How to Draw Water Drops

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Water Drops

How to Draw a Great Looking Water Drops for Kids and Beginners - Step 1

How to Draw Water Drops Step 01

1. Begin by drawing a teardrop shape. This is the first droplet of water.

Easy Water Drops Drawing - Step 2

How to Draw Water Drops Step 02

2. Draw another, smaller teardrop shape - another drop of water.

Easy Water Drops Drawing - Step 3

How to Draw Water Drops Step 03

3. Draw a third, medium-sized teardrop shape - a third water droplet.

Easy Water Drops Drawing - Step 4

How to Draw Water Drops Step 04

4. Next, draw the splash in the liquid below. Use a long, curved line. Notice how it is doubled back upon itself on the ends in an incomplete teardrop shape.

Easy Water Drops Drawing - Step 5

How to Draw Water Drops Step 05

5. Draw a long, wavy line that doubles back upon itself many times. Allow it to overlap the ends of the previous line, completely enclosing the splash.

Easy Water Drops Drawing - Step 6

How to Draw Water Drops Step 06

6. Draw curved lines between the existing droplets of the splash, doubling them back upon themselves to form the droplets on the far side of the splash.

Easy Water Drops Drawing - Step 7

How to Draw Water Drops Step 07

7. Draw circles and ovals of various sizes above and around the splash to form more droplets.

Add More Details to Your Water Drops Picture - Step 8

How to Draw Water Drops Step 08

8. Draw curved lines around the base of the splash to indicate ripples in the water.

Complete the Outline of Your Water Drops Drawing - Step 9

How to Draw Water Drops Step 09

9. Draw more curved lines around the base of the splash to indicate ripples in the water.

Color Your Water Drops Drawing

How to Draw Water Drops Step 10

Color your cartoon of water drops. We've shaded ours in blue, the color of swimming pools and placid lakes. You can be creative. Could you color your splash to look like coffee, chocolate milk, or orange juice?

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Easy, step by step Water Drops drawing tutorial
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Learn More About The Water Drops Drawing

"Even the smallest act of caring for another person is like a drop of water. It will make ripples throughout the entire pond." - Bryan Matteo

Would you like to learn how to draw water drops? From raindrops to teardrops, we've got the step-by-step instructions you need.

You'll see water droplets like the ones in this drawing tutorial anytime you make a splash - whether you are jumping in a puddle or washing your hands!

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Did you know? Raindrops, like the one pictured, form from even smaller drops of water. Energy from the sun causes water vapor to rise from oceans and other bodies of water.

These droplets are so tiny that they float in the air. Cold air makes these droplets condense, or stick together. The larger, heavier drops then fall to the ground as rain.

The ripples made by the drop of water are also used as a metaphor. The Oxford Dictionary defines the ripple effect as "the continuing and spreading results of an event or action."

This happens in science, as when the chaos theory is used to help predict the weather. It also happens in human interactions - what we do affects other people.

What effects will increasing your drawing skills have? Get started to find out!

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