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How to Draw an Owl in Cartoon Style

How to Draw an Owl
in Cartoon Style

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In this guide we will draw a cute little owl. The tutorial consists of 11 simple steps that when finished, will assemble and create a fantastic, energetic owl!

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Sketch lightly, but confidently, and in no time you will have a cute owl sitting on the paper in front of you. The secret is to draw slowly and accurately, following these step-by-step instructions.

As we begin, you will want to sketch very softly and lightly. This will help you better visualize the shapes and forms of the owl. It will also easily allow you to erase away any unwanted, stray lines.

In this tutorial, you will find each step highlighted in a light blue color.

Be sure to visualize the drawing before hand so you have enough room to comfortably fit it onto your paper. You will need a pencil, pen, color pencil or whatever your chosen medium for coloring may be. Finally, let's get started!

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Step-by-Step Instructions
for Drawing an Owl

How to Draw an Owl: step 1

Begin by drawing a circle, this will be the base shape of the body.

How to Draw an Owl: step 2

Next, we draw the top of the head, which is connected to the circular body shape. Start the line just above the center of the circle, and draw a slightly angled line going upward. Repeat this on the other side, directly across from the first line. Connect the two lines with another slightly angled horizontal line.

How to Draw an Owl: step 3

Draw two circles on the top portion of the head. Try to keep these circles as symmetrical as possible.

How to Draw an Owl: step 4

Place an upside down teardrop shape in between both eyes. This will be the owl's beak.

How to Draw an Owl: step 5

Draw a line from just below the eye, to the bottom center of the body. Repeat on the other side, directly across the body. If done correctly, you should have two symmetrical, leaf shapes. These will be your owls wings.

How to Draw an Owl: step 6

This is perhaps the most difficult of all steps. Draw in the owl's feet and talons on the bottom of the body. These feet consist of three, triangular shapes. Once one of the feet are drawn, draw another one right next to it.

How to Draw an Owl: step 7

Add a triangle shape to the forehead of the owl. Start your line at the top of the head, just above the eye and end it just above the beak. Repeat this on the other side, this will be the crown of your owl.

How to Draw an Owl: step 8

Draw the pupils in the center of your owls eyes. Your pupils should be large circles that take up a large portion of the eye. Create a notch in the pupils, this will create the illusion of a glare coming from your owl's eyes. Completely darken your pupil shape.

How to Draw an Owl: step 9

At this point, you have the most basic shapes and forms of your owl done and it should finally be taking shape. Add Y shapes to the wings of your owl. These tree branch like shapes will give the illusion of overlapping feathers.

How to Draw an Owl: step 10

By this step, you are almost done with the outline of your owl, just a few more details and it should be good to go. Draw in a circular line almost outlining the bottom of your owls eye, this will give a feeling of depth to the eyes. Add a few strands of fur to the belly of your owl.

How to Draw an Owl: step 11

Now, add some color to your owl and bring it to life!

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