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How to Draw a Skeleton

How to Draw a Skeleton

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It is going to be Halloween soon, so we're going to draw a skeleton. There are quite a few parts in a skeleton, but if you use simple, basic shapes to help with the drawing, it is quite easy.

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As we will be erasing the early "helper" shapes later, sketch the shapes lightly and have your eraser at hand.

We will start by drawing the skeleton's head first. The drawing is quite tall, so leave enough space so that everything will fit.

​In the guide below, each step is highlighted in a light blue color.

You don't need any special pens or tools. A regular pencil, eraser, and paper are all you need. If you want, you can also color the drawing with colored pencils or pens.

Step-by-Step Instructions
for Drawing a Skeleton

How to Draw a Skeleton : Step 1

First, draw a small circle for the top of the skull and an overlapping rectangle below the circle.

How to Draw a Skeleton : Step 2

Add two tiny ovals for the eyes and connect the circle and rectangle with short curving lines.

How to Draw a Skeleton : Step 3

Erase the extra lines inside the skull. Draw a small triangle for the nose, and a half moon shape for the mouth.

How to Draw a Skeleton : Step 4

Let's do the body next. Draw a curving line down from the skull. This will be the spine. Add two short lines across the spine; one for the shoulders and another for the hip. They need to be a little tilted to help when we will draw the arms and legs later.

How to Draw a Skeleton : Step 5

Draw four narrow rectangles for the upper and lower arms. Leave some space between the rectangles.

How to Draw a Skeleton : Step 6

Add tiny circles in all the corners of each rectangle. Also, draw a slightly larger circle between the rectangles. These circles will help to shape the bones and will also be the joints of the skeleton.

How to Draw a Skeleton : Step 7

Draw two small rectangles for palms. Add slightly bent lines for the fingers.

How to Draw a Skeleton : Step 8

Draw a series of small triangles going down the spine.

How to Draw a Skeleton : Step 9

Sketching the ribs can be a little complicated, but if you draw a V-shape first connecting the hip and upper arms that will help. Draw six ribs on both sides of the spine. The ribs are curved upwards.

How to Draw a Skeleton : Step 10

Erase all the extra lines. When you remove the lines between the small circles and rectangles in the arms, they begin to look like bones.

How to Draw a Skeleton : Step 11

Draw the hip like a peanut and add two rectangles for each leg. The rectangles are not in one line as we want our skeleton to be on the move.

How to Draw a Skeleton : Step 12

Draw small circles for the leg joints like we did for the arms.

How to Draw a Skeleton : Step 13

Add circles for the ankle joints and draw triangles for feet. Add five small ovals for toes to each foot.

How to Draw a Skeleton : Step 14

Erase the extra lines from the legs (the same way we did for the arms).

How to Draw a Skeleton : Step 15

Add some color and your skeleton drawing is ready.

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