How to Draw Poppy from Trolls

Learn how to draw a great looking Poppy from Trolls with easy, step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.

By following the simple steps, you too can easily draw a perfect Poppy from Trolls.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Poppy from Trolls

How to Draw a Great Looking Poppy from Trolls for Kids and Beginners - Step 1

How to Draw Poppy from Trolls Step 1

1. Begin by drawing a circle. This outlines the shape of Poppy's head.

Easy Poppy from Trolls Drawing - Step 2

How to Draw Poppy from Trolls Step 2

2. Sketch Poppy's hair and ears. Draw the hair that falls across her face using a series of curved lines that meet at points. Notice the large, inverted, V-shaped part in the middle. Draw the ears on each side of the head. Use an oval that overlaps the original circle. Detail the inside of the ear using curved lines.

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Easy Poppy from Trolls Drawing - Step 3

How to Draw Poppy from Trolls Step 3

3. Erase the guide lines of the original circle from the top of the head.

Easy Poppy from Trolls Drawing - Step 4

How to Draw Poppy from Trolls Step 4

4. Extend a long, curved line upward from each side of the head. Then, draw a series of shorter curved lines that meet at sharp points. This forms Poppy's unusual hair.

Easy Poppy from Trolls Drawing - Step 5

How to Draw Poppy from Trolls Step 5

5. Draw Poppy's floral headband, erasing as necessary. Enclose flowers by drawing three or four "C" shaped petals. Enclose narrow shapes between the petals, indicating the sepals of the flower. Then, connect the flowers with pairs of lines, and extend these to the ear, forming the headband.

Easy Poppy from Trolls Drawing - Step 6

How to Draw Poppy from Trolls Step 6

6. Sketch Poppy's torso and arm. Draw a rounded rectangle across the shoulder. Extend two curved lines beneath it to form the arm, and use small "U" shaped lines to enclose the fingers and hand. Then, use a long, curved line to enclose the torso.

Easy Poppy from Trolls Drawing - Step 7

How to Draw Poppy from Trolls Step 7

7. Use curved lines to outline Poppy's remaining arm. Note how it is bent at the elbow, with the hand resting on the hips. Embellish the bottom of the shirt with a scalloped line.

Add More Details to Your Poppy from Trolls Picture - Step 8

How to Draw Poppy from Trolls Step 8

8. Extend three lines downward from the torso to form the legs. Use curved lines to outline the feet, noting the overlap of the toes.

Complete the Outline of Your Poppy from Trolls Drawing - Step 9

How to Draw Poppy from Trolls Step 9

9. Detail Poppy's face and hair. Draw long, curved lines down the length of the hair. Shade a small circle within a larger circle to form each eye. Enclose the irregular shape of the nose, and use curved lines to draw the eyelashes, eyebrows, and smiling mouth. Draw a circle at each corner of the mouth.

Color Your Poppy from Trolls Drawing

How to Draw Poppy from Trolls Step 10

Color Poppy. Her skin and hair are pink and she wears a blue dress and flowers in her hair.

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Easy, step by step Poppy from Trolls drawing tutorial
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Learn More About The Poppy from Trolls Drawing

"This is a story about happiness: how far some will go to get it, and how far we went to get it back."
- Poppy, Trolls

Who or what are the Trolls? Unlike the original fairytale creatures, these Trolls are not ugly, slow-witted, or dangerous.

The Trolls are exuberantly happy creatures. They love to spend all day singing, dancing, and hugging one another. Poppy is the happiest of all.

Poppy is a Troll princess. As a baby, she escaped with other Trolls from the Bergens, sad, hungry creatures that only feel happy after eating a Troll.

Twenty years later, she must rescue her people from the clutches of the Bergens once again.

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Did you know? The popularity of Trolls dates back to 1959. A fisherman named Thomas Dam lived in Denmark. He couldn't afford to buy a Christmas gift for his daughter, so he carved her a doll - the first Troll, based on Norse mythology.

Other children admired the doll, and he soon founded a company to produce them. The Trolls quickly became popular in Denmark and other European countries. They were introduced to the United States in 1963.

Would you like to draw Poppy from Trolls? This easy, step-by-step character drawing tutorial is here to show you how.

You will need a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished character.

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