25 Easy Bug Drawing Tutorials

Are your insect drawing skills bugging you? Don't worry! We've got a whole swarm of insect drawing guides to help you learn how to sketch mosquitos, butterflies, bees, and more.

We suggest that you start with the easy and simple cartoon-style drawing tutorials.

Those are the ones that have smiling faces and big, pupiled eyes.

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Cute cartoon-style bugs are great for telling stories or creating comics. They are reminiscent of your favorite characters from animated films like Antz, Bee Movie, and A Bug's Life.

Then, you can move on to the more complex realistic sketches. These anatomical drawings show beetles and other insects as they actually exist in nature.

And what a fascinating world the realm of insects is! These sketches are great for expanding your skills or creating school science projects.

You may be wondering, why are there no spiders on this list? Well, the reason is that despite the similarities, spiders are not insects or bugs. Spiders belong to another group of invertebrates called arachnids. Insects have three body segments and six legs, while spiders have two segments and eight legs.

But don't worry - if you need a spider to keep these insects under control, simply type the word "spider" in the search box above. We've got several varieties to suit your sketching needs!

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Drawing bugs is all the buzz. Let's get started!

25 Easy Bug Drawing Tutorials

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