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Easy, step by step Toilet drawing tutorial
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For much of history, restroom facilities were not located in houses. Instead, people used outdoor latrines or outhouses.

Yet, the flush toilet, in one form or another, has been around for thousands of years. For example, one site in Britain contains a toilet system "flushed" by a flowing stream.

The village is about 4,000 years old. Flushable toilets with clay sewer pipes were introduced in the Mediterranean region at about the same time.

Plans for the modern toilet can be traced to about 1596, but they did not come into modern use until the mid-1800s. At this time, public toilets often required a fee to use them, and "to spend a penny" became a a euphemism for using the toilet.

Today, toilets may be referred to as the water closet, W.C., potty, or john.

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Did you know? There is a common myth that the water in a flushing toilet spins in opposite directions in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres due to the Coriolis Effect.

The story further asserts that if you were kidnapped and taken to a mysterious foreign country, you could at least determine what hemisphere you were in by flushing the toilet.

In reality, the direction of the water is dependent on the positioning of the jets, and toilets can be made to flush in either direction in both hemispheres.

Would you like to draw a funny cartoon toilet? This easy, step-by-step cartoon drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pencil, pen, or marker and a sheet of paper.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Toilet

Toilet drawing - step 1
How to Draw Toilet: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing the open toilet lid. Draw an inverted "U" shaped line. Then, draw a curved line parallel to one side of it to give the lid a three-dimensional appearance.

Toilet drawing - step 2
How to Draw Toilet: Step 2

2. Outline the seat of the toilet. First, draw a straight line across the bottom of the open lid. Then, use a long curved line to outline the seat, forming an almost complete circle.

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Toilet drawing - step 3
How to Draw Toilet: Step 3

3. Draw the opening of the toilet seat. Use a curved line to enclose a narrow oval.

Toilet drawing - step 4
How to Draw Toilet: Step 4

4. Draw the lid of the toilet's tank. Use curved and straight lines to enclose the rectangular shape, partially hidden by the toilet lid.

Toilet drawing - step 5
How to Draw Toilet: Step 5

5. Use curved lines between the tank lid and the seat to outline the toilet's tank. Notice the rounded corners.

Toilet drawing - step 6
How to Draw Toilet: Step 6

6. Draw the flushing handle. First, use a curved line to enclose an irregular oval shape. Then, draw an oval around one end of it.

Toilet drawing - step 7
How to Draw Toilet: Step 7

7. Draw the bowl of the toilet using two curved lines. Notice that one is attached to the front of the toilet seat, and the other is attached to nothing.

Toilet drawing - step 8
How to Draw Toilet: Step 8

8. Draw the base of the toilet using two overlapping curved lines.

Toilet drawing - step 9
How to Draw Toilet: Step 9

9. Complete the outline of the toilet's base. Then, contour the base, tank, and tank lid with curved lines, contributing to the three-dimensional appearance.

Complete Toilet drawing
How to Draw Toilet: Step 10

Color your cartoon toilet. Most are white or cream. Don't forget to wash your hands!

Want to create a funny cartoon mashup? Why not try combining drawing tutorials to create "Harry Potty"?

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The Complete Toilet Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to draw: Toilet - all drawing steps
How to Draw Toilet

Printable Drawing Tutorial


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