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A scarf is a piece of fabric worn around the neck or head. Scarves are an ancient garment, and they aren’t just for girls. How so?

A statue of the Assyrian ruler Ashurnasirpal II, dated from the ninth century B.C., shows him wearing a scarf.

In ancient Rome, scarves called focale or sudarim were worn by soldiers to keep their armor from injuring their necks, and to wipe sweat from their faces.

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Scarves were also used to identify the rank of ancient Chinese warriors.

Today, when most people think of a scarf, they think of those worn in cold weather and for fashion. Besides fashion, scarves can convey other messages as well.

For example, especially in Britain, university students employ striped scarves of different colors to identify their alma mater.

Soccer fans often wear scarves representing their favorite teams, and may form a “scarf wall” – a veritable wall of the team’s colors – by lifting their scarves above their heads in the stands.

Would you like to draw a lovely scarf? This easy, step-by-step drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pencil, a sheet of paper, and an eraser. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.

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​Step by Step Instructions for Drawing​ a Scarf

How to Draw Scarf: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing a curved line. This outlines the inner side of the scarf. Then, draw two additional curved lines that overlap. These lines outline the outside edge of the scarf.

How to Draw Scarf: Step 2

2. Draw another curved line, following the curve of the inner line but not connected to it. Then, continue the outer line, but do not connect this curved line to it, either. Finally, draw another curved line overlapping this second outer line.

How to Draw Scarf: Step 3

3. Use a long curved line to connect each of the top outer lines. Use another curved line to connect the inner lines, meeting each line about midway. You now have an outline of the coiled scarf.

How to Draw Scarf: Step 4

4. From the inner outline of the scarf, draw a long curved line descending downward. Curve the line back upon itself until it passes the inner fold of the scarf on the opposite side. Use several shorter, overlapping curved lines to connect this end of the line with the outline of the scarf. Erase guide lines as necessary. This shape forms the end of the scarf, hanging from where it is tied.


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How to Draw Scarf: Step 5

5. From the point that the end of the scarf disappears behind the rest of the scarf, extend a long curved line downward. Connect it to the end of the scarf, forming the opposite end.

How to Draw Scarf: Step 6

6. Erase any remaining guide lines from the scarf.

How to Draw Scarf: Step 7

7. Stripe the ends of the scarf. Use pairs of narrowly spaced, parallel curved lines to form each stripe.

How to Draw Scarf: Step 8

8. Stripe the remainder of the scarf. Use pairs of curved parallel lines for each stripe. Then, draw lines extending outward from under the ends of the scarf, indicating creasing where the scarf is tied.


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How to Draw Scarf: Step 9

9. Draw fringe hanging from the ends of the scarf. For each strand of fringe, extend a curved line from the scarf, and double it sharply back upon itself. Draw the fringes closely spaced until the ends of the scarf are fully covered.

How to Draw Scarf: Step 10

Color your scarf. Will it match your favorite outfit? Your favorite sports team? Your school colors? Or will it make a bold statement? The choice is yours.

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How to Draw Scarf

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