How to Draw a Grasshopper

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Grasshoppers are jumping insects found throughout the world. Some varieties are known as locusts or crickets.

Since ancient times, the grasshopper has been both utilized and loathed by humans. Swarms of millions of locusts can devastate agricultural crops. In the past, this could cause widespread famine. On the other hand, grasshoppers themselves have served as food for people. Grasshoppers are rich in protein are said to taste like shrimp or crab. They can be eaten raw, cooked, or fried.

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Grasshoppers have long found their way into art and popular culture. In ancient Athens, people wore golden grasshopper brooches to advertise a "pure" Athenian lineage. Grasshoppers can be seen in classic paintings such as the 1630 Flowers in a Vase with Shells and Insects and 1685 Flowers in a Vase. In film, the grasshopper has played major roles in Beginning of the End (1957) and A Bug's Life (1998).

Would you like to draw a grasshopper? This easy, step-by-step drawing guide is here to help. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.

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​Step by Step Instructions for Drawing​ a Grasshopper

How to Draw Grasshopper: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing an irregular circle to form the grasshopper's head.

How to Draw Grasshopper: Step 2

2. Extend two curved lines from the head, one longer than the other. Allow them to meet in a gentle point. Then, enclose an irregular shape using a long, wavy line. This forms the grasshopper's thorax, or midsection.

How to Draw Grasshopper: Step 3

3. Extend two long, curved lines from the thorax, allowing them to meet in a gentle point. This forms the grasshopper's abdomen.

How to Draw Grasshopper: Step 4

4. Using two curved lines, enclose two rounded shapes beneath the head and thorax of the grasshopper.

How to Draw Grasshopper: Step 5

5. Extend two pairs of curved lines upward from the top of the head. Allow each set of lines to meet in a sharp point, forming the antennae of the insect.

How to Draw Grasshopper: Step 6

6. Draw the grasshopper's legs. For the front leg, extend a wavy, loosely "S" shaped line, and double it back upon itself to enclose the shape. For the rear leg, enclose two irregular rounded shapes. Then, extend two curved lines that converge but do not meet. Extend another pair of lines downward from these. Use several shorter lines to enclose the inverted "V" shape of the foot at the bottom.

How to Draw Grasshopper: Step 7

7. Erase the guide lines from the legs.

How to Draw Grasshopper: Step 8

8. Draw another foreleg using two curved lines that meet in a point. Indicate the far middle leg by enclosing an inverted "V" shape beneath the body. For the near rear leg, extend a pair of lines from behind the middle leg. Draw two lines descending from these, bent at the knee. Enclose the foot using three curved lines. For the far rear leg, indicate the knee by drawing a stacked set of inverted, "V" shaped lines rising above the abdomen. Draw the foot using a pair of curved lines that meet in a point beneath the abdomen.

How to Draw Grasshopper: Step 9

9. Detail your grasshopper. Using short, curved lines, draw hairs along the legs. Overlap a series of curved lines beneath the abdomen to form the belly. Draw a large oval to form the eye, and place two smaller ovals within it. Shade between the two smallest to form the pupil of the eye. Indicate the mouth using a short, curved line.

How to Draw Grasshopper: Step 10

10. Color your grasshopper. This insect is typically green, brown, or yellow.

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  • Thanks! You make the impossible suddenly simple. I need to paint a grasshopper on my cat’s headstone. He used to bring live grasshoppers into the house so he could teach the baby kittens (who weren’t allowed outside yet) how to hunt.

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