How to Draw Pancakes

Pancakes, griddle cakes, hot cakes, flapjacks. These flat, slightly sweetened breakfast pastries are known by many names. The concept of fried flatbread is an ancient one – “archaeological evidence suggests that pancakes were probably the earliest and most widespread cereal food eaten in prehistoric societies.”

In many areas, such as Europe and North America, pancakes are considered a breakfast food. They usually contain or are topped with sweet ingredients, including maple syrup, chocolate chips, or fruit. In many parts of the world, however, pancakes are a savory dish that may be stuffed with meat or eaten with soup or salad.

Pancakes may be used in art to represent breakfast or an outdoorsy, lumberjack lifestyle. Pancakes themselves may also become art – “pancake art” is the name of an art form in which a “pancake pen” is used to draw with the batter, forming an image.

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The popular Shopkins line of children’s toys also features several pancake themed characters, including Pamela Pancake, Pancake Jake, and Berry Sweet Pancakes.

Would you like to draw a fresh stack of pancakes? This easy, step-by-step drawing tutorial is here to help. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished drawing using crayons, colored pencils, or markers.

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​Step by Step Instructions for Drawing​ Pancakes

How to Draw Pancakes

1. Begin by drawing an oval. This will outline the top of the first pancake.

2. Draw a long, curved line beneath the oval, connected to it on each side. The line should follow the outline of the oval. This forms the side of the pancake, giving it a three-dimensional appearance.

3. Draw a long, curved line beneath the pancake, slightly offset from the first. Connect it to the pancake on each side. This forms the top of a second pancake. Then, draw another long, curved line from one side of this shape to the other, outlining the side of the pancake.

4. Draw another curved line beneath the second pancake, outlining the top of a third pancake. Draw another long, curved line from one side of this shape to the other, forming the side of the pancake.

5. Outline the top of yet another pancake at the bottom of the stack, this one slightly larger than the previous. Use another curved line to enclose the side of the pancake.

6. Draw syrup drizzled on the pancake. Begin by drawing an oval shape on top of the uppermost pancake, leaving the bottom portion open. From each side of the open space, draw a curved line down across the stacked cakes. Notice how it curves back and forth as it crosses each cake. Allow one of the lines to arch widely, enclosing a puddle of syrup beneath the cakes. Then, double the lines back upon themselves until they reach the top cake. Use a curved line to connect them, fully enclosing the syrup.

7. Erase the guide lines from the syrup.

8. Draw short, curved lines to add texture to the syrup. Follow the curvature of the syrup as it flows down the pancakes.

9. Draw a dollop of butter on top of the pancakes. Sketch a rounded, four-sided shape on top of the syrup. Extend short lines downward from the three nearest corners, and connect these lines with additional curved lines.

Color your pancakes. Both the cakes and syrup are typically seen in shades of golden brown and tan. Butter is usually yellow in color.

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