How to Draw a Mother Hugging a Daughter

Mothers and daughters are known to share a special bond. Even common words for “mother” reflect this. Throughout the world, words that sound similar to “mother” are used – mom, mommy, mum, mommy, ma, mama, mammy, a’ma, eomma, mamam, among others.

The mother plays a vital role in human society. Not only does she bear children, but in most cultures she is the most integral figure in child rearing. Mothers typically care for the physical and emotional needs of infants and young children. This allows a deep social bond to form between the mother and child.

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Mothers, together with their children, have been popular subjects of paintings, sculpture, and other artwork since time immemorial. In France, especially, the role of the mother was romanticized in art. Many ancient religions worshiped the the mother figure as a goddess, the giver of life.

Would you like to draw a mother and daughter? Doing so is easy with the help of this simple, step-by-step drawing tutorial. You will need only a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Mother and Daughter

How to Draw Mother Hugging a Daughter

1. Begin by drawing the mother’s face. Begin with a long, curved line, forming an open oval. Outline the face and hairline using a series of curved lines. Extend curved lines beneath the face to outline the neck. Draw the neck of the garment using a pair of parallel curved lines. Enclose the hair using several overlapping curved lines to indicate a braid.

2. Draw the daughter’s head. Begin with an oval shape. Use curved lines to outline the hairline and ear. Enclose a small, rounded shape on top of the head to indicate a hair tie. Then, use a long and short curved line to enclose the ponytail. Allow the lines to meet in a sharp point.

3. Draw a pair of long, curved lines extending from the shoulder, and connect them at the end using a short line, forming the sleeve. Detail the folds of the garment using curved lines at the elbow and across the chest. Then, sketch the hand. Use long, narrow “U” shaped lines to form each finger.

4. Draw the girl’s sleeve, again using long, curved lines. Sketch her hand using overlapping curved lines. Enclose a small triangle beneath the ear to indicate the girl’s neck.

5. Use long, curved lines to outline the shape of the girl’s dress. Notice how it narrows at the hip before extending outward to form the skirt.

6. Extend two sets of curved lines downward from the dress. These form the girl’s legs. At the bottom, allow the lines to diverge from one another. Then, connect them using a shorter curved line to enclose the feet. Draw another short, curved line across the narrow ankles to indicate the top of the shoes.

7. Use long, curved lines to outline the mother’s skirt.

8. Draw the mother’s other hand on the girl’s back, erasing guide lines as necessary. Use overlapping “U” shaped lines to form each finger.

9. Detail the faces of the mother and daughter. Use small circles for eyes, and short, curved lines to indicate eyebrows, noses, smiling mouths, and eyes that are happily closed.

Color the mother and daughter. What is your mom’s favorite color?

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