team with more tutorials from our people drawing guides.

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The Complete Football Player Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to draw: Football Player - all drawing steps
How to Draw a Football Player: Step by Step Tutorial

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