How to Draw a Hot Air Balloon

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Learn how to draw a great looking Hot Air Balloon with easy, step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.

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Step by Step Instructions for Drawing​​​ a​​ ​Hot Air Balloon

How to Draw a Great Looking Hot Air Balloon for Kids and Beginners - Step 1

How to Draw Hot Air Ballon Step 01

1. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Begin by drawing a circle. This will help you draw the shape of the balloon.

Easy Hot Air Balloon Drawing - Step 2

How to Draw Hot Air Ballon Step 02

2. ​​Draw a curved line, originating nearly at the top of the circle. Allow it to run parallel to the circle,then continue downward below it.

Easy Hot Air Balloon Drawing - Step 3

How to Draw Hot Air Ballon Step 03

3. ​​​​​​​​​Draw another curved line, beginning at a point nearly at the top of the balloon. This line should follow a course similar to the first, resulting in a mirror image.

Easy Hot Air Balloon Drawing - Step 4

How to Draw Hot Air Ballon Step 04

4. ​​​​​​​Draw a flattened, horizontal oval beneath the bottom of the balloon. Connect the oval to the rest of the balloon using two short, curved lines. This forms the skirt of the balloon, attached to the envelope, or fabric body.

Easy Hot Air Balloon Drawing - Step 5

How to Draw Hot Air Ballon Step 05

5.​​ ​Draw a curved line across the top of the balloon's skirt.

Easy Hot Air Balloon Drawing - Step 6

How to Draw Hot Air Ballon Step 06

6.​ ​Erase the original circle, leaving a clean outline of the balloon.

Easy Hot Air Balloon Drawing - Step 7

How to Draw Hot Air Ballon Step 07

7.​ Draw four straight lines descending from the skirt of the balloon, nearing each other but not connecting. Connect them using a straight, horizontal line. This indicates the balloon's burners, the heat source that keeps it aloft.

Add More Details to Your Hot Air Balloon Picture - Step 8

How to Draw Hot Air Ballon Step 08

8.​​​ ​​Beneath the burners, enclose a trapezoid. Under the trapezoid, enclose a rectangle. This forms the balloon's basket, where the people ride. Then, draw clouds all around the balloon. For each cloud, use a series of curved lines to enclose a fluffy shape.

Complete the Outline of Your Hot Air Balloon Drawing - Step 9

How to Draw Hot Air Ballon Step 09

9.​​ ​​Decorate your balloon. Draw many curved, vertical lines crossing the balloon. Then, connect these lines with two sets of curved, horizontal lines, forming a stripe across it.

Color Your Hot Air Balloon Drawing

How to Draw Hot Air Ballon Step 10

10. ​​​​​ ​Color your balloon. Hot air balloons are often decorated with bright, stunning colors. Choose your favorite colors, and be creative!

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Easy, step by step Hot Air Balloon drawing tutorial
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Learn More About The Hot Air Balloon Drawing

Hot air balloons, sometimes called airships or dirigibles if self-propelled, are a type of aircraft that predates the airplane. In fact, balloons mark mankind's first successful attempts at flight.

Since ancient times, the Chinese had used lanterns held aloft by the heat from a candle. This principle simply had to be multiplied many times in size.

Before people boarded a balloon, a sheep, a duck, and a rooster tested the invention. The first manned balloon flight took place in France in 1783.

During the French Revolution, the American Civil War, and World War I, balloons were used for observing the enemy. By the 1960s, ballooning and balloon racing became recognized as a sport.

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Hot air balloon festivals are held all over the world, most notably the annual festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A. Not only are festival balloons designed like the one in this tutorial, but they may be shaped like animals, castles, or anything imaginable. Blimps are another type of hot air balloon.

How does a hot air balloon work? The airtight balloon is filled with hot air, helium, or hydrogen - all of which are gases lighter than air alone.

The gases provide lift. In the past, straw or wool were burned to provide the heat, but today, specially designed burners are used.

These balloons have also been valuable to scientific research. Manned craft have been sent to study the Earth's upper atmosphere, and weather balloons carry instruments that measure temperature, pressure, wind speed, and other variables.

Would you like to draw a colorful hot air balloon? Now you can, with the aid of this simple, step-by-step drawing tutorial. You don't need any special tools or abilities to get started drawing. You will need only a pencil, an eraser, a sheet of paper, and something with which to color your finished drawing.

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